Burning in of static image on screen of Plasma TV?


Nov 7, 2011
I went in to ask questions at RC Willey where I have credit and told the salesman what I thought I wanted (plasma HDTV) and told him that I wanted to use it with my computer also. He said there was one problem that occurs with plasma TV's and I wanted your knowledge on this this. He said that a static image will burn into the screen, for example you have a heart on the screen for six hours playing a game and stuff will stay afterwards. He gave an example of a daughter that watched regular TV broadcast of Nicklodian without re-sizing to full screen and the black band at the top stood out after 3 months. So whats do you know about this? and his recommendation was The Sony with the Gorilla glass if your familiar with that one instead

Samsung PN51D7000 51 Inch 1080p 600Hz 3D Plasma HDTV with PN51D7000, BDD5500 3D Blu Ray Player, 2 SSG-3050GB 3D Glasses, Xtreme 6 ft 1.4v HDMI Cables (x3), and TV Screen Cleaning Solution

46" LED NX720 Internet TV
Features: Full HD 1080p in 2D and 3D, Monolithic Design, OptiContrast Panel, Corning Gorilla Glass, Edge LED, X-Reality Engine, Internet TV for streaming entertainment, built-in Wi-Fi

http://store.sony.com/webapp/wcs/s [...] tlist=true
The owners manual says the following on the Samsung
"To reduce the possibility of screen burn, this unit is equipped with Pixel Shift screen burn prevention technology. Pixel Shift moves the picture slightly on the screen.
The Pixel Shift Time setting allows you to program the time between movements
of the picture in minutes.
Your TV also has the following additional screen burn protection functions:
–– Pixel Shift
–– Auto Protection Time
–– Scrolling
–– Side Gray"
How well these work will depend on what how use the TV with the PC.

Plasma TV will generally give you an excellent picture at a lower price than LED lit LCD sets. Plasma has no motion or 3D issues and does not need special processing to try to fix this lack that LCD/LED have. The black levels of LED sets tends to be better on the spec sheet since they can turn the leds off but in real viewing the difference is not that great.

Also putting a piece of glass in front of an LDC/LED defeats the advantage that they have over plasma in reflections. Does protect the screen from abuse if that is an issue.


Nov 7, 2011
Thanks everyone for your feedback I think that the amount of time I would be using it as a monitor would cause burn in, just too expensive of a play toy to ruin.


Jan 19, 2012

Wait for an Oled monitor best of all worlds......... If you cant wait try a nice 3D LCD/LED if you looking on the lower price end a 42lw5600 would make an excellent option for gaming and work for just over 1k.
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