Burning Bluray of anime

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Jan 19, 2013
I have looked a lot through Google and have not found a definite method or answer I am in the market for a Blu-ray burner, as i would like to back up the 1.7 TB of anime i have. I just lost a terabyte of anime last week due to drive failure and was quite crushed by it

So i have come to the best community to ask, What bluray burner should i get?, *What software will allow me to burn the anime without losing an ounce of quality( the largest file i currently have is Akira about 22GB) also must allow me to create menus and order chapters if their is non present, How should i got about printing the covers for burned bluray discs?

To sum it up:
I would like to be able to burn the anime without any quality loss and create menus for them.Then place them in bluray cases. I will create the covers for the cases in Photoshop and print them.

Sorry for the grammar and spelling is no that great, English is my second language

Not sure what the right section is...

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