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  1. S

    Solved! Application open problem

    When open the application windows shows " there is no com port! Please check out the line correction and device driver installation
  2. C

    Firewall pinged back at port scan I did open port scan, no open ports but the test was failed because they said that my firewall pinged back at them. It hasnt pinged back before, so this made me worried. Is this a sign of malware?
  3. R

    How do I get Sony Xperia Z1 to communicate via the com port? I need to be able to enter AT Commands via Putty or Hyperterminal

    I downloaded the Xperia_Z1_SO-01F_driver from Sony and also got the Sony PC Companion neither of them helped me detect the com port on my Win 7 PC but I am able to view the files in my Z1. Ironically I tried to detect the device on an other Win 7 without installing Xperia_Z1_SO-01F_driver or...
  4. baijubaiju

    Data receving not matched in hyperterminal

    Hi , am successfully installed com port data emulator & traffic generator. My problem is that am create virtual modem and send data from com port data emulator ,but am connecting hyper terminal(virtual port) receiving data not matched, first letter correct but others are unreadable some signs...
  5. B

    Com Ports Missing after Windows 7 Upgrade

    Does anyone know where I can find com port drivers for Windows 7 for an Aspire One netbook?
  6. C

    Virtual COM port driver

    Hi there, have been searching for any solution of my problem at this forum but haven't found any so hope you will assist (if this problem was discussed somewhere before i will appreciate for pointing this topic to me). I've been given a task at my work to develop a driver, that can create...
  7. R

    USB COM port problems

    Hello, I have a Belkin USB adapter as COM1, and in one application is not communicating with the device only with my laptop. The weird thing is my laptop can communicate with other instruments and this device can communicate with other computers. How come?
  8. G

    Add com port to viao

    I need to configure / emulate / add a com port to my Sony Viao in order to use a Vauxhall diagnostic tool - got one utility and downloaded / installed but still no sign of configurable com port through device manager menus.
  9. M

    Xda spv m5000,mobile 6.1 connecting holox bt-541 gps

    Hi guys can any one help i have a spv m5000 running windows mobile 6.1 and a holox bt_541 gps the problem is when i scan for the unit it sees it fine then i input passkey and it says ok but then i try to add com port and connect but it comes back with cant connect of wrong passkey i know the...
  10. H

    Exchange Server 2003

    I am trying to set up Exchange Server 2003 at home to receive e-mail from btopenworld and then to access the mail through microsoft outlook on my XP Proffesional computer. The POP3 Server is port 110 The SMTP Server is port 25 I have spent ages looking...
  11. G

    TCM 7000

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Hi folks, I am trying to flash the roms on my Symbol PPT2700. I run TCM 7000 and have the baud rate right, the com port right, and it does not want to connect to the terminal. It keeps returning the error: FAILED TO CONNECT TO...
  12. P

    Virtual USB - Com port adapter for Remote Control

    Dudes + Dudesses: I've got a USB Infrared adapter that i want to use to communicate with a remote control :D, but the software i've got looks towards the com ports for data transfer. As the infrared device is USB, obviously this causes problems. Rather than buy a converter cable- usb to rs323...