Xda spv m5000,mobile 6.1 connecting holox bt-541 gps


Aug 18, 2010
Hi guys can any one help i have a spv m5000 running windows mobile 6.1 and a holox bt_541 gps the problem is when i scan for the unit it sees it fine then i input passkey and it says ok but then i try to add com port and connect but it comes back with cant connect of wrong passkey i know the passkey for holox is "0000" it says this on the holox pdf so thats correct im now assuming it is a com port problem does any one now how to get around this issue, many thanks for any one that can help.
regards Daz


Aug 18, 2010
Ok found solution,
after spending way too much time on this crap! I finally found the issue as I stated I thought
it was a mobile 6.1 issue and I was right, in mobile 6.1 they have added a external GPS shortcut
in system tab it is here the problem exists.
my problem was resolved by the following procedure.

On your XDA go to Start/Settings/Connections click on Bluetooth short then add new device once it has found it
enter passkey 0000 or whatever yours is once it has made the first connection then do the following,

1. Under "device tab" click on your unit and make sure the serial port is "UNCHECKED" disabled then click save.

2. Under "Mode tab" make sure (Turn on blue tooth) and (Make this device visible to other devices) are "CHECKED" enable them.

3. Under "COM ports" select a port, I chose 0 don't think it matters but if so chose another but remember what one you choose.

4. Under "Security tab" Authentication (passkey) required "CHECK" enable it click ok to come out of Bluetooth.

5. Under "System tab" click on "External GPS short cut.

6 Under "Programs tab" select (None) for GPS program port.

7. Under "Hardware tab" select port 0 or same as you gave your Bluetooth com port and issue the "Baud rate" 115200 or lower rate.

8. Under "Access tab" Manage GPS automatically (recommended) "CHECK" enable

9. Finally check your xda is blinking a blue light and turn on your tom-tom software it should now pick it up, all done.

Final note it seems that Microsoft have made one more buggy operating system, no change there then LOL
and as a result you can't seem to use the blue tooth pairing process as intended so this is a working work around
one more thing there is a 2nd bug found and that is when you turn off your GPS unit and try to use your xda you might
find that your last page froze up here you will have to mess around with it i.e. try turning off your tom-tom software first
and then your GPS, Thanks to bill gates for yet another windows operating system that doesn't work as advertised.

Well we had Hendrix king of rock, Marley king of reggae, Elvis king of rock'n'role then there's you bill gates king of crap!
Long live the king!!!!! LOVL

A big thank you goes' out markanthonypr on xda-developers for pointing this out, nice one m8

hope this comes in handy for others "knowledge is the real king give it freely"

regards to all