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  1. drjackool

    ROM Flashing Lumia 930

    Hi I have a Lumia 930 phone (+mic #3 & #4 problem). I want to upgrade it's firmware, FROM: PackageTitle: RM-1045 VAR APAC HK CV BLACK Product Code: 059W0J7 Last Firmware: 02540.00019.15053.26005 TO: PackageTitle: RM-1045 VAR EURO GB CV BLACK Product Code: 059W004 Last Firmware...
  2. S

    Question about Samsung I8000 Omnia II

    My dad and me have two phones of this very model. The thing is, when I tap my phone with my fingers it feels like something is resonating within, like there are some springs that are resonating. Same happens when you press on the buttons. But on my dad's phone that doesn't happen. I was...
  3. B

    Help with buying a Tablet

    1. Is This Your First Time Buying A Tablet? Yes 2. Do you already have an operating system in mind? If so specify (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Windows RT, Windows 8, etc) What is the advantages of Android and same for windows mobile? 3. What screen size do you have in mind? 10.1" And...
  4. Y

    Problem with my windows mobile

    I am using Nokia Lumia 525 since a week and mostly I download apps from pc and install then on the mobile....I connect my mobile through USB . Now whenever I connect,the computer simply strucks and explorer is restarted and sometimes my mobile is not even recognized by the pc . Is the problem...
  5. SoumyaHD

    Symbian S60v5 vs Windows Mobile 6.1 OS

    Which is good ?? and which has more software (games+Apps) WinMob 6.1 or S60v5 or Symbian^3 ?? I actually like to use antique OS...;) Its my hobby. I own a Nokia C6-01 and a HTC Excalibur so please help.....
  6. R

    Still possible to Dual-Boot a phone?

    I realize that in the past, people were able to dual-boot their Android 2.2 (froyo) Phones with Windows Mobile 6. But now I don't find any threads or helper documents out on the web with people doing that. It could be just lack of interest. Is it still possible to have a nice Android 4.0+...
  7. G

    I have sony ericsson aspen windows mobile, i am facing screen alignment problem

    hi, i am sony ericsson aspen windows mobile, i facing screen alignment problem, when the phone is reset... pls help is there any tools for this
  8. A

    Flight Mode

    I don't know how to turn off the flight mode on my Windows Mobile 2003 phone? Can anyone help me?
  9. R

    Operating System

    I want to Change windows CE to windows Mobile on the Motorola MC3100 device but i need instructions on how to do it
  10. Shpati

    Any Windows Mobile Smartphones with a GPS type app?Samsung Focus S ?

    All right, I know the Samsung Galaxy S II, you can get google maps, which is like a GPS for your phone and you can use it while you drive. I was wondering, does Windows have anything like this at all? Do Windows phones have a GPS app I can use while I drive? At the store I saw a Samsung Focus...
  11. J

    Video converter for pocketpc

    Hello, i would like to ask if there is a video converter direct to windows mobile device?
  12. R

    Installing font windows mobile

    Hello, I m trying to install Arial Unicode in my mobile.So I am dragging it from windows/font folder of my pc.But it is giving error "There is no application with"Arialuni" .Run the application first,then open the file from within the application." Please help me.
  13. E

    What type of phones run terminal services

    I need to know what type of cellphones run on terminal services, android, iphones or windows mobile ?
  14. T

    Windows mobile 6 5, windows media player is not working also ringtones are not w

    my phone is samsung omnia pro b7330 and i have encountered a problem. For some reason my windows media olayer is not opening or working at all. Thus my ringtones are not working so i have to check my phone every two minites to see if someone is trying to reach me. Please help!!
  15. JMcEntegart

    Microsoft Kissing Windows Mobile 6 Goodbye

    Ever since Windows Phone 7 devices hit the shelves, Windows Mobile 6 has been pushed aside in favor of its more modern successor... Microsoft Kissing Windows Mobile 6 Goodbye : Read more
  16. R

    Certifcation course on windows mobile application development

    Hi is there any certification course available on windows mobile application development
  17. M

    Windows mobile 5 for ipaq 3715

    Can I upgrade this device to windows mobile 5? or something similar? I`ll be happy if I found a Linux for this device! Thank`s in advance! *****
  18. 9

    Can I install a windows mobile on chinese dual sim mobile WG6

    Can I install a windows mobile on chinese dual sim mobile WG 6???? what os can i install on this mobile???
  19. P

    Where does windows mobile store calendar files

    Hello,I have major problem with disappearing main "storage memory" of 89MB, now 99% used up on my WM 6 pocket pc. I have moved to SD card or deleted everything possible from main memory, but it is still not enough. When I check main memory folder sizes, there is nothing there even close to...
  20. omshree27

    Is there Windows Mobile 6.5 Update ?

    Hello, I have a windows mobile phone with version 6.5. My question is there update facility available for windows mobile OS like the windows OS for PCs ? If yes then how do I do it ?
  21. G

    Windows mobile tm 2003 second edition

    Hello, I wud like to have an english version of version 4.21.1088 (compilation 14235.2.0.0)
  22. R

    Cannot sync hp IPAC 4100 with windows 7

    I was able to automatically syn my IPAC4100 with windows 7 os via windows mobile usb connection. Now it will not coneect with usb device
  23. gidgiddonihah

    Samsung Omnia II not being read by WMDC (Windows Mobile Device Center)

    My dad has the Samsung Omnia 2 (Mobile 6.5). We want to connect it to the computer so that WMDC (Windows Mobile Device Center) will see it and we can sync and manage from there (He wants to update his phone...). Windows reads the phone and installs the driver software, and labels it as a...
  24. G

    How to put a word document on windows mobile

    hey i wanted to ask a question !
  25. tuanmai

    Ultrasounds? There's An App For That

    Sailesh Chutani, CEO of Mobisante and former Senior Director at Microsoft in Windows Mobile, appeared on CNN to talk about his brand new ultrasound device. Ultrasounds? There's An App For That : Read more
  26. N

    Windows mobile touch not working

    Hello, i have a mart phone with windows mobile 6 installed on it, the touch screen is not working, i dont know how to access the phone, what can i do please
  27. N

    Change of Language of HP iPAQ rx3417 from Chinese to English

    Hello, I have a HP iPAQ Windows mobile. I dont understand and cant use it as the language of the device is Chinese. I have tried to change it to English Language, i failed to do that. Please let me know how can i change the language from Chinese to English. Your co-operation would be highly...
  28. A

    Rtf viewer for WINDOWS MOBILE 6

    Hello, With does what program open the file rtf in HTC with Windows Mobile 6.1 ?
  29. P

    WinMo 6.5: Change Language

    i just bought a htc diamond 2 mobile with windows mobile 6.5 professional and the language is in german....i want to know how to change the language to english
  30. J

    Windows Mobile update for Garmin M5 to Vista

    Hello, Garmin iQUE M5 running Win Mobile 2003 SE. Vista will not recognize. Any win mobile update solutions or driver sokutions
  31. Z

    Biggest screen on HTC with Android OS

    I'm thinking of getting the HTC HD2 because of its 4.3" screen but at the same time I'm thinking of getting an Android instead of Windows whats the biggest Android screen from HTC?
  32. G


    i have an ipaq windows mobile.. the language is in dutch but i want tio change it to English
  33. Scanlia

    Upgrading HTC Universal to WM 6.5 using ROMs.

    It's basically in the title. I would like to upgrade my HTC Universal (imate JASJAR) to Windows Mobile 6.5. Could anyone please tell me how to do it, or some links to a tutorial? I've never installed a ROM before and I am totally n00b at it. Help would be greatly appreciated.
  34. F

    Touch HD 2 fake or not?

    Very nice phone - somebody knows about it is that it? Touch HD2 Single Card Quad Band Windows mobile 6.5 Wifi Java GPS Touch Screen Cell Phone Operating System Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional Processor Qualcomm ® MSM8250 ™, 1 GHz Memory ROM: 512 MB RAM: 448 MB Display 3.5-inch TFT-LCD...
  35. M

    Xda spv m5000,mobile 6.1 connecting holox bt-541 gps

    Hi guys can any one help i have a spv m5000 running windows mobile 6.1 and a holox bt_541 gps the problem is when i scan for the unit it sees it fine then i input passkey and it says ok but then i try to add com port and connect but it comes back with cant connect of wrong passkey i know the...
  36. G

    Suitable antivirus windows mobile 6 5

    Hello would you please tell me which antiviruse is more suitable for windows mobile 6.5 .HTC mini HD thanks ***********
  37. G

    Best windows mobile 6 5 antivirus

    Hello,which is the best windows mobile 6.5 antivirus
  38. E

    TAPI and connectionManager

    i am new to windows mobile programming. i want to make data connection between two windows mobile cell phones. which set of APIs should i use - TAPI or ConnectionManager? also what is the difference between these two sets of APIs? Regards
  39. R

    Changing system date in windows mobile

    Hello, How can I change the system date programmaticaly in windows mobile 6.X, please help... thanks.
  40. O

    Samsung Omnia i900 - upgrade to win mobile 6.5

    I asked Samsung for an official upgrade/update from windows mobile 6.1 to 6.5. Didn't get far with that. Off the record they rather sell a new phone than make updates. I have learned, that it is possible to get non-official updates here and there on the internet. And that I can destroy the...
  41. G

    Guitar Built From Phones and Speaker

    To quote the maker: "Who said iPhone OS, Android and Windows Mobile don't play well together?" Guitar Built From Phones and Speaker : Read more
  42. C

    Media HTC p4350

    I would like to replace the windows mediaplayer for the TCPMP player. Can someone help me? Phone, HTC p4350 Windows mobile 6
  43. O

    Android on samsung omnia i900 os win mobile 6.1?

    Is it possible to install android on a samsung omnia i900 currently running windows mobile 6.1? If yes, where can I find a thorough guide? According to fx utube it should be possible, but my knowledge is limited. Thanks.
  44. exfileme

    Windows Phone 7 Not Backwards Compatible

    Not only will Windows 7 Phone require an entirely new device, it won't run previous Windows Mobile apps. Windows Phone 7 Not Backwards Compatible : Read more
  45. JMcEntegart

    Windows Mobile is Dead; Meet Windows Phone 7

    Steve Ballmer took to the stage in Barcelona today to take the wraps off Microsoft's latest iteration of its smartphone OS, Windows Mobile. Windows Mobile is Dead; Meet Windows Phone 7 : Read more
  46. G

    How to reformat windows mobile

    how could i reformat my windows mobile? pls help me tnx..
  47. G

    How can i install languages in my windows mobile

    how can I install Indian languages like hindi,malayalam,etc. in a windows6 mobile for reding reginol news papers etc
  48. uncfan_2563

    Windows Mobile 6.1 -- Spoof Mac Address

    Hi guys, at my school we have a stupid wifi connection that doesn't let none school devices get in by using MAC address filtering. My friend used the mac address of a computer at our school and spoofed the mac address on his iTouch. I have the registry editor and all installed, i just cant...
  49. P

    Windows mobile 2003 German ROM axim x5

    Hello doe anyone have a link to this Rom?
  50. exfileme

    Windows Mobile 7 to Arrive Late Next Year

    It was Microsoft UK's head of mobility that spilled the beans. Windows Mobile 7 to Arrive Late Next Year : Read more
  51. A

    Antivirus for Windows mobile 6.5

    Hi! I just got my first smartphone running WM (version 6.5, HTC touch HD2.) And I feel I need an antivirus since I use my phone to access the internett often. This being my first WM phone makes me feel I'm in a rather new terrain. Anyone have any experience on antivirus products for WM 6.5...
  52. y eye

    Windows Mobile 6.5 Review: There's No Excuse For This HTC Touch HD2 Review: A Tragedy
  53. B

    Sound driver gone

    I own a Mitac Mio P550 with Windows Mobile 5.1.195 build 14929221 and i uninstalled what i thought was a MP3 player, as it turned out it was a bluetooth application and for some reason there is no sound anymore at all. When i redirect the sound using a program called audioroute, i get the...
  54. G

    The New WinMo App Store: Marketplace

    Microsoft launched app store Marketplace for Windows Mobile earlier this month. How does it compare to Apple, Android, Blackberry, and Palm stores? The New WinMo App Store: Marketplace : Read more
  55. G

    Windows Mobile 6.5: Worth Upgrading?

    Some smart phones will let you upgrade to Microsoft's WinMo 6.5. With the OS' new interface, browser, and look, should you actually do it? Windows Mobile 6.5: Worth Upgrading? : Read more
  56. exfileme

    Report: Windows Mobile 7 Date Leaked

    Windows Mobile 7 won't appear until next year. Report: Windows Mobile 7 Date Leaked : Read more
  57. R

    How to auto connect GPRS on windows mobile

    I need an autoconnect gprs tip to make my Omnia stay connect to GPRS link all the time. Can anyone help me? thx
  58. JMcEntegart

    Palm Ditches Windows Mobile

    That's it, no more Windows Mobile for Palm devices. Palm Ditches Windows Mobile : Read more
  59. S

    Where can i find a windows mobile 6 download for the dell axim x51

    i have searched all over the interent and cant seem to find a download for it. im guessin im not lookin in the right places. any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you.
  60. Maziar

    SE XPERIA X2 Specs & Pics

    There u go :) "Apparently the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 will feature a 3.5" WVGA OLED (!) touchscreen display and an 8 megapixel auto focus camera as its two most major upgrades. The processor...