Samsung Omnia II not being read by WMDC (Windows Mobile Device Center)

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Oct 24, 2009
My dad has the Samsung Omnia 2 (Mobile 6.5). We want to connect it to the computer so that WMDC (Windows Mobile Device Center) will see it and we can sync and manage from there (He wants to update his phone...). Windows reads the phone and installs the driver software, and labels it as a phone. But WMDC won't read the phone. I have tried messing with his USB connection settings but to no avail! Grrrr WMDC has just been reinstalled, and before it worked and now it doesn't...

When i do mess with the settings to get it in Mass Storage Mode, the computer picks it up as a storage device and it can read it and sync. But I cannot install updates.
Also, if you have an anti-virus program running, try disabling it before connecting the phone, as it may be blocking the connection.
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