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    Question Windows Defender and Automatic Sample Submission

    Could you please help with a few questions about Defender Antivirus in Windows 10, after recently getting the 'review files' question, clicking send, only to find nothing happened as the file had either moved or been deleted, I am wondering wether to use Automatic Sample Submission, I had...
  2. P

    Solved! Turn offf safe mode

    My tablet is stuck in safe mode having to do with the Wiindows Defender Firewall settings
  3. N

    Windows Defender + Malwarebytes or just a regular antivirus?

    As title, do I stick with my Defender and Malware bytes combo for my main PC, or do I use an antivirus like bitdefender as well? I have troubles with antivirus (for example, AVG caused me to have a memory leak, even with every driver updated) so I am kinda sceptical for some antiviruses.
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    Solved! Porn popups wrecking my head

    I have always been IT savvy in terms of removing spyware etc. Recently though I cannot stop pages from popping up, mostly pornographic and also in the bottom right corner I was presented with a ;large erect penis. I bought bit defender on recommendation but its not fixing it. If I leave my PC...
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    Windows defender won't switch back on.

    I installed Malwarebytes premium free trial and then once the trial expired, I uninstalled it. Now, I can't get Windows Defender to work properly. I can't switch on virus and threat protection. I click the restart button and either nothing happens or I get a pop-up that states I need to enabled...
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    Contradictory message from BitDefender & Kaspersky

    Hi, I have Bit Defender (paid version) installed on my iMac and was browsing through some Bit Defender stuff a few days ago when I came across the option to install some little program called 'Traffic Light'. The message read: 'Traffic Light 0.2.25 adds a strong & non intrusive layer of...

    Does windows 10 need an antivirus installed?

    windows 10 always has defender on, so do you really need another program running?
  8. M

    how to restart windefender antivirus?

    Windows 10-64-window defender anti-virus turned off. Unable to restart it as windows give the error statement-unable to restart due to unknown reasons, try again. Tried a number of times without success
  9. C

    Solved! Can I Be Sure Skeeyah! Is Actually Gone?

    Howdy, Last night Windows Defender gave me an alert that it had detected the Skeeyah malware. I've actually had this malware before on another system, and Windows Defender was able to detect it but not able to remove it. In this case though, Defender seemed to immediately quarantine and remove...
  10. J

    bitdefender keep showing notice message to update their software ?

    Is Bit defender now, not a free software ? I think it's not just an update you do everyday. When I update. It doesn't just get an update where you see nothing changed, but it actually gets this new look where I see trial icon thing. Which looks like I have few days before I can't use it at all...
  11. M

    Is the security setup for my new pc good?

    Im using window 10, Firewall on, window defender off, BitDefender for real-time protection. I mainly use this pc for gaming. Im a pretty secure person, i wont click on those "sketchy link". Most of the time on internet, i only go to Youtube. Antivirus, Malware: (I scan with all of these once a...
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    Can't get Win Defender to run (error 577)

    I'm running Windows 10 Home and have tried various AV products over the years. I wasn't too thrilled with most of them, so I figured I'd go back to plain, old Defender. Well, now I can't get it to run. I've uninstalled all other AV programs, and even used each companies removal tool. I...
  13. A

    avast.bitdefender or win defender

    does win 10 has enough security with win defender or avast , bitdefender or any other security solution is better than it ?
  14. G

    Window Defender not Scanning C drive in custom scan.

    I have installed windows 10. Yesterday during during browsing a virus enters into my pc. I want to scan it through windows defender. But whenever I am trying to scan 'C' drive through custom scan of Windows Defender it suddenly ends and showing not threat found. How to fix this problem.
  15. D

    Why will neither of my antiviruses' turn on? Neither Defender or Avast.

    Tbh i'm not sure exactly how this happened but it keeps coming up in my action centre that neither of the antiviruses' are turned on. When I click turn on, on avast in the action centre, it asks me if I trust the publisher, to which I click yes but it stays switched off. I've tried uninstalling...
  16. C

    Is BitDefender still incompatible with Ai Suite 3? (Update: October 2016)

    I was wondering if this issue has been fixed or not from someone who has had experience with it, my anti-virus is about to expire and I am looking to get BitDefender but I don't want to deal with the same crap last time I tried it (BD). I am not looking for a "workaround" and I don't want to...
  17. jagermain

    Too many AntiVirus' running at once how do i find each and remove?

    Also, is the built in Windows 10 Defender enough by itself or should I use the IoBit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate I purchased or Avast? I somehow bought all of these and I dont mind taking the loss but which is the better choice here?
  18. S

    Winlogin.exe In my Temp

    Since yesterday my bit defender has been quarantining a win.login exe located in my temp folder. It keeps on doing it over and over again. I must have over 40+ folders This is what is inside Should i be worried or do something about it?
  19. watrhous

    Services wont start after Bit Defender uninstall

    I had to use the special bitdefender uninstaller to uninstall and now the internet services wont start or connect and when the pc starts it says some services didnt start. i have reset the start up in msconfig but still nothing. Firewall wont reset to default. All a mess. Windows 7 Pro Help...
  20. B

    windows defender activation

    Step 1 To start, you will have to find the Defender app on your system. To do this, use the key combination of the Windows Key and Q. This combo will launch the search function on your system. Type “defender” into the resulting search bar. If you are using a tablet, you can find the search menu...
  21. B

    Defender had Detected Items but scans or popup warnings never showed them

    My Windows 8.1 PC used to do a full Defender scan in about 8 minutes. A few days ago it wouldn't complete a scan after 13 hours, the progress bar was only like %3 done. I made a thread. Someone suggested scan in safe mode. I didn't do safe mode but I scanned again and after about 15 hours, it...
  22. Don0407

    Bit defender too protective?

    i'm having two issues with bit defender ever since i've installed it with my windows 10 for some reason it's not letting me connect to my printer wireless and when i use the Xbox app it wont let me even connect to a party but it lets me sit in one alone but the second a person joins it...
  23. R

    Windows 10 Preview and Bitdefender

    I have been running windows 10 preview for a little while now and Bitdefender works but I cannot disable Windows 10 Defender. This leaves me with two antivirus programs running at the same time. Not good. Any suggestions?
  24. B

    Is windows Defender enough to protect my pc?

    I have Windows 8.1 Is Defender enough to protect my PC against viruses and malware etc? Ive read that some antiviruses can really hog your memory and can take more then it says it would.
  25. S

    turn on window defender

    in the action center not show the notification of window defender
  26. QuestionableUsername

    Bit Defender/other opinions?

    Does anyone have any opinins on Bit Defender that they would like to share with me? I'm using MSE at the moment but I want a better Anti Virus for my new rig. You can also leave opinions on others to expend my options! :)
  27. S

    what's better: defender + mbam, or a standard AV?

    windows 8.1 I presently have avast internet security 2015 installed and running as my only protection . Previously, I also had malwarebytes antimalware premium and malwarebytes anti-exploit premium, in addition to avast. But I experienced conflicts and slowdowns with this combination, so I got...
  28. S

    Defender + what = adequate protection?

    Windows 8.1 I am seeking adequate protection for my computer but with minimum impact on speed and responsiveness. what about this: Defender + MBAM home premium + Bitdefender 60-second scan I assume that something heavier like Kaspersky will probably give me better protection on its own than...
  29. M

    Chrome runs VERY slow

    I too suffer from SLOW Chrome. I have checked the extensions. Scan with Extension Defender, did all the about:plugins recommendations - NOTHING stops the slug. I have 75mbs up & down FIOS. help please
  30. S

    window defender ??

    I have been using the scan all three actually. im trying to figure out if it is a good measure. new to computers and need help if I can
  31. M

    Bitdefender causing BSOD

    I just bought the new bit defender family pack and ever since I've installed it on my PC I've been getting more and more frequent BSODs' saying "driver irql not less or equal. I uninstalled bit defender and everything was fine. What should I do? I paid a lot for bitdefender and I don't want to...
  32. I

    What anti virus should I get

    Hey all! Right now I am somewhat confused to what antivirus I should get. Before I used bit defender, but my time for it is running out soon. Right now I'm really looking at eset's stuff as it seems very light, compared to others, and does the job well, but It hasn't gotten as much support and...
  33. B

    disable defender just for norton's green/gray/red google search flags?

    I have windows 8.1 with integrated windows defender and I scan with spybot every day, haven't had a virus. With XP which didn't include Defender, I used norton and had no viruses but blocked many, defender never even pops up that one was blocked which is strange except for once but it was...
  34. D

    Bit Defender won't get installed?

    Hi! everyone. I have had Bit Defender installed on my computer and it worked well but it's just that time when I uninstalled it(I had to uninstall it for some reason although I found out later antivirus was not causing the problem that was a hardware issue) and again tried to install it by...
  35. B

    Theft prevention via color choice

    I am going to get an Otterbox defender case for my tablet. It is available in four colors. my question is would the "leapster green" or "princesses pink" draw more attention then the inconspicuous black to thieves, or would it disguise itself in thick child proofing rubber for a $50 kids tablet...
  36. D

    Asus wierd keyboard problems again

    I have an Asus Zenbook Ux31A which is about 9 months old. A week ago the q k c and . keys stopped working. If I use an External keyboard they are fine. Bizarre thing is if I run Windows 8 defender they start working again only to stop 5 mins later Its driving me crazy - the Defender 'solution'...
  37. R

    Microsoft Defender + Microsoft Update + ESET NOD32

    I have ESET NOD32 installed on my system, but I still get pushed to download and install updates via Windows Update for Microsoft Defender. If I understand correctly, Defender is the default anti virus that's installed on all the computers. Is it necessary for me to update definitions for...
  38. C

    Install security updates windows xp failed

    I can not open my windows f.e: defender, firewall, User acct, controls for any user and User profile service. My laptop tells me, I lost my C Windows\system/32 Thank you for your cooperation, [email address removed]
  39. T


    I picked up the Bullguard Internet Security for 2012 cheap..9.95.. i know it uses the bit defender engine but the reviews seem average,,anyone try this? :bounce:
  40. B

    What do i do please

    hi, do i run/turn on ( NOT SCAN ) kaspersky pure AND win fire wall, and win defender, and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free or full paid version . all at once ?? ta .. :sweat:
  41. Dark Lord of Tech

    Microsoft Releases Windows Defender Portable Beta Microsoft releases a portable beta version of defender ^ [:briovaz:3]
  42. N

    Best anti virus software for a gaming pc.

    Hi there Im looking for the best anti virus software for a gaming pc that doesn't Interfere with gaming, Please help!!!!! I had bit defender 2011 and it interfered with all the games i play! so i had to uninstall bit defender!
  43. T

    Impossible Virus

    Hello, I recently paid $80 for Bit Defender Total Security 2011 antivirus protection, and go figure within a few days I have a virus. Not an easy one to clean either, impossible to erase it seems. Don't know what it is called but I can tell you it can clone from one hard drive to another. It has...
  44. P

    Whats the Best (Paid) Anti- Virus

    My Bit-Defender subscription is just about up, and I want to move on due to some problems using their software and I'm just wondering what the best (paid) anti-virus is? I tried to Google this, but it seems like every website says something different. Any opinions welcome, Thanks!
  45. G

    Voltron Flash Drive is Defender of the USB Port

    Form feet and legs! Form arms and torso! And I'll form...the USB jack! Voltron Flash Drive is Defender of the USB Port : Read more
  46. D defender?

    Have any of you used/heard of or Cyber Defender? I saw it advertised. and I had an old comp so I was like "what the heck" and it seems to have found "840 errors" and I looked through the errors and they seem legit, but i'm still a little skepticle. So should I up the 15$ for...
  47. r_manic

    WinPC Antivirus = Fake SCAMWARE

    Make sure you get WinPC Defender, not WinPC Antivirus. WinPC "Antivirus" basically reports fake infections and the like, to scare people into buying the "full-version" so that the "infections" can be removed. Luckily if you've accidentally downloaded and installed WinPC Antivirus, removal...
  48. Rob423

    AVG Anti Virus/Bit Defender.

    Where Does This AntiVirus Stand to todays standard. I know it's Free and i've been using it a long time. And im also pretty safe on where i download/search from. Just wondering because i was reading something off and according to them BITDefender is SUPERB and AVG ranked 10 and...