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    Solved! Old Dynex tv to new Sony sound bar

    I'm trying to connect my 2009 Dynex DX-L26-10A to my brand new Sony HT-S100F sound bar, but my sound bar only has optical TV, HDMI ARC, USB, or Bluetooth connections. My TV does not have any of that. How do I fix that without having to buy anything?
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    Solved! Dynex 40" tv

    Tv turn on and whatever the channel is on will flash and then go out. I have read online that its probley the mother board and bought a decent priced one on eBay. Well thats not it. screen is black and blue light is on. What else could I try??
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    I broke the screen on my samsung smart tv would a dynex (not smart) tv screen be compatible? (Same size)

    Replacing my tv screen
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    Connecting surround sound

    How to connect a panansonic sa HT740 home theater system to a dynex tv with direct tv satilite ? Are they compatible
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    On a dynex flatscreen tv where can I find the screen mirroring setting

    Looking to screen mirroring a dynex tv with my s9 phone
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    How to hook up A DYNEX CD PLAYER TO A SANYO T V

    Can I send a picture of the thread
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    I have a Dynex Model Dx-LCD 32 tv

    Does it need to use A digital converter box?
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    Where do I place the GREEN, BLUE, orange cables under the Dynex ere

    I have a 32 inch Dynex that stopped showing a picture a few days ago. I see the three ROKU cables to the tv. I unplugged a green, blue and orange three-some cable from somewhere. There a conglomeration of Ifinity box, DVD, stereo system cords. Please help!
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    how too use a dynex mini reader on my tv

    im trying too hook up a dynex mini sd reader too my tv
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    Dynex tv no hdmi input list

    I want to connect my ps4 to my dynex tv. There is an hdmi where you can plug it but, the input hdmi doesn’t show. And when I pressed game it says VGA. I also have no remote to fix it :(
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    Dynex Please Wait

    I have a Dynex 46l150a11.... When I turn on the tv, I get the "Please Wait", then goes black after 10 seconds or so.... there is sound..... What the unusual part of this problem is that it is intermittent... Sometimes when I turn it back on, it works..... but more often than not, I get the...
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    Solved! How to connect a DIRECTV cable box to 32 inch dynex tv without the yellow audio ouput

    Trying to connect a 32 inch dynex tv to a direct tv cable box problem is there is no yellow audio output
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    Flatscreen LCD TV buzzes loudly

    I have a Dynex DX-37L150A11 that begins buzzing extremely loudly after approximately 45 minutes of use. This buzzing persists even when I plug in external speakers or headphones. Additionally, the buzzing noise does not depend on the volume the TV is set at. It starts out relatively quiet, and...
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    dynex tv to a sony/bravia sound system

    I have a dynex 32 inch l200A12 rev a I bought at bestbuy.. I am trying to connect to a sony/bravia model # DAV- DZ175.. I am trying to get it to work with my xbox one, I have tried nearly everything.. xbox forums are useless, sony says they didn't make this product in the us, therefore cannot...
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    amazon fire stick

    I have a old Dynex Combo TV Model DXLDVD22-10A and it comes with a HDMI port. Thought my Amazon Fire Stick would work but nothing. Then I see it must be HDCP compliant. How do i find that out, nothing in manual spells that out. :(
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    Trying to get my dynex tv to turn on

    How do I get my dunes tv to turn on, I've had it for almost 2 years now and when I press the power button the green light comes on but then the screen flashes and it changes back to orange I've been able to turn it on recently after about 30 mins of pressing the button
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    adjust comp output to fit dynex 32 in tv

    i have a 32 inch dynex tv and my comp output is too large for the screen when connected with cable
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    RCA to HDMI

    Have a Direct TV standard box D12-700 and a Dynex TV 720p (3 HMDI ports). Trying to figure out what is the best cord to get for better picture quality.
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    Input is blocked

    Dynex 19 inch tv/DVD combo.when powered on the screen says input is blocked.ive tried all inputs and all are blocked.in the menu the parental option is grey and will not alow me to use the parental code.ive also tried the factory reset option,didn't work?
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    Hit me with your best TV options of 50" or bigger under $900 and rid me of my Dynex

    So I've had a 32" Dynex since my freshman year of college in 2009. Its got scratches, the size to disappoint any woman, and the quality of a potato. Needless to say, I'm looking for an upgrade. My typical viewing distance is around 14ft away and I've been observing the market and reviews for...
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    What are the exact menu settings my 32"dynex flat panal hdtv need to be on to view the video from my LG smartphone using a mhl

    What to know how to mirror my smartphone on my 32" flatscreen dynex tv using a mph by hdmi adapter I get nothing and don't know what I may be doing wrong
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    reliable 50 inch smart tv

    Hello everyone im looking to upgrade my old dynex tv to a 50 inch smart tv around the 500$-600$ range and wanted to know what are my best options
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    Playing destiny need a better tv than my 2006 dynex tv from BB.

    OK, my Dynex tv from BB is old ...not even 50 inch (42 diag.) I need a replacement cause I cant really enjoy destiny that well. I need a suggestion for a 50-55 inch max, HDTV solution wireless and smart can be optional ...It's time to retire my TV ...don't care about 4k ..120hz min ..240 pref...
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    Dynex 32 inch Info box wont go away.

    I built my new computer and have everything set up and updated. However I also have a 30 inch dynex TV as the monitor and the info box that says "dmi 1 1360x768@60Hz" will constantly be displaying on screen and occasionally go away for 1 second and come back. its really annoying. any ideas?
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    how to trouble shoot dynex tv red light shows but no picture and no sound

    red light shows but no picture and no sound
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    Laptop Charger Replacement Questions

    I am new to toms hardware. I am wondering if this charger (Link) will charge a toshiba laptop that has a DC in 19v charger? I am wondering this because I lost my old laptop charger.
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    32" Dynex Tv was purchased in the US (120V) but using it in Uruguay (220V). Always using a voltage converter in order to watc

    32" Dynex Tv Tv was purchased in the US (120V) but using it in Uruguay (220V). Always using a voltage converter in order to watch something but yesterday my brother forgot to use the voltage converter and plugged the 120V Tv into a 220V plug and it burnt. Can it be repaired? If so, is it...
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    Lcd tv picture moves really slow

    On a 55" lcd tv by dynex, one day the picture moved really slow like frame by frame but jumping scenes trying to keep up once paused the screen would clear up with a nice picture like nothing was wrong. Once on paused it would start it again also sound works fine
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    Trying to connect 32 inch Dynex TV to Philips Philips CSS2123B/F7 sound bar

    I tried connecting them for over an hour now and I cannot get sound to come out of the soundbar! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Dynex Model I believe is DX-32L200A12
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    I have a Dynex 40" LCD. Picture is black, still see light and hear sounds?

    I have a Dynex 40" 40L261A1 LCD TV my mother bought for me back in November 2011'. I looked on a YouTube video and they said it might be the inverter( I turned off all the lights in the room and used a flash light to see if I could see any pictures, but I couldn't) I can easily buy one for...
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    Trying to connect a Dynex HDTV to Philips soundbar

    So I have a Dynex 720p HDTV Model #:DX-32L221A12 And a Philips soundbar #: HTL2101/F7 I tried connecting the red/white aux audio cables to both and turned down the volume along with muting the TV. The remote on the soundbar works as I can see the lights lighting up when I try upping the volume...
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    how to hook up tmobile concord phone to tv

    Need help connecting my tmobile concord phone to my dynex tv
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    how to hook up tmobile concord phone to tv

    Need help connecting my tmobile concord phone to my dynex tv
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    Dynex tv has no picture

    Hello, my 46 inch LCD Dynex started having issues with the picture a couple of weeks ago....the picture would disappear (still had audio though), by changing the channel a couple of times I could get the pic back. It happened several times over the next couple of weeks, now when I turn the TV...
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    Sharp or Dynex

    Hello everyone. Been wondering on getting a new flat screen and wondered about Sharp brand because currently I have a 40" Dynex (bought through Best Buy) and wanting to upgrade. Thinking of getting a 55" dynex 1080p 120hz for $750 but could upgrade to a 60" 1080p 120hz sharp for $1000. Is sharp...
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    Solved! Using HDTV for both TV and Monitor - Detecting the PC automatically

    I had a Dynex 1080P 19" TV which I used for both TV and as a computer monitor. It worked perfectly, right out of the box. Then, I upgraded to a larger DYNEX and had the problem in which the PC @ 1080P doesn't fill the screen. It turns out this TV was defective. (The computer controls on the TV...
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    Connecting a Dynex 32 inch TV into Radeon 6950, black screen, need help

    need setup instructions for startup on TV
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    Fixing a Dynex 40" LCD (DX-L40-10A)

    Hi All, I bought a dynex 40" tv 1 year and 1.5 months ago, and just like clockwork as the warranty ran out and I had scoffed at the extended warranty, the TV is breaking. Symptoms: The red "power" indicator turns on normally but when I try to switch the TV on I hear a click, the red power...
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    How to set dynex from 480p to 1080p

    when i watch tv shaw 1080p cable box my dynex 46in tv is reading hdmi 480p, black bars top and bottom. or zoom mode whatever. then i change input to ps3 and my tv reads 1080p. what the heck. my other tv, 58in panasonic is getting repared so i switched them, same cables same spot but my panasonic...