dynex tv to a sony/bravia sound system


Nov 28, 2016
I have a dynex 32 inch l200A12 rev a I bought at bestbuy.. I am trying to connect to a sony/bravia model # DAV- DZ175.. I am trying to get it to work with my xbox one, I have tried nearly everything.. xbox forums are useless, sony says they didn't make this product in the us, therefore cannot advise me.. I tried using optical from X1 to the sony, it workks but I lose two of my speakers.. The speakers(4) work with every other device just not my X1...I tried rca from the sony to the dynex, no good, tried hdmi from sony- dynex=no good. In a last ditch I tried to use the hdmi fro the X1 to the sony=no good...

Any ideas
Xbox to Sony via optical - Did you set the Xbox to output in surround sound? Should be a menu setting for that.
Xbox to TV via HDMI, TV to Sony via optical - Check the audio settings on the Xbox (as above). Check the TV menu to see if there is a place to change the audio output type. Try the options. Some TVs will only output in 2 channel.
If you select Dolby on the Sony if should revert to Dolby Prologic when receiving a stereo signal (either via analog or digital input). That will give you analog surround sound. Not as good as digital but better than stereo.


Nov 28, 2016

The dynex(tv) doesn't have optical... Only hdmi(2) and rca(red,yellow,white) and composite green,blue.)

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