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    Solved! File extension error

    Hi, I am a windows 10 user and I am lately facing a problem with my few pdf files which seems to have automatically changed its extensions to ".NJFITAVTX" in addition to .pdf For Ex: "xxyyzz.pdf" got changed to "xxyyzz.pdf.NJFITAVTX" I am unable to open those pdf files and I also found a...
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    Solved! What file format is used.

    Hi, Which file recording format does a Toshiba 43u6763db to record files ? When I record something, what file extension will I find on my drive ? Poppa Mintin
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    Solved! Please help restore my OneNote notebook

    Hello, I was taking notes in my OneNote notebook when the program suddenly became unresponsive. I closed the program out and then tried to reopen to my notebook. I received an error message that read "Something went wrong and we can't do what you asked. We're sorry." I found all of the...
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    files changed to .losers extention

    Hello all of my files changed to .losers file extension and I can't access any of them can anyone help me restore my files? I've tried a lot of different things
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    Found an ".rnd" file in my PC and a weird story behind

    Hello to all members of this forum. I open this topic here because i was in full cleaning of files, those that seem temporary or that remained as a sign of some program installed. The question is that I come across this file located in the "C" directory with the format ".rnd". After searching...
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    URGENT Need to extract data from a protected drive

    i need to extract data from my external hard drive. Its very important for me i need it urgently my hard drive creates a secret zone inside it which is password protected my hard drive is Maxtor 1tb it created a file inside it with a extension .msr i just wanted to know if in extract the data...
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    How to Convert .ptx file to .pdf

    I know ptx files are a native file extension for Avid Tools Pro. But I wanted to know if there is some free or free trial software that can convert this file type into a pdf or make it so it can be viewed in like a notepad or Microsoft word app?
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    what is best file extension for photo montage?

    Can you experts help me? I want to create a matrix of sunsets in a format to ultimate have printed on see-through Perspex table mats or as a back-lit wall display. What file format do you recommend? The 20 photos are not overlaid, but simply laid out in five columns. However, it will take time...
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    How do I uninstall VoiceNote II?

    I have looked in my plug-ins & extensions & I can not locate where the software is on my computer. I would like to find out where this is located so I can delete it.
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    Excel connot open file (filename) xlsx

    I have several excel files stored on my system. I used these files from the same computer daily. Yesterday, when i tried to open several files in Excel 2007 then i found following error on my co,puter screen: "Excel connot open file (filename) xlsx because the file format or file extension is...
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    Retrieving files from Sony Personal Safe (SWP / UEA File Extension)

    Hi, I have a Sony Vaio Laptop (running Win 7 Professional x 64) which came with the Protector Suite 2009 software by UPEK Inc. The software creates a 'Sony Safe' encrypted folder on the computer which can be accessed by fingerprint swipe or the backup password created in the software. The...
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    How to Sper Compress?

    Hello, i need to find a way to super compress files (folder with games usualy) ,my bro has a limited conection internet and i want to find a way to compres a 4.7gb folder to less than 2gb ,i saw that this tihing it posible at a game,they compresed 4.7gb to 1.6gb ,compresed file extension was...
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    how to take .jpg format off a picture on android

    I have ab app that added the .jpg file extension name on to the end of the picture name. I understand you cannot simply take it off but you can hid it somehow. I have an optimus g and was wondering how to get to the settings bar to hide the file extension. Thanks.
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    What do I do with a DIZ file?

    Hey experts- I got a quick question. I downloaded a file from the internet that is supposedly an application file. It downloaded as a .exe file, and I installed it. It then extracted into a bunch of different files including a .diz file. The .diz file is called the same as the application should...
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    Process multiple word files at the same time

    Hello, I have over a hundred Word files that I would like to print out with each one showing their file extension somewhere on the page (either header or footer I'm guess are the only options). The difficulty is that I think I have to open each file and put a header on each one individually. My...
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    What formats do cd stereos play

    Hello, audio saved as dvd with file extension m4a how can I convert to regular cd format?
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    How do view these digital pictures?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I have some old floppies of pictures that seem to have been made by Seattle Filmworks. They all have a SFW file extension. How do I open these pictures & save them in some other formats? -- Thanks in advance
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    .MAX file extension?

    Hey guys, Anyone know of a program that can convert Paperport images to a common form like bitmap, or jpeg? I gotta pic of my girl and i need to make it a format that paint can read so that i can make her my background..I cant do anything in Paperport viewer. Thanks I found out my dad's...
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    cda to mp3

    For the life of me, I can't figure out how to get rid of the cda file extension that windows, comes up with in windowsMe for audio files. I expected to see a .wav extension...but instead I've got this .cda, which is unread by almost everything which means I can't rip. What's my solution...I...