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  1. _Binz

    Question Website Chinese Character Showing Squared Question Mark

    so currently i'm working with a laravel 9 based website and it use the chinese character (Traditional Hanzi), and somehow in my device (M2 Macbook Air, MacOS Ventura) the character shows the squared question mark and some broken characters, eg: ����; and this problem only happens to me, none of...
  2. M

    Solved! I find it difficult to downland and change my phone font in the font manager ..tecno w2

    i find it difficult to downland and change my phone font in the font manager ..tecno w2
  3. C

    4k monitors that work with MacBook font scaling?

    My monitor (BenQ GW2765) doesn't work properly with my 15" 2018 Macbook; and in displays I see this Depending on what option I select, text is either tiny or blurry. (I've tried HDMI and DisplayPort.) I am pretty confident that if it were working correctly I'd see this: Can anyone...
  4. J

    Gmail's new forced look

    Anyone else frustrated with Gmail's new forced appearance. The new features are fine... but the appearance is atrocious. The font chosen is difficult to read, given me a ehadache after about 3-5 minutes. And to me the color scheme is cartoonish at best. the revert to classic option is gone as...
  5. S

    Amazon Prime/Direct Tv closed captioning

    My parents have a smart TV and use Direct TV. They use closed captioning as at 87 years old, sometimes they have difficulty hearing. They are able to change the font size in the regular tv shows they watch and on Netflix but we are having a hard time changing font size on Amazon Prime. Have...
  6. B

    GBoard - how do you change size of font in the text messages

    GBoard for messaging. I can change font size of keyboard, which isn't the problem. How do you change the size of the font in text messages? In the phone's messaging app you could change that with the volumn button, but not with GBoard.
  7. B

    Sony BDP-BX520 1080P 3D Blu-Ray DVD Player Built in WiFi

    Do I connect Sony BDP-BX520 1080P 3D Blu-Ray DVD Player Built in WiFi directly to my tv or do I connect Sony BDP-BX520 1080P 3D Blu-Ray DVD Player Built in WiFi directly to AT@T cable box. Thx
  8. G

    dell xps 9560 font scaling

    Hello, i just got an XPS 9560 and i am having strange font issues. for example visual studio: resolution: 3840x2160 Scale and Layout: 250% Any ideas how to fix this issue? not expecting this from a 3 euro dollar laptop.
  9. D

    Font size will not change - android phone

    Hi, guys! Little help here... Just got another LG V20 H910 (AT&T), my second one. For some reason, on this particular phone unit, I CANNOT CHANGE THE FONT SIZE. I follow the steps, get to the font size option, but no matter what size I select (large, extra large, huge), the font size just stays...
  10. S

    How to change font size in fieldbook application

    Hello, I am using an application called FieldBook on a Samsung tablet to collect crop field descriptor data. I am formatting the traits I want to collect but the default for the font size within the application is too large when a trait has multiple choices. How do I decrease the font? I...
  11. C

    High Resolution Issue

    I have an Acer Laptop with 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution, all dialog boxes and fonts are very small. I tried to change the resolution to (1366 x 768) but the everything became bigger and a part of the screen was cut off, the only resolution that is working is (3840 x 2160). I tried to increase the...
  12. M

    My default font reverted to a different font (Marlett) I can’t seem to change it back.

    Hi guys, For some reason my font in windows 8.1 has changed to Marlett, but i cant seem to change it back to the way it was. Do you guys know how to solve this? greets
  13. N

    how to copy malayalam document from excell document to notpad

    while copying documents (malayalam font) from excell work sheet to another notpad it shows like A-Pv-ao-dn-se kpÂ-¯m³ How can i solve it? Thanks in Advance
  14. S

    Keyboard cover for HP an003tx?

    I bought the HP an003tx. It has red keyboard font. It's hard to see without backlight. So, any keyboard cover with white font for that model? I looked for it, but was not able to find it. Preferably from amazon, though not compulsory. Also, does having backlight on for 80% of the time affect...
  15. S

    Mozilla won't render font sizes even with 'Mozilla only' CSS

    Would anyone have a solution to why Mozilla won't render font sizes even with 'Mozilla only' CSS?
  16. G

    Battlefield 1 FONT? (solved)

    EDIT: For anyone looking in the future, the font is called Shieldrake jnl What font is used in the teaser trailer for battlefield 1 at the end? if you look at 0:59, what font is being used? Thanks!
  17. Can You Help Me Please

    Where Can I Find A Colored MTA New York Subway Sign Font And If So Can I Use It In Adobe Premiere

    I just found out how to make a cover photo as a gif. I plan on converting the video to a gif after. I am also open to do it over a graphic as well. I decided to go Metro and spice things up a little bit to make my facebook cover attractive. I want to use an New York MTA Font over a graphic or...
  18. M

    Font Making software

    Do you guys what industry standard software is used to make fonts?
  19. kol12

    Alternative Gmail fonts?

    Hi, I can't for the life of me figure out how people are using some of the fonts they do in their emails. I've tried all of the available fonts and none of them match these peoples emails. Most of the time their font size is slightly smaller as well, none of the font sizes I have match them...
  20. T

    Constant white noise coming from speakers AND surround doesn't work correctly

    So I got a surround sound speaker set (4 speakers, font and rear pairs, center and sub woofer) from a friend of mine. They sound fantastic, but there is always a constant white noise coming from them. It doesn't effect the audio at all but when it's quiet in the room it's loud and annoying...
  21. nazmi10

    Emoji font enabler

    Please help me regarding my font on android lollipop with my Samsung GT-I8552. It doesnt show any emoji sign. Please help me. Thanks.
  22. E

    Kindle trouble w/ font changing

    I need a large font, eyesight-wise, but often find that I lose ends of pages ... have to switch to a small font, find that missing piece, then go back to large ... is this a kindle problem or the book's problem? .. what to do?
  23. L

    Can a new phone not yet activated receive a restricted call?

    I had Verizon phone that regularly received Restricted calls that never showed up in call log. I recently purchased a new, basic, flip phone and before it was activated, I received a Restricted call on it that didn't show up in the call log! The font for "Restricted" is also different than any...
  24. A

    How to Change the Font Size on a Nook e-Reader

    Sometimes it is hard to read the small print on your Nook e-reader, especially if you have been straining your eyes with reading for hours on end. Luckily, the Nook e-reader comes with the ability to change the font size. This way, if you are having any difficulty seeing the words, you can just...
  25. D

    blue vertical line on one side of my tv

    on my tv screen one blue line appeared especially on black font.can i do something to solve the problem?
  26. A

    Change Font Size on a Kindle E-Reader

    On the original edition of the Kindle E-reader, you could easily change the text size by picking a few different font types and sizes. On more modern Kindles, you can adjust the text even more simply by using a thumb and forefinger. Step 1: Turn on your Kindle and swipe to unlock it. To do...
  27. tomsguideUS

    Increase Font Size in Apps on a Microsoft Surface

    Small font sizes can strain your eyes and make your tablet usage considerably less pleasant. Luckily, Microsoft has included an easy way to change the text sizes on their Surface tablets. Go through the steps below to make your font size more readable. Step 1: To start, you’ll need to open the...
  28. tomsguideUS

    How to Change Font Size of Skype Messages

    After you have successfully installed Skype on your computer, the default font face for text messages is set to Tahoma, the font style is set to Regular, and the font size is set to 8 pts. For many users the default font settings are acceptable, and it is unlikely that majority of users would...
  29. D

    Java and all Java-related programs are displaying font incorrectly

    Hello! For the last year or so I have had a strange issue with my font in both the Java Control Panel (or any Java screen for that matter) and any Java-based program, such as Minecraft. The font is completely garbled, and appears to be facing the wrong direction and overlaps, making it totally...
  30. W

    font too small on new high resolution pc

    How do I change the font size and display setting on these new high resolution pc's? The default resolution is 2560x1440. The font is tiny. Even after maximizing it in the control panel, font is still tiny especially in my browsers
  31. oddlyinsane

    How do I select text with a specific colour in word?

    How do I select text with a specific colour in Word 2013? E.g. only highlight/select text with red font. Thanks
  32. delellod123

    Please help me identify this font (font outlined in illustrator) WHO CAN SOLVE THIS ENIGMA

    I am working on a project and need this font identified. The font is outlined so I am unable to look it up. Is anyone able to solve this enigma?
  33. V

    after save my insert text printing changes to different font

    zoombrowser edit i go to insert text and print and then i press ok and my printing changes to a different font, very thin and hard to read. Valenty
  34. S

    What is the best e-reader or tablet for $100

    My grandpa is looking for something electrical to read on for about $100. He needs something easy to use, easy to read, settings to change the font of words, and a decent sized screen. I was thinking about a Nook are an Amazon Kindle. But I'm not sure what to get. Please help.
  35. Q

    The best (free) font manager

    i like to know what the best font manager is, both free and payment.
  36. Mandula

    Microsoft Publisher 2010 Font problem

    Hi community, I have a font problem with Publisher 2010. I want to use the font "Flipbash", which I downloaded from the net. It is installed properly and is on the list of fonts in Publisher, but when I select it to write something, the font is simple Arial (Flipbash keeps being selected on the...
  37. A

    Werid Font Change Internet

    All of the sudden I noticed some websites like facebook, are using this werid font in werid places... and it is asame on multiple websites, Is it my browser or something, can someone please check those websites to see if it is my browser or the website i just updating their font... Imgur Album...
  38. viveknayyar007

    Text Font Size in Skype IMs Is Too Small

    When Skype is installed on a computer, the default font face is set to Tahoma and the size of the font is set to 8 pt. This default configuration is quite ideal for almost every Skype user with a normal eyesight and clear visibility. However there might be instances where users do not have...
  39. B

    Google Chrome Font Problems

    I recently installed a font to use in Photoshop, and it indecently screwed up something in the browser, and on some websites it shows the font, and it is reaaalllllyyy annoying. Any help would be great
  40. M

    MS Office Pro Outlook2003

    every time I receive email, 90% of them are in a font 5 or smaller. How do I change the font size for 'Received' emails? thanks
  41. jpishgar

    How Do I Increase or Decrease Font Size in an Android Device

    How Do I Increase or Decrease Font Size in Android Device? Just like in Windows, Linux or Mac-based operating systems, android also has a feature with which you can increase or decrease the font size in your device. You might want to change the default size of the fonts on your device and...
  42. C

    Adobe Opens Document in Different Font

    Good morning everyone, I'm opening a PDF in Adobe Reader 9, and Adobe will give me an error message about the embeded font not being installed on my system, so what I do in turn is copy the same font from a co-workers PC that opens the PDF fine in it's correct font and paste that font into my...
  43. A

    Help with Excel.

    I am using Excel 2010 and the font size is too small to read easily on the alpha column bar and the numeric row bar. How can I change the font size. Any Help woould be appreciated, thanks, Tony Fitz.
  44. W

    How to change font on my email correspondence?

    How do I change the font color on my email correspondence?
  45. R

    Installing font windows mobile

    Hello, I m trying to install Arial Unicode in my mobile.So I am dragging it from windows/font folder of my pc.But it is giving error "There is no application with"Arialuni" .Run the application first,then open the file from within the application." Please help me.
  46. P

    Displaying @ symbol in IE with trajan pro regula r font

    Hello, My site is using trajan pro regular font and it is not showing @ symbol in IE8? Can any one solve this?
  47. R

    VSSTYLES vs. VSSETTINGS colors for IDE

    I want to change the color/font scheme for the IDE in VS 2010. There are lots of themes online, but I noticed that in 2010 there are VSSETTINGS files and VSSTYLES files. The STYLES are used to change the colors of the environment (menus, taskbars, etc.), and the SETTINGS files are for changing...
  48. 5

    Firfefox 4 font issue

    hello all weird problem ever since ive installed firefox 4. The font on websites and forum pages and my gmail inbox seems to be Arial, or something similar. Checked the settings of Firefox and default font is set to Times new roman although the checkbox that says "allow pages to choose their...
  49. jacob173741824

    Firefox 4 RC

    How do you make the font in Firefox 4 RC less bold? (Like it is in 3.6)?
  50. M

    IE9 font smoothing

    I installed Internet Explorer 9. I had tried the beta so it's my first time using it. But I like that it finally adds HTML5 and SVG support. However, I hate the font smoothing, which looks too fuzzy, especially on my CRT. There doesn't seem to be a way to disable it. And that's not even the...
  51. JMcEntegart

    Is This the Smallest Legible Font? Try Reading It

    A whole new meaning to the phrase 'fine print.' Is This the Smallest Legible Font? Try Reading It : Read more
  52. G

    Designers: How do u handle thousands of fonts?

    To all you graphic designers out there, can I get some feedback on your font handling techniques? I understand all the different font programs out there, and I try not to keep too many fonts in my Windows Font folder... but my dilemma is, I am not a master typographer... when I need to design a...
  53. F

    Windows xp crashes when saving as pdf

    whenever I try to save a word 2007 file as pdf, word crashes. The word file has regular Times font and a unicode font named Doulos SIL. how can I save this work as pdf?
  54. exfileme

    Woman Fired for Using ALL CAPS in Email

    An accountant in New Zealand was fired for using all caps, and bold, red font in her emails. Woman Fired for Using ALL CAPS in Email : Read more
  55. S

    Blazed Fonts

    I am looking for a way to reverse the Blazed Font. I am trying to put YAMAHA on the side of a boat motor with vinyl tape, one side its going to work perfect with the spelling going from left to right with the flame going to the back. If i put it on the other side and spell YAMAHA from left to...
  56. L

    Excel header formatting

    Is it possible to change the font COLOR in the header? I recognize the ability to change the font style and size. Also the ability to make the font bold and/or italized.....but I am unable to find the ability to change the color.
  57. A

    Dell inspiron 6000-trying to reset all display and font settings

    I am trying to play a game.. and I need to reset all font and or display settings to factory default. Please let me know what i need to do. thanks
  58. D

    computer only showing wingding font

    I need some help please and I was wondering if anyone has had this problem. I recently did a clean up on my fianace's computer. Which included going to the my computer, right clicking on the c drive for properties and doing and error check. After the check was over I restarted the computer...
  59. B

    firefox display size

    hello everyone. can someone tell me how I can increase the font display size for firefox? I've tried setting it to 120 dpi and even used font sizes of 40+ but there doesn't seem to be any effect after 20. Even using the default 120 dpi resolution font is better. Looking at the THG main page...