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  1. Titanion

    Anyone know how to crack a secure PDF file?

    I would sure like to figure out how to do this. <font color=red><b>NF7-S/MBarton 2500+ 210x11.5 1.82v SP-97 GB Corsair XMS PC3200 BBA 9800 Pro 423/369</font color=red><font color=black> NF7-S/MBarton 2600+ 210x11.5 1.76v 512MB CVR PC3200 Sapphire 9500@9700
  2. Pata

    PC Doctor or similar

    So I have this Compaq computer with all the bad software. I am going to reformat it with a windows OEM and get rid of AOL the disney channel and other stuff. But there is one program I like and that is is PC Doctor. It allows you to check all parts of the computer. It runs tests on your RAM...
  3. Jake_Barnes

    New "List of Lists"

    A good resource and bookmark: <A HREF="" target="_new">List of Lists (updated 7-29-05)</A> ... Edit: Updated 7-29-05 <b>"The Edge - there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over."...
  4. J

    Spybot 1.4 Integrated Updater Question

    I just installed Spybot 1.4 for Win XP but I'm having trouble connecting to an update server; I keep getting a "connection time out" error. Is anyone else having/had this problem and can offer any solutions? Thanks. <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by joe1138 on 06/12/05 11:14...
  5. U

    USB Drivers conflicts in XP

    I am experiencing this problem. Whenever I insert my USB pen drive Win XP is detecting it but when I tried to browse the contents of it, a pop up it telling me that I have a USB driver conflict. Can you help in fixing this please. Many thanks <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by utulu on...
  6. Rugger

    Unlock X800Pro pipes

    How hard/easy is it to unlock the extra pipes of the X800Pro? Is it even possible? __________________________________________________ <font color=red>You're a boil on the arse of progress - don't make me squeeze you!</font color=red>
  7. S

    Software Update

    If I where to install a software programe &/or updates , and was told to restart the PC befor changes will take effect , but instead installed more software &/or updates on top , is thier a chance that the PC will restart with conflicts? <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by SoCaLiNK on...
  8. russell

    Free spell checker for IE

    If you are as bad at spelling as I am<A HREF="" target="_new"> then this</A> is pretty slick. Now to find something that edits grammar! !#&$ <font color=blue> :eek: </font color=blue>---<font color=red><i><b>It's not heavy,'s my computer</font color=red></i></b>
  9. G

    Phone Pad Font Colour

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) I have a iPaq h6365. Whilst trying out some themes I noticed the font on the phone pad had turned black. I could have sworn it was white before. Is this correct. Altering themes again made no difference. How do I turn it back to...
  10. F

    Zen Touch or iPod

    Choosing just one of those makes it extremely difficult. iPod seems to be almost excellent. All the space and easy to use folder setup. But what about the zen touch or iriver? All i want is a easy mp3 player that i can hook up to my computer and transfer songs. I care that it will fit into my...
  11. russell

    Speed Fan freeware

    OK, got the chopping block out...Neck is in position axe is goes. Has anyone seen the software "Speedfan" <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> I have seen several simular programs out...
  12. T

    Top 10 Popular Digital Cameras Under $300

    Here's a great article I found describing the top 10 digital cameras in the market selling under $300. <A HREF=""...
  13. P

    HL2 is OUT !!!!!!!! - OMG this game is awesome

    Like other big titles, HL2 street date is broken. Doug said that if this happens, they will unlock HL2. So hope n pray that HL2 is unlocked this weekend. <A HREF=""...
  14. dinkster9

    canon powershot series explinations?

    I might just be computer blind (from reading specs too long) but can anyone outline the differences between the model numbering in the same series of canon powershot cameras? IE: powershot a70 and a75 and A80 vs A85. I can't figure out the differences...did the color change or...
  15. A

    Cannon PowerShot A85 any good?

    Looking for some good reviews on this. Not much is popping up from google since it is a new product. Not going to use it professionally but mostly for a Vegas trip next month. Thanks. <i><font color=red>Only an overclocker can make a computer into a convectional oven.</i></font color=red>
  16. H

    Microscopic font problem

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) I ran pocket tweak on my Axim X30 and now I have a pretty severe problem. Although I didn't actually *change* any of the font settins in pocket tweak, it has really messed me up. Things like the My Info screen come up, but the...
  17. G

    How to add a font to Internet Explorer ?

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Dear group, Can anyone advise me how to add a new font to Internet Explorer on the ipaq pocket pc 2003. I copied the .ttf file to the 'fonts' directory, and it seems I can use it on Word, but on Internet Explorer I don't see any of...
  18. G

    Font color on "Start" Menu

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Is there any way to change the font color on "start" menu? Thanks
  19. Titanion

    VHS to DVDR... best method?

    What is the best way to get a small libriary if VHS tapes (History channel type of stuff) onto DVDs using a burner on a computer? In terms of video capture, exactly what is needed? <font color=red><b>NF7-S/Mobile Barton 2600+ 208x11.5 1.82v SLK900A 1GB Corsair XMS PC3200 BBA 9800 Pro</font...
  20. Yahiko81


    What's a good DVD player?<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Yahiko81 on 07/09/04 11:49 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  21. G


    Archived from groups: alt.cellular.sprintpcs (More info?) Is there some way to upload a "specific" pic onto a phone from a computer? I've tried accessing yahoo on my phone to get briefcase stuff. Is it possible to open a picture using the URL? Then saving it in picture wallet? <font...
  22. B

    Changing font colors

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) I am trying to change the font color on my start menu. Anyone know how to do this??
  23. dinkster9

    good dvd copying software?

    Can't seem to get dvd x copy platinum 3.xx to work, so i now have a month old 8x dvd burner which i haven't used yet :(. Anyone know any software out there that is really good at copying dvd's? (i mean backing up dvd's :). What do you all use and why? Thanks, Dink9 <font...
  24. JustPlainJef

    Outlook PST

    I was told by a co-worker today that we should start telling our people not to keep many e-mails within their inbox (I do agree) and also not to have any folders within their inbox, because if the Inbox itself gets to big it will become corrupted. I argued that ALL the folders are located...
  25. vagabond


    Is P2P filesharing programs like Kazaa and Grokster illegal? <A HREF="" target="_new"><font color=blue>My System </font color=blue></A> <b><font color=blue>VAGABOND<font color=blue></b> <b><font color=blue>Just horsing around!!!<font...
  26. S

    Help! Hercules Game Theatre xp 6.1

    Win XP is installed. When I try to install the latest drivers, it states I need to uninstall the previous drivers. Fair enough, but when I try to unistall the drivers the pc automatically reboots. Why is this not working???????????????? <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Shadow_Seeker...
  27. X

    Best vector graphics software

    Which is the best vector graphics software: Macromedia Freehand Adobe Illustrator Corel Draw ___________________________________________________________ <font color=blue>Mubashar</font color=blue> <b><font color=red><i>"All delays are dangerous in war."</b></font color=red></i>
  28. J

    Double-licensed mcafee vscan

    An image from Will get this version when it comes out. Remember norton antivirus uses activation. <A HREF=""...
  29. J

    Winamp 5.0 Alpha 1

    Waiting for the next winamp. Download alpha 1 here. Don't look to be very much unstable but far better than WA3, <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> <b><font...
  30. T

    The Best Headphones?

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone had some knowledge on some good headphones that are out there for say PC gaming. Preferebly, I'd like some headphones that have ear pads that completely cover your ears. Maybe someone can help... Thanks P.S. I've heard the Grado SR60 headphones are good, I...
  31. Pata

    What about AVG as an anti virus?

    I am using an anti virus program called AVG and I find it fine. It can be found at www. No one mentioned it in the previous thread. Is it even worth talking about? What? <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Pata on 08/24/03 04:44 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  32. J

    kazaa 2.5.1

    why is kazaa placing more spywares in the new version. They're bloating my pc with garbage. And can't even be disabled in the installation. <font color=blue> My computer is <b>sooo fast</b>, It finished <b>SETI</b> in <b>10 seconds.</b> <font color=blue>
  33. J

    just want

    i like to have a mp3 player, but i'm not sure which one is the best that have at least 10gb hdd and doesn't use AAA batteries? <i><font color=purple> "I'll Take A Quiet Life -Handshake to Carbon Monoxide- Th.Yo." </i><font color=purple>
  34. T

    video editing software

    i just bought a camcorder. can someone recommend good video editing software? id like to edit my "movies" and add effects on my computer. ....the crows seemed to be calling him, thought caw....<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by tdean on 08/02/03 02:40 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  35. eden

    Mixing different rechargeables

    Ok this is probably what has me worrying most. Suppose I'll get this 1850mAH charger from Energizer that comes with 2 batteries. If I got some 1700mAH [insert other brand name], and mixed the 2 here inside a 4-AA digicam, am I doing anything wrong? What is recommended besides trying to match...
  36. J

    Radio recording

    Hello, I wonder if anyone can help me finding a program that makes it possible to record live radio streams (internet ofcourse) Thanks. <font color=blue><A HREF="" target="_new">MyPage</A></font color=blue>
  37. X

    Configuring Eudora for Hotmail account?

    I am wondering how to configure Eudora for my hotmail account. I have always used Outlook Express, and this is the first time I'm trying Eudora. I have confusion at what to enter in the Incomming Mail Server field. When I go to Options under Tools menu, I am asked to fill following fields; 1...
  38. F

    AVI File Player with Multichannel Support Found!!!

    I've got a lot of AVI movies that have AC3 already mixed into it. But whenever I try to play the files I only get stereo sound. Are there any programs that play avi's and have support for surround sound? <A HREF="" target="_new"> My System...
  39. lhgpoobaa

    Not happy with UD

    hmmm. I signed up for cure for cancer crunching, not smallpox. And as such i disabled the crunch smallpox tickbox in my device profile manager... yet im still getting and crunching smallpox jobs. WTF? <font color=blue>Many modern games <b>must</b> be played multiplayer. And those you encounter...
  40. B

    XP3000+ - Is unlocking multipliers necessary?

    Simple question, hopefully simple answer.... From what I have read (THG - XP3000+ vs. P4 3.06) it appears you only need to unlock the multiplier table if you require access to lower multipliers. If you only wanted to use the higher multiplier (13 and up) then I don't think unlocking the...
  41. M

    Omega Vs Catalyst

    Hello, guys. I just have a small Q, but it could be a tricky one. Heard much about the Omega drivers, and heard much about the Catalyst drivers. I run the ATI 9700(His). Which are better? Is not an urgent thing, though. Cya, Myk <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by mohha53 on 05/04/03...
  42. J

    Ultra noobie!

    Hey guys, This is the first time that i've entered this forum and i just read all the talk about UD and stuff. Whats UD??? and whats this forum about anyway i thought it was just about sharing small utilities so never bothered to take a look. Thanx <b><font color=blue>Saddam: "Dude where's...
  43. dhlucke

    Digital Camera Wizard

    In WinXP SP1, the wizard will not pop up when I plug in my camera by USB. I think it's the fact that for some reason nothing, not even a cd, will autoplay. How do I get it to autoplay and open up the wizard? I've reset everything to defaults as well as tried to force it to autoplay, but it's...
  44. O

    NEVER !!!!!!!!

    I've just about made the top 25 now on the THG team... I just passed Fatburger and have my sights set on Owl! (That is you isn't it...Owl645807?) <b>You will Never Catch me</b> <font color=blue>HOSED = Horrific operating system error detected</font color=blue>
  45. M

    Password Protect Outlook

    I'm using Outlook 2000. Is there anyway to password protect it? I can't find the option anywhere to ask for a password each time Outlook starts. ...if not, are there any add-ins that I can use to do this? Thanks. <font color=purple><i>Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where...
  46. P

    Effective Anti-Spam Software

    I'm getting way too much spam every day and after reporting it to my cable ISP, they said there's nothing they can do and advised me to try changing my email name to something less intuitive! So I was wondering which anti-spam software works really well. <b>God bless the <font...
  47. J

    New Opera 7 - Bork Edition

    I saw the first article on ZDNet this morning, and picked this <A HREF="" target="_new">link</A> orr of Opera's website. I'm definately going to download this version, if nothing else but for a good laugh and to make sure my webpages work...
  48. Crashman

    Duron 950 won't unlock

    Tried 6 times with the pencil trick on the L1 bridges, is there something else stopping it? <font color=blue>You're posting in a forum with class. It may be third class, but it's still class!</font color=blue>
  49. P

    imesh vs kazaa

    Hello, does anyone know whcih download program is better imesh/kazaa - im mainly looking for less spyware etc, and for audio and cd image files such as iso etc....and i have also read that kazaa lite, is like kazaa except without all hte spyware, but i can't find any download links??? help plz...
  50. Rob423

    The Best P2P app

    how do you make a DAMN POLL... i've made one before now i can't get it!! AHHHH this is killing me! This Community is like a Second Family!!<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by rob423 on 12/16/02 08:46 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  51. O

    Ping GUI Mapper ???

    about 3 years a go there was a program for entering ip address and it would show on a world map the area ??????? PLEASE HELP ??????? <font color=blue>HOSED = Horrific operating system error detected</font color=blue>
  52. L

    WTF! SPAM form "TRIBAR"

    WTF! Did anyone else get a letter like this? And how the F*** did he get my email address? <font color=blue> My name is Grzegorz Lisowski. I am a member of SETI team TRIBAR. It was polish team. Now it is not. Now we have members from 21 different countries; Sweden, France, Romania, Hungary...
  53. S

    D/load Drivers from, Motherboard or Chipset Site?

    Hi. Where should I download my drivers for my hardware from? [Chipset, AGP, onboard LAN,sound & Storage Drivers] My Chipset Site( <font color=green>VIA P4M266</font color=green>) or Motherboard Site? -am using a <font color=green> Mercury </font color=green> motherboard. -Drivers are available...
  54. B

    Creating web pages

    I was just wondering what is popular for creating webpages. I mean mostly the fancy stuff that you wouldn't use notepad for. <font color=blue>Unofficial Forum Cop</font color=blue>
  55. H

    Disable set as Background or disable Mouse

    Does anyone know how to disable the feature set as background in Internet Explorer on a win98 machine, or if that wont work I would like to disable the right mouse button so that they cant chose it, anyone have any suggestions? Christopher Russell IT Fire Mountain Gems<P ID="edit"><FONT...
  56. G

    new Seti Spy is out

    Just got the new version of SetiSpy (v.3.2.0) and was wondering if anyone else is getting the same error msg as me when trying to update the user and team stats? No route to host. (Error# 10065) Is this actually an error or do I just need to wait and return a few more WU before it irons itself...
  57. J

    Shrink DivX file, how?

    Mkay... Is there any way to re-code a DivX file? I have one large mother at 1200mb that I would like to make 700mb instead. Thanks. <font color=blue>I don´t have a sig</font color=blue>
  58. X

    Best Video Cutting software

    Which is the best video editing software for cutting video clips and connecting them to make a movie. I have been using <A HREF="" target="_new">Cinax's iFilm Editor</A>, it's great video cutting software but it gives some error messages like "invalid...
  59. X

    PC Booster

    Do you use <A HREF="" target="_new">PC Booster</A> for tweaking your PC's speed. It claims of boosting up your PC's speed upto 200%. I want to know your comments on it before througing away 29$. <font color=blue>Mubashar</font color=blue>...
  60. X

    Backing up Drivers?

    Due to some inevitable reasons I am going to format my C: drive and re-install everything. I am using Creative Soudblaster PnP sound card drivers. The problem is that I don't have the copy of these drivers. Is there a way to backup the already installed drivers and use them after a clean...