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  1. L

    Problems sending UD WU's

    Is anyone else having problems sending UD WU's? Oops, Just saw the UD page with the upgrade news. Oh well, I'll just have to wait for the traffic to calm down. <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by lucol on 06/18/02 05:09 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  2. L

    1st new protein

    woo hoo got my first new protein since I began crunching a week or so ago .. so far tho' at 20% not one hit .. all conformers on the current molecules. how often do they send new targets? lagger <font color=blue><b> Roll another bummer and leave it on the sideboard Catherwood </font...
  3. O

    Wake Up UD Team

    Way To Loud In Here......................... No I Will Not Rant....................... <font color=blue>Join THG UD TEAM WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW</font color=blue>
  4. camieabz

    HTML question

    I'm starting out on the HTML stuff. I'm trying to set up a page containing two frames. Each occupying half of the screen. Now that much I've managed. I tried to have a heading (<h1> etc.) in the <head> section, before the <frameset> section, but it ignores the frames if I do this. How do I do...
  5. F

    System specs/points

    I think it would be interesting to detail our system specs (only what UD uses), and how many points it assigns to each. I'll do mine when I get home. Overall: 121 Processor: 165 (1.6A @ 2.5Ghz) Memory: 134 (512MB of RDRAM) Storage: 196 (Max allocated) Network: 41 (Netgear FA310tx on cable)...
  6. O


    Michael Is ther any chance that we can get the UD team a small spot on the Front page THG ?????????????????????????????????? <font color=blue>**VIA has forced Me to the dark side of INTEL, sorry AMD**</font color=blue>
  7. O

    THG UD STATS 08/28/2001 0:319:11:17:16 88,591 1,094 lnaranjo 11/22/2001 0:223:18:42:39 79,402 777 PoolSnoopy 12/14/2001 0:189:03:52:57 68,810 591 tinytoonadventure 01/09/2002 0:160:16:41:18 47,098 335 owl_654807 12/30/2001 0:107:03:10:52 36,277 326 THG Taiwan 08/30/2001 0:112:14:13:03...
  8. camieabz


    Bring the Noise, Time, Belly of the Beast. Wrong one. LoL. Currently crunching numbers on "Anthrax Toxin (P.A.)". The Afgan war came to Scotland! Its a big un too. 22hrs at 50% complete. Will this be the norm from now on? Athrax, Typhus, Cholera? :cool: <b><font color=blue>The Cisco...
  9. O

    Wake Up UD TEAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's too dam loud in this form.. keep it down... so did like did every one go chaseing green men ???? WHAT ABOUT UD ????????? The THG TEAM Needs You......... start runing UD.. Get your Friends to Help, <font color=blue>**VIA has forced Me to the dark side of INTEL, sorry AMD**</font color=blue>
  10. camieabz

    Adobe Acrobat 4.0

    Is there a way to copy the contents (usually just text) from Adobe .pdf files? A pal ended up having to copy & paste 250 pages of a document he wanted to edit and print in MS word. <b><font color=blue>~scribble~</font color=blue></b> :wink: <A HREF=""...
  11. O

    JOIN THG UD TEAM <font color=blue>**VIA has forced Me to the dark side of INTEL, sorry AMD**</font color=blue>
  12. O


    lnaranjo 11/22/2001 0:083:05:28:30 34,291 457 Scotty3303 10/13/2001 0:055:04:32:11 26,944 330 THG Taiwan 08/30/2001 0:096:06:20:52 26,472 498 sizemoel 11/12/2001 0:048:21:41:29 22,604 457 08/28/2001 0:078:01:24:25 21,122 462 WiseGuy1 10/12/2001 0:128:23:01:05 18,249 218...
  13. O


    Why have you not joined the UD Team Yet..????????? JOIN NOW <font color=blue>***VIA is the weakest link***</font color=blue>
  14. G

    Warning Flood Control

    Ok I have found out something wonderful today. My account seems to be doing the double post thing all by its self - sometimes more posts than that. So I'm going to use the oppurtunity to overtake yakhiko and fattybugger (sp? :wink: ) in the title race. Well not FB but wusy for sure. <font...
  15. G

    UD network comparrison

    Hi all UD people! What’s up with this UD network comparison? A while back UD changed their Network comparison card and since then I have been lucky to score 60 directly against it, use to get 100-110. My system on all the other comparisons kills the UD unit but this network thing is dragging...
  16. G

    .ACE Format- which program?

    HI All I have d'loaded a file which is in a .ACE format. Anyone know what app I need to use to extract this kind of file? TIA <font color=blue> K7S5A. </font color=blue> 1.2T'Bird O'Cd to <font color=red> 1.35Ghz </font color=red> 128Mb DDR. WinNT4 ......No Problems!
  17. dhlucke

    MP3 Player use CDRW or just memory modules?

    So, can someone give me the lowdown on how far we've come? I want to get my wife a mp3 player for x-mas and I have thousands of MP3's that she could burn each day. <font color=red>God</font color=red> <font color=blue>Bless</font color=blue> <font color=red>America!</font color=red>
  18. D

    SR 1 office 2000

    When a friend tries to install SR1 'Word' stops working, but everything else is ok. i.e. "when it loads up it stays open for a few second then closes its self down again" The only solution is to reinstall office disk 1+2, and yes i have tried to install it again. Can anyone help? Thanks in...
  19. P

    ICQ: Can't chat!

    Icq's doing my goat! Lately (though no sys changes i can think of) my ICQ's been giving me this message after attempting for a while to start a chat session: "Can't establish DIRECT Connection to user" Never had it before, ICQ support is useless, very annoyed. Anyone help please? :wink...
  20. G

    How can I produce sound from ASCII-files ???

    I am working for a research project and thought it would be very nice if I could accompany the data which I present in my talks with some sound effects. Since my data are mainly sequences of spreadsheets (so they can be played as movies) it would make sense to attach to each of the spreadsheets...
  21. dhlucke

    Xpeg Irritation Error

    I'm going insane here. This is my first time doing this so I'm fairly new, but I've done everything according to the article and I'm getting this error each time. It gets about 20 frames in and it crashes. Any suggestions. What codecs should I install exactly and I'm worried that I might be...
  22. L

    dont read this!

    +1 <font color=green> ******* *K.I.S.S* *(k)eep (I)t (S)imple (S)tupid* ******* </font color=green>
  23. S

    Do mp3 cd players exist?

    I have been wondering if there is a cd player (possibly portable) that is capable of reading data discs with mp3s, and converting it to sound. The only extra hardware this would need is an mp3 decoding unit, since all cd players/roms can read audio/data cds. Do these cd players exist? :cool...
  24. S

    Can I get some help, please?

    Hi all. Some friends of mine and I want to make some videos, and we were wondering what hardware and software do y'all recommend? Especially low-budget stuff, at least for now. We're only just trying to get started and all. Please help. <font color=black><i>Life is only as fun as you make...
  25. N

    page not updated for good reaspon :P

    was in a car accident (am ok). i think that ill just scrap thet last week or so and just start adding new dates again. im also going to start updating it once every two days now. every day is just to much work :P <font color=green>"You talk like a drunk man walks: in every direction but where...
  26. G

    install 3com winmodem in Win 2000

    I am buildig a PC for a friend and I can not load the 3Com 56K v.90 winmodem #3595(OEM) The operating system is windows 2000 Pro. I went to the 3Com website they do not have 2000 drivers for this modem. The site states the driver is on the 2000 instalation disk. When i tryed to update driver the...
  27. L

    FujiFilm Digital Camera Finepix-40i

    I just ordered a FujiFilm Digital Camera Finepix-40i. Did I make a good choice? Any experiences? <i><font color=purple>Running within specs is the key to a stable computer!</font color=purple></i> <font color=red>LRMV</font color=red>
  28. N

    SETI stats moved!

    Thanks to Hammy we have a new webserver for the stats page! the www doesn't matter on either of them, but the case matters on the direct link Now I can finally move my family webpage back from the slow banner server to where...
  29. H

    two Jukeboxes

    Is there difference between the D.A.P Jukebox and the Nomad Jukebox? or is it just the colour and name? <i><b><font color=red>"2 is not equal to 3, not even for large values of 2"</font color=red></b></i>
  30. F

    New Computer for Seti?

    I am a member of Toms Seti Team. Not so many WU's as I was running on a laptop. I have just built a 'real' computer. I probably will not in the future run Seti very often on my laptop. How do I move things to my new computer? And still stay a member? [EDIT] Also, what's the best way (fast) way...
  31. J

    Test ing

    Did it? <b><font color=green>[url =]How fast is your PC[/url]</font color=green></b>
  32. G

    Strangest thing in Word 97

    Has anyone suffered from this problem before? Type something in Word 97, change the font.. to Windings 2, save it.. close it, open it again.. and try setting the font back to a readable one... it displays boxes!!! No surprise to find a bug on Word 97, but is there any chance of retrieval.. a...
  33. G

    THF Ahead of Baitshop

    As of last night, all the wu's have finally been added to Tom's team totals. That puts us about 5,000 ahead of Team Baitshop! Check our stats at; <A HREF="'s+hardware+guide"...