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    MSI GS60 6QE wont boot at first try

    hi, its started just today i notice that my laptop that it wont boot at first try i min from cold off... when i try to open it, i click the power button then it turns on for a bit and then wont continue like its totally off so i have to press again the power button.. and the boot times is...
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    MSI GS60- Should I Plug it In Even if it's Fully Charged?

    Since I can't remove the battery without voiding the warranty, and also due to the fact that it has a very short battery life, I wanna know if plugging the laptop while fully charged is safe. Also, will it still use the battery while fully charged or from the AC outlet? One more question, is...
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    Which Laptop is Better?

    Hello there! I have deliberated long and hard over the topic of which laptop I should buy. I really want a laptop which is not too heavy like, for instance a GT72 dominator pro, and yet still have the capacity for games. I have so far settled on an msi gs60 ghost pro since it's amazingly thin...
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    Gigabyte P35W v2 or MSI GS60 for Portable Video/photo-Editing?

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a thin and light 15.6" laptop for school. I'm having a hard time choosing between these two laptops: The original prices cost the same ($1699), but I will have to make some add-ons to either one. GIGABYTE P35W v2-CF3: +16GB RAM +2nd 128 GB SSD = $1787.71 MSI GS60...