Sep 27, 2014
Hello, I'm looking to buy a thin and light 15.6" laptop for school. I'm having a hard time choosing between these two laptops:

The original prices cost the same ($1699), but I will have to make some add-ons to either one.
+2nd 128 GB SSD
= $1787.71

+STEALTH Graphic Wrap (To cover up the dragon logo on the back. Does anyone have an alternate, cheaper way for me to cover this up?)
+2nd 128 GB SSD
= $1849.79

I'm looking for a laptop with a non-flashy design (the GS60's flashing dragon logo is really awkward to have in a classroom) and to be as light and thin as possible (smaller dimensions as well), since I spend 2+ hours a day on the go. I will be using a lot of Photoshop and Sony Vegas and other intensive video/photo-editing software (fast rendering time please). Occasionally I will do some gaming. A lot of my homework is done in the library so I prefer a quieter and cooler laptop. Things such as battery, keyboard and optical drive are not important to me, but a cheaper price (below $1600 would be great) and SSDs are.

In general, the GIGABYTE P35W seems like a better choice, but the weight and size is just too important for me.

1) Which would be a better choice for portable video/photo editing?

2) Are there any other better or cheaper options, if I can sacrifice gaming?

3) I'm planning on purchasing the laptop from Xotic PC, are there any deals or cheaper prices elsewhere?
The Gigabyte has better CPU and GPU - for editing

The MSI has more RAM - for editing

Spec wise I like the Gigabyte. Reputation wise the MSI.

No real difference.