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  1. kk4325

    Solved! can i run gta v

    so hello guys, i will come straight to the point. i have a a laptop asus a17 with ryzen 5 4600h and gtx 1650. can i run gta v in it full stock. by the way i have an 8gb ddr4 ram. can i run gta v without an external cooler or cooling pad.
  2. Q

    Solved! HP Pavillion Notebook- GTAV/4?

    Currently using a HP pavillion notebook with just under 8gb ram, and and i3 processor 2.4 ghz, and a in-built graphics card. Is it possible to run either GTAV, or GTA4 if the former is not possible, even on very low quality play, on that device? Many thanks
  3. G

    please help! New Laptop. under 600?

    Hey Guys! Im looking for the best laptop with $600 (school, normal use, work, etc.) ( would like to play games if i upgraded it, not looking for very good video quality) Requirements: 14-17 Inches X. Do you want to play games with your laptop? Low-Mid (Call of duty, GTAV, Forza...
  4. S

    Games hiccup sometimes on my new MSI GE72MVR 7RG GTX1070

    Just recently bought a new MSI GE72MVR 7RG that comes with an amazing GTX1070 and a Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ. I've found that the majority of the time it runs games perfectly on mostly all ultra settings at a solid 70-80fps. However sometimes for example when i'm on GTA V when i'm just...
  5. B

    how to allocate or dedicate pc ram to my Geforce GT 520MX vram ?

    Hi guys i have a graphics card that came with my laptop which is (Geforce GT 520MX) , and I really want to play some games like "No Man's Sky" and "Fallout 4" which I can play because I have an (i5 intel 2.5GHZ processor) and (6GB of ram, which i can upgrade anytime). The only problem is that i...
  6. P

    does my laptop satisfy the requirement for games such as GTAV or Batman Arkham knight?

    Hello, I have recently bought an ASUS laptopn- model X555DG AMD FX-8800P Raedon R7, 12 Compute Cores 4C+8G 2.1GHz 8Gb RAM AMD Radeon™ R7 Graphics + Radeon™ R8 M350DX Dual Graphics with 2GB DDR3 VRAM Built-in FX-8800P I tried to play GTAV and Batman on the laptop, but the game is lagging...
  7. S

    Need a gaming laptop that can run games like WoW, Witcher 3 & GTA

    I have around £900-1000 at my disposal to choose and buy a laptop that would fit my needs. As well as the games I've listed (the newest of which I'm not expecting to be able to play on ultra/high settings) I'd also like the laptop to be able to handle some software development and Games...
  8. C

    Can i run GTA V with my PC

    I have a Toshiba Satellite P50-A Specs: Intel core i5 4200U 8GB Ram Nvidia GeForce 740M 2GB 1920x1080 resolution (willing to run in 1280x720) I want to run GTA V, is it possible, and if so at what framerates?
  9. T

    Can my pc run gta 5?

    Hi, the specs are: Besturingssysteem Windows 8.1 64-bit Processor Intel Core i5 3230M @ 2.60GHz 53 °C Ivy Bridge 22nm Technologie RAM 4,00GB Single-Kanaal DDR3 @ 798MHz (11-11-11-28) Motherboard Sony Corporation VAIO (N/A) 54 °C Graphic SA300/SA350 (1920x1080@60Hz)...
  10. J

    Will i be able to handle gta 5?

    Hello, I am really excited about the release of gta 5 on pc, i want to know if i can handle it. here are my comp specs; 2.9 ghz intel core I3-4130T processor 4 GB DDR3 ram nvidia GTX 860M Gpu please get back to me, thank you
  11. A

    can my pc run gta 5

    i have a : i3 4130 gtx 660 ti 8 gb ram 1600 mhz can i run it?
  12. M

    HELP! Looking for the right laptop for casual gaming, good for watching movies and not so pricey

    Help guys! I'm looking for laptop for casual gaming and watching movies. I would like a laptop that is able to play games like Assassins creed, GTAV and the likes without any problems. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks! these are the minimum specs that I need, hope anyone of you...
  13. N

    Lenovo y50 Opinions

    Hello i did recently post a thread about a gaming laptop opinion of a similar laptop but decided to go with the highest model available through Lenovo Its specs are GTX 860M Maxwell 4GB VRAM Intel Core i7-4700HQ 16GB RAM 512GB SSD If the laptop turns out good for gaming(which im asking you guys...
  14. R

    Is Intel HD graphics 4400 good enough for games like GTA V?

    I want to buy a laptop with great resolution and with the latest Intel Core i5 and with 8GB internal storage. What I don't know is if the graphics card that comes with the processor (Intel HD graphics 4400) is good enough for games like GTA V. Is it? Thanks for the answers!