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    Solved! Nakamichi Sound Bar (second hand) & TCL TV

    I have a second-hand Nakamichi sound bar with sub woofer. Both power on and have an HDMI cord attached, but my TV will not recognize it. I also connected a set of speaker cables (red/white) but that doesn't work either. All I can figure is my TV is telling me that the speaker needs to have...
  2. H

    Shift+4 and shift+6 not working (read description)

    Basically I have a fairly new keyboard which has no issues (or shouldn´t have). Its an external keyboard that I connected to my laptop. There is absolutely no issues with I use left shift +4 and left shift +6 on my laptop keyboard. Left shift + 4 used to work just fine and made a dollar sign...
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    Solved! When i want to write any capital word with pressing my keyboard left shift button it doesn't write the capital word why?

    When i am typing on my pc every time i want to write any capital word while pressing left shift key it doesn't write the capital word why? On the other hand while pressing write shift and any key it write a capital letter then why it not write a capital letter by pressing left shift and any letter
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    Solved! Dell Latitude E5430 battery problem

    I have the second-hand Dell Latitude E5430 laptop. The battery (60Wh capacity) works about 2h (playing the movie from the pendrive). The charging time is 2-3h. The operating system (Windows 10 x64) shows the systematic decrease of battery energy from 100% to 30-35% (when the laptop works). Next...
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    How do I stop Tom'sGuides popups on the bottom of Google Chrome

    Since downloading something from Tom'sGuide, I now get repeated PopUps down in the right hand bottom of my Chrome Browser? These are not popups, but little add on messages (I assume). I use Ad Blocker and these are the only things that pop up. It always has www.tomsguide.com as the url while...
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    Numeric keys right hand side

    inspiron 15 laptop and using windows 8.1 in my laptop the right hand side numeric key is all working but not print the number. i am print only ascci value like i am print ctrl+64 than print a but i am print 0 1 2 3 ...9 there is not working else move the pdf or document to up or down
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    MSI Titan 980sli vs Alienware R4 1070.....both second hand....opinions please??

    I have the chance to buy a.... MSI GT80S Titan $800 win10 home 32gb Ram 256GB SSD 1TB HDD @ 7200 RPM GTX980m x2 SLI INTEL i7-6700 No scratches and works good OR Alienware 17 R4 $1000 Intel i7-8750H 16GB Ram Nvidia GTX 1070 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD Win10 home (Guess) 1 Scratch where he plugs his...
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    Solved! Mixing sound system and subwoofers?

    Hi all, I recently bought a second-hand Logitech Z5500 system which did not include the subwoofer. (I thought it would be easier to get a replacement speaker. It's not.) Would I be able to use another Logitech subwoofer with the rest of the system? (it's made up of 4 satellites, a centre...
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    Solved! I just bought an Alien ware 13 R2 series laptop second hand, The laptop turns on fine but it won't progress past the setup scr

    I turn the laptop on and it goes to the language and region options but when I hit next it tells me that it needs an update. I connect to the Wi-Fi and it gives me the just a moment screen, but after some time passed it reverts back to the language/regions elect screen. I have the laptop plugged...
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    Solved! cursor moves to lower right hand corner by itself

    I am using Acer Laptop V 15 V3-575T-71U5. Whether I am physically typing or not the cursor moves uncontrollably to the utmost lower right-hand corner below the notification square icon off the screen. Then the cursor keeps jumping around when I move it to another portion of the screen. Help
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    external graphics psu

    hello i recently buyed a second hand laptop with integrated graphics that aren't so great and i heard about the possibility of attaching an external gpu to it. But on every tutorial that i consulted is says that this method requires an external psu to power the graphics card. My question is if i...
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    Solved! howto close yellow line on left handside of my computer

    how to remove yellow vertical line on the left hand side of my computer windows 10
  13. G

    Solved! i5 7300HQ + 1060 3gb vs i5 8300H 1050ti 4 gb

    I'm looking for a new laptop so i have a big question :) On one hand i have laptop asus FX503VD-E4178 with i5 7 gen and 1060 3 gb and on another hand lenovo legion Y530 with i5 8 gen and 1050ti 4gb? +/- same price and another characterisitcks +/- same too (lenovo just look much much better:) )...
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    Solved! hello I used hand brake for compress my video file from more than 600mb to 20mb but it didnt reduce size.it only reduce 5 to 1

    I dont understand why file not compressed,I did all the ways but it cant work for me
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    Colour disorder of my tv

    Hello guys, I'm interested to fix this Tv, which I found on the streets. It's powers on, but there is some problem with the colours, could you give me a hand, and to teach me, where is the problem, what is the problem and what I can tray to fix it... I made a video to show you, for what I'm...
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    Toshiba Satelite Screen Issue

    A few months ago I bought a second hand C50-A-157 on Windows 7 which worked until recently. Last week, I switched it on and the screen appeared to be blank however; if I shine a torch on it, I can see the desktop very faintly. When I removed the screen bezel, there was the screen, camera and...
  17. C

    What is an appropriate price for a second hand Toshiba Sattelite L875?

    What is an appropriate price for a second hand Toshiba Sattelite L875? The reason I ask is because I have one on ebay and it doesn't look like it's going to sell as a ten day auction which I started at £100 (because a broken one sold for £100, so I should get more). If this doesn't sell (and...
  18. S

    Best of 2nd hand.

    Retired with small pension, need to replace my 5-6 yr old laptop. No games just social media and looking things up. Any good recommends please. Budget £500
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    hy my Acer laptop does not show pointer it only show box with a hand and prohibit sign

    The pointer is not showing up on the screen
  20. R

    Scand Hand JA Tablet from a frend of mine and its a Samsung

    Just got a scand hand Ja Tablet its a Samsung fully just not Counting to the Internet and to the Wifi plz help
  21. Tigro

    Websites become unresponsive for ~30 seconds and then return to normal on their own

    In the past weeks, suddenly my Firefox started behaving really weird - a few times a day the currently opened tab becomes unresponsive (you can't click or hover anything) but you can still scroll through them (at least a bit - after that point, it's just plain white). At these times, the cursor...
  22. M

    Old Thinkpad T440/X240 vs New Ideapad 120s

    Im considering to buy second hand T400/X240 vs New Ideapad 120s Bot have equal price Mainly for office use, not gaming ms office, web surf, thunderbird, also for coding netbean IDE and html i like multitasking, but hate a lot of heat The old thinkpad use i5 4300U, the new ideapad use...
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    Need activation code leapfrog epic

    I bought second hand a leapfrog epic and need activation code
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    Solved! Dynaudio or B&O Comparison

    Hello, I'm looking for some opinions before making a second hand purchase. For the same price, the options are: 2x Dynaudio Excite x14s & Tuner amp Beolab 7.2 soundbar (2008 ish model) Which is likely to have better sound quality and also longevity? Thanks in advance. Max
  25. K

    Nikon d300 vs d3400

    Have a hand me down nikon d 300, find it heavy awkward, thinking of getting nikon d3400, good idea ?
  26. D

    Solved! White dot on screen

    Does anyone know what this white dot is on the left hand side of the screen??
  27. M

    Weird sound from headset

    I have Turtle Beach PX22 and when u press http://prntscr.com/j0ccak this part with ur hand u can hear pretty loud and weird sound like cracking inside but its not coming from the head band its coming from inside the head cup. Like before i could hear it when u strongly pressed ur head cup toward...
  28. S

    remove previous registered number from chromecast

    i got second hand laptop,and when i tried to add chromecast a previous owners number is registered as only device,,,,,,but i want to use my laptop and googlehome wont let me change,,,,,,,,,,have no mobile,,,,,,,,,,any ideas
  29. P

    Can’t get earphone to work?

    I have a Panasonic TX-32LXD85. Due to my budget I got it second hand. It all works lovely except the earphone socet. When I plug the connector in nothing happens. Is there something I can do to fix this.
  30. S

    Unknown 24pin connector (Seasonic X-650 KM3)

    Can anybody identify this connector attached with this second hand Seasonic PSU I got: https://imgur.com/a/5ps0o Seller said it came with this 24pin cable but I'm wondering what its for and why it didn't come with a black one because I got the KM3 variant. I'm suspecting its a Japan version but...
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    my 2nd hand iphone 6 is unlocked but keeps saying no service please help

    how can i sort this thank you
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    Pansonic Lumix G7 vs. G80 (Second-hand or new)

    Hey guys! I'm looking to buy the G80 or G7 camera for photography & videography to upgrade from my nikon d3100 with 18-55 and 55-300 lens. I'm looking to buy one of the bodies with the 12-60mm lens. New the G7 with this lens is €689 and the G80 with the lens is €865. I can get a barely used...
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    Solved! Get my Asus laptop out of locked mode? When I was booting up the last time, I swiped my hand across the keyboard, instantly I

    When booting up my Asus x551m laptop I wiped my hand over the screen to dust it off looked up & saw the word locking come up on a black screen the went black & now it will not boot Help!!??!!3?
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    Thinkpad W 510 power/performance issue

    Hello, My Thinkpad W510 has a mysterious performance issue when it's on its original 90 W, 20 A charger (no matter if the battery is in or not). It's about 10 times slower than when it's on battery. Tested it with new charger, but still ran slow. What could be done, do you guys have an idea of...
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    need a tablet cover

    I have a 9.5inch Android tablet with the camera on the top left hand side but cannot find a case to fit it Any suggestions??
  36. S

    Andriod tablet card

    I just bought a second hand android tablet it has no tf card will it still work?
  37. M

    Toshiba Satellite P50t-B back to factory settings

    I recently purchased a second hand Toshiba Satellite P50t-B with Window 10, but the internet speed is almost deadly slow. The seller suggested me to "restore a Toshiba back to factory settings" and I have tried with "Fn" function keys by pressing either "F10" or "F12", but I am just out of luck...
  38. B

    Spilled less than a teaspoon of isopropyl 91% in laptop while cleaning, damage?

    Nothing looks damaged, started properly and ran well enough considering I was doing repairs, I let it sit for maybe and hour and hand dried using TP, should I be concerned at all? I can't afford repairs and the warranty is up..
  39. T

    Cheap second hand first DLSR

    I know there are probably loads of threads like this already, but I couldn't find one that quite matched what I'm asking. I'm looking for recomendations for a cheap second hand DLSR (ideally around £50-60 but I can go higher if its really worth it) to replace my bridge camera which has...
  40. akhil.is.here09

    Dell inspiron N5050 shutting down

    FIrst of all, hello to all. newbie here holding my old laptop and waving my hand to you. I think i have a complicated issue with my laptop so i decided to pop in for any solutions. I own a Dell Inspiron N 5050 (windows 7 OS)which is 6 years old. So, it keeps shutting down now a days more often...
  41. P

    Bubble on temper glass

    I had a second hand fone . bymistakely the scarch card or the tempered glass from one corner was remove and some spots like b
  42. 1

    How To Set Up Old Speakers.

    I got a Sony speaker set from someone as a hand me down it is codes (ss-cnp75)x1 (ss-msp75)x4 (sa-wmsp75)x1 so theres a short wide speaker 4 small ones and one big subwoffer. the only wires it came with is one subwoffer cable and that goes in the back of the subwoffer but I don't know where the...
  43. S

    Stuck in restart loop. HELP !!!!!

    Hi, I've very recently bought a second hand hp laptop, yesterday it got a bug and I decided to do a complete reset and erase all personal files, so after it had finished that it began to turn on and load up it reached the screen with the windows logo and the loading circle when the screen...
  44. C

    I have a samsung tv puchased 2nd hand in wales cannot get it to connect in england what do i need to do?

    I have a samsung 50inch tv bought second hand in Wales can't get channels I'm in england do I need to put in a code
  45. T

    I have a Matshita UJ8B2 optical drive in my dell latitude somehow the metal slider bracket on the right hand side has come off

    Laptop Optical Drive off its metal slider bracket.
  46. J

    Pioneer PD-Z970M cd's not engaging to play

    I've bought a 2nd hand Pioneer stereo separate system but when I put my cd cartridge in full of 6 cd's to play the cd machine just goes through the motion but never picks a cd to play, can anybody tell me whats the problem please!!
  47. N

    Asus Laptop Shuts Off Randomly After Boot; Screen Flashes Colors. Is My Motherboard Dead?

    I recently gotten a second hand ASUS N56VB-S4050H laptop and it was working just fine for the first few days. Perfectly in fact. Here are the specs: Cpu: Intel core i7 3630QM GPS: GeForce GT 740m + Intel HD Graphics 4000 Ram: 4GB HDD Space: 500GB OS: Windows 10 Last night I was having some...
  48. D

    Samsung 78KS9800 (9505 in Norway) problem

    I am having problems in regard of my Samsung 78KS9505 (Norway). I think it is KS9800 i US. When watching a movie or something, it can be netflix or hbo app on the smart tv, it sometimes flickers. One sees this often for instance if one person in the movie moves its hand fast - a green/read...
  49. P

    Help needed for gaming headset: stereo or surround?

    Hello guys, i am looking to buy a gaming headset but i dont know what to buy. Ive read on the internet that on either hand surround sound is great for hearing the positions of players or targets but on the other hand ive heard that they sound awfull and you would better buy a good pair of stereo...
  50. K

    New HD but old OS disk with Windows 7

    New HD but old OS disk with Windows 7...old HD is about to fail. New HD in hand but old OS disk with Windows 7....I downloaded Windows 10 Media Creation tool onto a USB flash drive...so I think I can reinstall Windows 10, but what do I do for OS?
  51. B

    what is the little tray on the right hand side for

    ive been using this laptop from a friend and just notice there is a little tray on the right hand side that comes out what it might be for
  52. J

    Solved! Could I buy a second hand sprint phone and have it unlocked from the carrier?

    Sorry for a very broad question, but I recently moved from tmobile to sprint, never used a cdma network. Could I buy a second hand Samsung s7 or any other android phone, locked on sprint, with a clean imei; then call up sprint and ask them to unlock it, if I ever want to travel or switch to...
  53. N

    electric shock suddenly on acer e5

    recently i have a problem with my laptop(acer e5-475g-53iq), because it tased my hand suddenly recently and some couple weeks ago for no reason, especially when plugging some other device like printer which makes it more risky, it already happened for around 5/4 times i think which im not sure...
  54. P

    phone wont charge and wont turn on

    my friend knocked my phone out of my hand and my phone went flying and hit the ground and this was months ago. now it wont charge or turn on. i think the SD card might of came out of my phone when it landed so i think i lost the SD card. please help me fix my phone.:(
  55. C

    Fujitsu life book AH502 problem

    Hi I have the Fujitsu life book AH502 and last week the number 5 on the right hand side continually presses across the screen. Due to this I cannot do uni assignments without it filling the screen with 5's it also does it in bar for web browser. I tried cleaning the keyboard which stopped it for...
  56. C

    Want to change from texting to hand writing. How?

    I have a galaxy 4 note. I want to send a Holiday card and I want to do in my own hand writing. Also maybe free hand drawing. Then send it threw my text messages. How do I do this??? HELP !
  57. I

    Looking for a entry level canon dslr

    Hey everyone I'm interested in trying my hand at photography and wanting to know the communities input on what camera i should go for. I don't want to spend an arm and a leg just incase it doesn't pan out but i have had my eye on the canon 1300D which is on sale where i am at the moment for 500...
  58. T

    what can i do if my phone screen is not turning on and cracked but i need it before saturday

    basically I was walking home with no pockets and my phone was in my hand and my phone slipped out my hand, the screen cracked and I put it in rice but I need it before Saturday because my dad bought the phone and I am going with him WHAT CAN I DO?
  59. R

    Left Side of Laptop Vibrating

    The left hand side of my HP Pavilion laptop which is 4 years old vibrating so much. Performance is still good. But its vibrating so much. Particularly i can feel the vibration more on the left hand side of touchpad. Also I dont find any heat air coming out of the outlet on the top left hand side...