Shift+4 and shift+6 not working (read description)

Jan 8, 2019
Basically I have a fairly new keyboard which has no issues (or shouldn´t have).

Its an external keyboard that I connected to my laptop.

There is absolutely no issues with I use left shift +4 and left shift +6 on my laptop keyboard.

Left shift + 4 used to work just fine and made a dollar sign, as well as left shift + 6. However i accidentally clicked some keys with my fat hand around the bottom right of my external keyboard (around the arrow keys, right shift etc). It closed the window I currently had open (wasn´t an alt f4 ofc).

Since then, the left shift +4 and left shift + 6 stopped working. It works fine if I use my right shift +4 and right shift + 6, or if i just press 4 and 6. Everything else works fine with left shift.

Anyone knows what´s the issue or what key shortcut I may have fat fingered? I checked the keyboard layout, language settings etc and everything is the same as it was before

Saga Lout

Olde English
Both these suggestions would slow you typing down but you could use the Onscreen Keyboard or, better still, pull them out of the Character Map and clipboard them.

A utility I use is named CLCL and it can hold 50 items of any size and it handy to use on the Tasbar. Slower than typing but if you can't shake any toast crumbs or cat fur out of the keyboard, it might solve your problem.
Jan 8, 2019

Tho to be fair, the key themselves work fine, so it isn´t something blocking the keys or anything. If I use left shift + 5, I´ll get % without issue. It is just the combination of left shift + 4 and left shift + 6 that do not seem to work.

Everything else works fine. It´s not really a big issue, but I was just wondering on what I pressed to end up like this xD
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