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  1. K

    Galaxy Note 3 Coffee Spill!

    Hey everyone! My mom recently dropped coffee all over a Galaxy Note 3 for T-Mobile (which I gave her). I know how to strip down the phone and what each part is. But im not great at identifying problems yet. So what happens is when the phone is unlocked it constantly is bringing up S-finder, from...
  2. C

    Broken Acer Laptop

    Hi all, Yesterday my moms computer froze on her and she did a hard restart. well when she turned the computer back on it wouldn't load up windows at all. she gave it to me to see what I could do. I tried running the windows repair launcher and figured it would fix itself, but it just froze up...
  3. M

    Laptop performance drop after few years

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and I'm quite desperate because of my laptop performance. I'm not a complete noob in it, yet I'm not that technical. I've bough this laptop almost 3 years ago, and in the past 6-8 months I've been having a DRASTIC drop in gaming performance. I'm posting my specs in...
  4. C

    Hissing/Crackling in headphone audio

    Alright, so my issue is that there's a slight hiss and occasional crack when I'm listening to whatever. The hiss is only slight because I fiddled with the EQ until it wasn't as loud. I can still hear it, but it's not as much. My question is; Is this a hardware issue, or a software issue? And if...
  5. D

    Issue with playing audio sound on my Dell XPS L501X

    Hi guys, I have a slight issue with my audio on my laptop Dell XPS L501X, it wont play any sound at all.. no matter where it comes from, youtube, media player, web page.. anything. When i try to play some music with the Windows media player i get this message: "Windows Media Player cannot play...
  6. D

    Hardware issue: Netbook screen flickered, now completely fails when entering native resolution

    I got this Samsung Q45, starting up sometimes, with flickering on high (native display) resolution. Most of the times the screen just stayed black, with beep error code that means "GPU failure". I've done a reflow of the GPU and MCU. Then it ran for a week, but the screen still was flickering a...
  7. G

    Laptop HDD Sleeve/Mount

    Over the weekend I had what I believed was a HDD failure on my laptop; an ASUS ROG G73J. On Sunday I went to swap out the HDD believing it had simply died; I opened the case and found that in fact the HDD (one of two) had simply become disconnected. I observed that the other drive would not have...
  8. J

    Laptop has charging stutters

    I'm not really sure how to describe this. While playing a game, or running FurMark, my laptop will quit charging for a minute, I get a huge FPS lag spike, and then it begins charging again. It will keep doing this most of the time. I have learned that giving it better ventilation helps...
  9. N

    PATA Laptop HDD Pin Broke

    Hello, I tried to remove my PATA HDD (fujitsu mhv2060ah) from my laptop and one of the pins broke off. According to this schematic: Pin number 44 broke off. I turned on my laptop and everything went fine, slow as usual. Was this pin important? Will it change anything. Thanks in advance.
  10. F

    So many problems with my TV

    Just set up my TV to be used as my computer monitor and i have been having some serious problems in both my games and everyday applications: Firefox freezes every 10 seconds In battlefield 3 it flashes black every time i die (which is a lot. not that good at it) Orcs must die 2 freezes after I...
  11. L

    VC System Tray

    I keep getting a message that says "VC System Tray has stopped working". Is this a hardware issue, possibly with a video card? Can I download a solution, or do I need to do a manual install? What is the impact of not addressing the problem? If not a serious issue (I can see no discernible...
  12. B

    Solved! How to have a usb headphone and a 3.5mm jack headphone work at the same time.

    Hello I was wondering if anyone knows how to enable both usb headphone and a regular 3.5mm jack haedphone work at the same time. Everytime I plug the headphone in I have to enable it in the sound control pannel. After that it would just cancel out the other headphone I have plugged in. Your help...
  13. miomeinmio

    TROUBLESHOOTING - Random System Freezes

    I'm experiencing a possible hard drive failure, but I was hoping y'all could give me some guidance. I have a WD7500BPKT 750 GB HDD (Western Digital) and I've been experiencing random freezes on my laptop computer. My specs are: ASUS N61Jq-X1 Windows 7 Pro Intel i7 AMD Radeon HD5730 6 GB RAM...
  14. C

    How to fix hardware issue on acer 5517

    Hi I currently own an acer 5517 model laptop that crashed on my several months ago and I've just been too lazy to take it to a repair shop but hey I figure if I can fix it myself and its just a little minor bug, then it would save me money and time. It currently has an issue with wanting to boot...
  15. P

    Lenovo laptop suddenly restarts, hardware issue

    I've had a Lenovo IdeaPad Z570 since this past summer which has worked fairly fine in most aspects. However, just recently (over the past several days) it has come into the habit of shutting off at random and instantly rebooting, as if I had just turned it on. This occurs both under Ubuntu Linux...
  16. T

    What do you think about the HP Envy dv6-7210tx? Have anyone used it?

    I just bought an new HP Envy DV6-7210tx machine (http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?cc=us&lc=en&dlc=en&docname=c03508910) .... Used it for just 24 hours and faced some audio issues. Got a replacement and it also had the same issue. It can be a hardware issue or a driver problem. So, is...
  17. nyterage

    Htc Incredible Hardware issue?

    first of all, im sorry if this is in the wrong section, i didn't know where else to post it. alright, so i have a HTC droid incredible, it was recently dropped and the digitizer as well as the LCD cracked, it was no problem to fix. everything seemed to be alright, screen turned on, showing the...
  18. A

    Hardware issue

    I have Toshiba Satellite L555-S7945 , so my spec's can be easily found here : http://www.toshibadirect.com/td/b2 [...] oid=452658 When I first noticed it I was playing an mmorpg and it just kept randomly spike lagging. Sometimes it would stop for a few hours and than come back . I thought it...
  19. P

    Spacebar not working