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  1. G

    Lenovo G710 - Problem with LCD? Pink/green flickering

    Hello, I was hoping somebody could help me diagnose what I suspect may be an LCD problem. I have had my Lenovo G710 for around two and a half years now, and in terms of speed, reliability etc. it has worked perfectly, in part due to me upgrading the RAM and HDD to an SSD around a year ago...
  2. M

    Acer laptop has trouble booting.

    I need some help troubleshooting. I think it is a hardware problem. Here is what happened. I have an Acer M5-583P-5859. My little cousin had a remote controller in his hand and I had my laptop open. One thing leads to another and he ends up throwing the controller fairly hard on my laptop...
  3. C

    Toshiba Satellite L Series Laptop display wont turn on

    My computer was woking perfectly find, I shut it down, and then now when i turn it back in it has a green light and it turns back on, but the display wont turn on. The orange light that turns on when it turns on normally doesnt work either. Please help! It is a toshiba satellite l series. I...
  4. N

    Issues with Alienware M14 R2

    Hello, I'm trying to find the cause of my laptop randomly switching off. Please be patient with me, I'm not an expert on laptops. Some months ago I had a problem with the battery not charging ("battery connected but not charging") which sorted itself out after some plugging/unplugging trial and...
  5. D

    Display goes off when laptop lid moves

    Hello For a while now, whenever I move the laptop lid, even ever so slightly. The display goes blank. The only way I can get it back on is to power down the machine. I assumed this was failing hardware and decided to live with it. Yesterday I had to boot to safe mode for a some other...
  6. S

    Replacement touchpad for ASUS N550JK

    Hi, Asus N550JK windows 8.1 64bit My touchpad is broken, it is a hardware issue. I'm trying to replace it but can't find any information on the model # for the touchpad. Can the touchpad on this model be changed? If so, what is the model #? Thank you!
  7. M

    HP x2 10-p005na can hold external hard drive ???

    see this link for the specs and details of the laptop--> http://store.hp.com/UKStore/Merch/Product.aspx?id=Y3V57EA&opt=ABU&sel=NTB I was going to buy this laptop today and i was asking questions for general information and than the seller told me what is the purpose of the purchase i said...
  8. S

    SOMEBODY HELP ME!!! Aspire S13 hardware issue!!!!

    I bought Acer aspire S13 signature edition 3 months ago. now it seems to have a hardware isuue(at least that's what they told me) I tried to turn on my laptop. Power LED light will be on for like 5 seconds and then off. nothing would show up on the screen, completely black! I plugged in my...
  9. R

    Toshiba C55D-A keyboard problem

    My keyboard has been acting weird the Backspace, P, 6(top of keyboard), F, H, K, 4(top of keyboard), L, W, and the Number Lock light no longer works is this a driver issue or a hardware issue.
  10. S

    Laptops gets stuck on notepad for 5 mins when I paste a list of about 10^6 numbers in the notepad, Is this normal?

    I was copy pasting some output from netbeans into a txt file and its get stuck there when i paste for about 5 mins, Is this normal? Can this be a software or a hardware issue? My build is :http://
  11. R

    ASUS S551 black desktop after changing boot mode

    I changed booting 1. usb (kaspersky rescue disk) 2. hard disk. After save and exit from bios i have blank or black screen. I tried remove battery and CMOS and nothing... I tried some commands like ctrl +Fn + insert/home. I tried to press F2 and nothing. I did a hard reset and also nothing...
  12. P

    Acer won't work

    My laptop Acer won't tyrn on. it turns on the lights, displays teh acer screen, then the screen goes off. it doesn't beeps. it does "clack" though. tried changing power cord, removing batteries and some other stuff. I now have opened it but i know nothing about laptop's interiors. it's an acer...
  13. adam keen

    3D Acceleration Issue

    Hi everyone :), recently when i installed Rise Of The Tomb Rider i faced a problem which is the 3d acceleration , it appears when i press the play button i searched for solutions in the internet of course i found some suggestions like " checking if the direct 3D is enable on dxdiag " but they...
  14. J

    Laptop Keys Suddenly Glitching (Repeating and not working!)

    I turned my laptop on today, and I soon noticed that some of the keys are not working properly. These include the 'm' key - sometimes if I press it, it doesn't work at all. Other times, I'll press it once and two or three 'm's will appear. I get the latter problem with the comma key and the full...
  15. R

    Secondary HDD(SSD) Not recognized. Hardware Issue?

    Hi guys, Usually, use the existing advice on TH, but new to this thread thing. I have an issue whereby I removed my ODD and replaced it with a cradle housing my new SSD. The problem now is that my laptop (Asus G56JK) does not recognize it anywhere. It is not seen in the BIOS (running newest...
  16. P

    My custom built gaming PC has all of a sudden stopped performing

    My custom built gaming PC has all of a sudden stopped downloading or running any of my games and most of my programs ever since a couple of days ago. I already tried analyzing my hard drive and defragging it. I ran a full-system virus and malware scan on it and it showed 0 infected files. It...
  17. R

    Asus k55vm not turning on (power light and fan is on)

    Hi I have 2year old k55vm-sx86d I recently received the caddy for the second hdd I was checking the bios for the detection of the drive (not detected) The problem with k55vm- the power on green is on no other lights are moving or anything not even NumLock(how did that happened I put a bios...
  18. D

    Help with the choice of a new wireless adapter for a Dell laptop

    Hello, guys, my laptop is Dell Inspiron 15 3543. Some of you may have heard of, or even experienced the number of defects the 15 series laptops come with, which from Dell refuse to fix or replace. Many people with this kind of laptops face performance issues, lack of wireless connectivity...
  19. M

    Laptop Hardware Issue (possibly)

    So, I'm not exactly sure what happened to my laptop earlier today. I was browsing the internet and all of a sudden the a bunch of weird scrambled lines came up on my screen and my first instinct was to go ahead and do a hard shut down. Then, I tried rebooting it, and it would just beep 3 times...
  20. A

    ASUS N551V boot issue

    Hi there, first time posting here because i cant seem to find the problem to my issue. Yesterday, my laptop, an asus n551v series, worked perfectly. Browsing, gaming, watching videos, you name it, I could do it. Today, it wouldnt boot up while having only the battery in. I am pretty sure the...
  21. K

    Sony Vaio NOPOWER

    Just bought this Sony Vaio from a friend who used it twice in the last 3 years. I let another friend borrow it and it came back with a charger that had the cord ripped out from the box part and also it had a dead battery. So, I had the charger fixed and when I plugged it into the laptop, all...
  22. I

    laptop goes to hibernate at 20% battery

    my laptop is acer v5-573g 2 months before it started hibernating at 10% then 1 month before it was on 15% now its on 20% now what should i do is it hardware issue or something else
  23. MySeaGateIsDown

    ASUS ROG GL552JX HDD Bay Cover three plastic snap in things broke

    I have a small hardware issue with my newly bought ASUS GL552jx, does anyone here own the model? I upgraded the RAM today and due to poor engineering, the bay door's snap in plastics broke. The doors kinda floats when turned up. I have already installed loads of software in the HDD. Is it worth...
  24. B

    Multitude of issues caused by water damage

    Hello there, and thank you for taking the time to read this. This is my first post here, so I'm terribly sorry if I posted under the wrong category or something. A few days ago, I screwed up. Spilled quite a bit of water on the keyboard of my Lenovo Y50-70 laptop. I of course immediately turned...
  25. S

    Accidentally dropped my phone on my laptop and froze it; restarted and now wifi won't work.

    I'm typing this from my phone right now. Laptop is an ASUS N550JK, running Windows 10. Just a while ago, I accidentally dropped my phone, which fell on the keyboard of my laptop and caused it to freeze. The screen froze as a flattened checkerboard pattern. For some reason, I thought to pull the...
  26. D

    Crazy Adware problem in fresh install of windows

    I recently got a brand new sandisk SSD. I already have windows installed on my current HDD but i wanted to install OS and games on the SSD and keep the HDD for storage. So i disconnected my HDD and attaching the SSD i did a clean install of windows 8.1 NO programs installed or anything like...
  27. A

    Acer Nitro Black Edition WiFi Issues

    Technical info: Model: Aser Aspire VN7-591G-70RT WiFi Card: Qualcomm Atheros QCA61x4 Hey guys, so I recently bought this laptop back in September 2015, and it's not connecting to the internet anymore. It uses a Qualcomm Atheros QCA61x4 Network Card which I've heard is riddled with issues on...
  28. Rainy_jour

    How can I reconnect the lighting-provider wire to the body of back-lit keyboard in Lenovo flex 2?

    As you know there is a wire between laptop's motherboard and its keyboard for lighting. one end is properly connected to motherboard but the other one is not connected to keyboard body. In fact, I don't know "where" it must be connected. On keyboard body only there is a black area for that...
  29. N

    senheiser PC 363D is giving me no sound anymore.

    I purchased a set of PC 363D's from senheiser, i installed everything and it worked perfectly, after a few days i think, the headset stopped playing any sound. Im using the 3dG4me1. I have sound blaster cinema 2 and realtek HD audio manager, could one of those programs be the problem? If not...
  30. D

    Corsair Vengeance 2x4 GB and Acer Aspire 7741

    CPU: Intel Core i3 M370 2.40GHz, 3MB L3 cache 2399 MHz BIOS: Phoenix Technologies LTD V1.15 Motherboard: Acer Aspire 7741 RAM: Elpida DDR3 PC3-10700 (667 MHz) 2x2GB GPU: Intel HD Graphics 1754 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 (6.1) Home Premium Edition 64-bit Service Pack 1 (Build 7601) After...
  31. Jacob Jagielski

    Laptop turns on but stays at a black screen

    Hello. I have a Laptop that turns on but just stays at a black screen. None of the USB ports happen to detect any keyboard or mice. And the cpu fan spins up for a moment and stops when booting it up.
  32. E

    Weird Keyboard Issues

    very Strange issues, i see ppl have had this problem before and most posts have not addressed this issue any thoughts? I have a numeric keypad so its not the numlock key and im typing this on an external keyboard. I seriously doubt this is a hardware issue... Lenovo ideapad s510p touch ive...
  33. C

    Laptop Fan Problem?

    Hi! As of late, I've noticed my laptop fan has been experiencing a rather annoying rattling sound; and it's growing increasingly louder as time passes by. I can already tell this is very likely to be a hardware issue, and I've checked by opening up my case and knowing it's a CPU fan problem...
  34. R

    laptop restarting over and over again (before bios screen) then turns on but no image apears

    so my computer wont start it restarts some 2/5 times before the bios screen then turns on but no image apears
  35. J

    Laptop Suddenly Dead?

    Hi, thank you for taking your time to help. My 5 years old Dell Inspiron N5010 was working properly until yesterday. I was basically on YouTube when suddenly the screen went something like white (like a TV with no signal) then a BSOD popped up. Since then my every attempt to boot into Windows...
  36. E

    help with graphics driver

    hello, i have been googling and lookng at other suggestions to fix this but cant seem to find anyone with the same problem as me. Basically what had happened was I went to update the graphics driver on my computer, and after doing so it would only start in safe mode and in the device manager it...
  37. D

    Solved! Laptop won't turn off completely (it's stuck or black display) Acer Aspire E11

    Hi, bought used but newly looking Acer Aspire E11 from some guy. I have problem, it won't turn off. I installed W7, W8, W10 even I tried some Linux.. But it won't turn off. Currently I have W10. When I installed Ws, I have to reset it by HW power button (like you know, when you are...
  38. T

    Kernel-Power 41 (Asus K550JK-DM013)

    At the beginning of June I got a Asus K550JK-DM013 and an SSD 250GB Crucial BX100. To avoid "confusion" in case of problems, the assembly of the SSD has been made in the shop (for free). This laptop is often used to conduct "renders" in Sony Vegas 13. During some of these "renders" the notebook...
  39. C

    Every single Game I try to load crashes and I've tried everything!

    I have googled everything I can think of and tried everything I have found, I have no idea if it's a corrupt hardware issue or if its something I'm not seeing. I have also tried resetting AND restoring my PC to a previous point in time and I still have game crashes, with the error message "A...
  40. M

    Nvidia GT740m stopped work after (Spilled Coffee,took it to service,got it back & have used it for 3 day) !!!

    Hello Friends :) I would really appreciate your opinion on this issue. I spilled coffee on my HP Pavilion so I took it to the service after removing the battery and cleaned it. After I got it back I ran some games and designing programs to test if everything is fine and it was all fine. Then...
  41. G

    Screen issues on a HP laptop

    I have this stuff popping up on my screen on my HP laptop, I think it may be a hardware issue. Does anyone know what causes this? It goes away but comes back every couple weeks when I move my mouse or click at certain spots.
  42. A

    Help: Graphics Card Issue

    Hello, I've recently had my gaming laptop (Asus ROG: G750JZ) repaired through an RMA with Asus. Everything seemed fine, until I launched a game. Everything was glitching, and the polygons were acting weirdly in the game. I updated the driver, (for the GTX880m) and still no luck. I even...
  43. B

    (Toshiba Satellite) Opened Rear Cover, LCD Screen Black

    Hello! I'll try to make this concise. I have a Toshiba Satellite C75D-B7100. I wanted to change the RAM, so I opened the back cover. Nothing appeared out of place when I closed the cover back, but something isn't right. The laptop powers on bit the screen remains black. I have been unable to...
  44. L

    Display issues on asus n550jv

    Hello there, If there is a good soul that had expirienced the same problem or knows where the problem might be i would be gratefull for the answer. I own an Asus n550jv laptop (not a touch screen). (full hd screen) The screen is randomly going black (sometimes when i enter chrome, sometimes when...
  45. R

    Need advice on Laptop-issue - wont boot/wake after sleep

    I'm having some major issues with a Hewlett Packard Elitebook 755 G2 (EnergyStar) laptop in my office. We bought this computer for use as an office/business workstations. The issue makes it now ineligible to use. Issue: The computer will not wake after hibernation or sleep. Attempts made to wake...
  46. M

    FPS drop After a few minutes Playing

    This issue has occurred since a month ago. When i begin to play any game like Assassin's creed 4, BattleField3, Total War: Shogun 2,... it runs smoothly (50-60fps) in just 5-10 minutes and high setting... Then randomly, the FPS drops like hell (10-20 fps, lower in AC4)... Sometime, when i...
  47. U

    Laptop is turning off AND on randomly - Possible power button issue

    My Samsung laptop (specs at the end of this post) is turning on and off on its own. By that I mean it simulates force-shutdown while I'm playing a game, watching a video, browsing, typing a post (just like it did now), coding, or while it's simply idle. It sometimes turns on again after a random...
  48. G

    macbook air failure

    My macbook air cant power up, when i press power button it stays back and starts beeping without stopping... What hardware issue should be this one?
  49. L

    Can you help me troubleshoot my Acer Aspire 5740 that shuts off by itself after logging in to windows?

    Hello, I have an acer laptop (aspire 5740) and I had a water problem a while ago. But everything seems to be fine as my laptop turns on (battery is fried and makes problems, but AC works ok). Now the problem starts. My laptop with AC goes all the way to the windows desktop screen and after 3-5...
  50. K

    Alienware completely dead after installing old driver

    My 7 months old alienware 14 (still under the 1 year warranty)just decided to die on me. The scenario was: I was trying to update my directX, like soon after it was finishing up the update it completely died like everything is dead.I tried to turn it on but nothing happened no lights, no fans...
  51. K

    Alienware dead but still under warranty

    My 7 months old alienware 14 (still under the 1 year warranty)just decided to die on me. The scenario was: I was trying to update my directX, like soon after it was finishing up the update it completely died like everything is dead.I tried to turn it on but nothing happened no lights, no fans...
  52. K

    Toshiba Satellite Audio Port Fix

    Hello Guys, I am getting ready to buy a new laptop, so I decided to fix some kinks here and there on my current one to give to my mother. I own a Toshiba Satellite L775D - S7345. The problem is my audio port. I own a pair of Sennheiser HD 598's, and the 1/4'' to 1/8'' adapter it came with...
  53. F

    Freezing and audio lag

    So over the past few weeks I've been fighting a failing battle with my pc. Out of seemingly nowhere I'm unable to play games or anything that would put a load on my graphics card. Sometimes just having a movie in my browser paused with music on will create audio stutters. Some quick background...
  54. C

    dv7 hdmi stopped working,,,,,

    My Pavilion dv7, the hdmi just out of the blue stopped working.....could this be software issue? Or could the be a hardware issue? and maybe something I can fix? All help is appreciated.......
  55. W

    My laptop shuts down due to overheating during heavy load

    Hello guys I bought a sony vaio laptop over a year ago, model SVE14A47CVH if i'm not mistaken, 14 inch laptop, black colour, and i use a cooling fan too, from targus. I used to be able to play any games, light or heavy, hotter or colder condition, for any amount of time, without overheating...
  56. Maxime506

    Windows 98 PCI resources conflict

    Hello folks! I recently managed to set up my second hand laptop with windows 2000 and 98. Both go well except 98 has resources conflict problem. The double PCI standard IDE controller conflict with "motherboard resources" at 8060-806F while ati rs300 host bridge conflict with the same crap at...
  57. K

    Virus or HD issue?

    A while back, I had issues with my computer starting - It would get to the windows loading screen and crash. I tried playing around with bios settings and I tried booting from the Windows CD to see if I could repair it or just get into some area where I could try some fixes...but nothing worked...
  58. C

    Computer shuts down while playing games!

    Having frustrating computer issues right now. My laptop keeps shutting down when I play video games. It seems to be somewhat random, but only while playing games. When the laptop shuts down, its instant, despite being plugged in and having the battery in place. There is no log in the event...
  59. R

    Astro a40s static PC

    So I recently (yesterday) got my Astro a40 Red edition, along with the Mixamp. After setting it up for far too long (for PC), it seems I get static. The cords I have plugged in VIA Mixamp are the USB Mixamp -> PC, Optical Cable Mixamp -> PC and Media Controller Cable Headset -> Mixamp. For some...
  60. R

    Macbook Pro w/ Retina Display keyboard and trackpad NOT WORKING

    Hello all, Just yesterday, my keyboard and trackpad decided to stop working. The trackpad works about 5% of the time and the keyboard about 40% on and off. Is there anything I can do to reset them or something? WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!