My laptop shuts down due to overheating during heavy load


Oct 25, 2014
Hello guys

I bought a sony vaio laptop over a year ago, model SVE14A47CVH if i'm not mistaken, 14 inch laptop, black colour, and i use a cooling fan too, from targus.

I used to be able to play any games, light or heavy, hotter or colder condition, for any amount of time, without overheating, it does get hot during those times, but it never lead to unexpected shut downs. Until recently, i remembered the problem started around the time watch dogs was released. It started to shut down unexpectedly when playing heavier games for some times (30 minutes - 1.5 hour, and only when playing watch dogs), it was rarer during those periods of time. But it started to get worse until 3-4 months ago i think? I play almost all performance heavy game titles i own, and it will only last 30 minutes till 1 hour, and it will shut down unexpectedly. The CPU temperature clocks at 80-95 degrees celcius.

Even skyrim, i used to play that game, quite heavily modded, 8-10 hours a day during weekends in the past, now i can't even last for around 30 minutes till 1 hours. I think dota 2 is one of the fewer exception, i can play around 3-5 matches at once, and it will probably shut down, but i rarely play 5 matches a day, usually only 1-3 match, 3 is the rarest.

But i can still use it normally, for any period of time without shutting down, this laptop usually stays up almost the entire day during weekends (even if i leave it for awhile sometimes), without any shut downs or overheating, i even let it run all night sometimes while downloading, no overheating.

I've read online that this is due to dust clogging up the vents, one of the characteristics would be that you'll barely be able to feel hot air coming out of the output vents. That is not the case for me, i can still feel quite a breeze of air through the output, but when the fan is running at it's max, i don't think the breeze really feel.....faster, it still feels quite the same, and is definitely sliiightly faster, but i can definitely feel it, and it definitely IS a breeze of air still coming out of there. But i also read that dust will clog up after 1-6 months of regular use. I haven't clean the vents until now, so i'm not sure if there really is dust clogging up there, as i can still definitely feel a breeze coming out of there, even if it's not that intensive.

And i usually use my laptop while charged, although i limit it to 80 percent, but it's the same even if i don't charge it.
Oh yeah, the idle temperature is around 56-60 degrees.
So my point is, what kind of problem i might be facing here, and how's the solution..??

Here are the specs:
Processor: Intel Core i7 3632QM, 2.2 GHz, Quad core 8 CPU
GFX/GPU/VGA: -Intel HD Graphics 4000
- AMD Radeon HD 7670M 2GB DDR3
I think HDD doesn't really take a part in this, as it's usually the coldest part in a computer.

PS: Sorry if there are any grammar inconsistency, if you find a certain sentence or phrase confusing to you, feel free to ask me, and i'll explain it more in-depths
Oh and, buying a new one isn't an option, it's not that easy..

Sorry for the long post


Nov 1, 2014
Can you confirm that its not the software on your pc which makes it turn off?
or in other words Are you sure that is 80 - 95 celsius when shutting down?

Does the fan run at all?

You can check live temperatures with MSI Afterburner and set the fan speed.ø

Please respond.

Have a nice day :D


Oct 25, 2014

Ah, so sorry for not responding quickly.
yes, i can confirm the temps. Checked it with speedfan. I also use coretemp. And i disabled the emergency shut down, still happens, although a bit rarer.
yes, the fans are running fast and loud.