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  1. B

    Where is the fuse for MIN-IN connection, Nad c340

    ..I accidentally connected sub-woofer RCA to "MAIN-IN" (with jumper removed)--I did not realize that the unit still had power--- then, lost all my volume .. ..Does anyone know where the fuse is for the MAIN-IN connection.? Or---what could be my problem.?
  2. J

    Bi-Wiring Speakers Question

    Hello friends, Can you just add jumpers from the original speaker wire to connect to the second set of terminals or do you have to run 2 independent sets of wires? The only reason I ask is, all my original wires are buried in the trim work of my home and I would have to redo all that trim to...
  3. Mugsy

    Need to reset CMOS. No Reset button. No jumper. No battery

    I have a Win10 tablet where the USB ports were inadvertently disabled in the Bios. I need to reset the Bios back to its defaults. The tablet has no Reset button. There is no jumper inside, no coin-cell battery, and disconnecting the built-in battery packs didn't work. Is there another way to...
  4. Lutfij

    How To Find The BIOS Jumpers On Toshiba Laptop Motherboard

    On a desktop, having access to a BIOS jumper can come in handy. If you need to reset the BIOS to default, or you’ve messed up with your overclocks. The same can be necessary for your laptop. If you’re suffering from a black screen issue, or you need to reset your BIOS to defaults in order to...
  5. J

    Toshiba satellite help

    Where van I find bios jumpers in Toshiba satellite c55 b5101
  6. A

    Brand New Windows 10 Laptop Suddenly Powers Off - Desperate, Have Tried Everything I Could Think Of

    Brand new laptop (Jumper EZBook 3L Pro, Windows 10 Home Build 16299.371) suddenly powered off after a couple hours of use on battery (when battery level was about 30%) without warning and just a short static sound when the screen goes off, like cutting off the power supply on a desktop, not like...
  7. Z

    Where is the BIOS Chip/Jumper located on the main Board of Toshiba Satellite Pro C50-A

    My Toshiba laptop is BIOS locked and I forgot The Password. now, I'm trying to reset my BIOS password but I don't know the exact location of the BIOS Chip/Jumper on the Main Board. Please assist me with with a clear image or circuit diagram of where about on the main board is The BIOS...
  8. F

    Jumper Ezbook 3 battery won't charge up to 100%

    Hello Everybody, I have a problem with my new EZBOOK 3, recently bought from Gearbest: the battery only charges up to 82% (from the first time i recharged it) Even if I let the laptop on charge all the night, the next morning the battery is at 82%. I tried to install BatteryBar: it tells me...
  9. J

    Toshiba Portégé z10t bios jumpers

    I have a Toshiba Protégé z10t and someone set the bios password. Dose anyone know where the bios jumper is for the Toshiba Portégé z10t
  10. G

    Toshiba Satellite L55D-C5227X Bios Jumper?

    I cannot figure out where the jumpers are. It is not the same as the other motherboards they have. Can anyone help me figure out where they are exactly?
  11. H

    Toshiba z40 bios reset jumper

    Hi All I have a problem. I forgot supervision password for bios in my tecra z40-a, tried all variations of my favourite passwords and non of them works. I can not use toshiba tools because I'm using linux. Only option left is to short the jumper on motherboard and I can not locate it. Anyone had...
  12. A

    Removing the Bios Password

    How do i remove the Bios Password from a Toshiba C55-5299 and C55-5353 laptop? Where is the Bios jumper located on the motherboard?
  13. H

    system wont start, no display

    Hi guyz I have a little problem here, or may be its big enough I was trying to unlock my bios (lonovo pre-built) for controlling fan speed and some oc, as someone told me that you ca unlock it by moving some jumpers on the mobo, as I tried what he told me, the system gone black Some beaps and...
  14. T

    Two way speakers

    I purchased (4) BIC MSR6D two-way speakers to replace some ceiling speakers in my house. The speakers have two sets of inputs per speaker. I have one set of wires at each speaker location. Two of the speakers are right channel and two are left channel. Do I need to jumper the two inputs together...
  15. U

    cmos jumper toshiba portegr

    guys please help !!! where can i find that god damm cmoz jumper on my motherbord laptop toshiba portege ss 2110 ds10l series? i need to short those jumper to reset the cmos password there were no hint on this board can somebody show me,,,im trying to google but still no luck...ive already tried...
  16. H

    acer v3 771g cmos jumper is not resetting password

    Hello , i forgot my password for bios , i have two main problems : -bios is not recognizing boot device and show message " No Bootble device , Hit any key" -my bios is protected by password wich i can't remember, i tried cmos jumber but it's not working and still demanding password -other method...
  17. E

    Hdd master password set itself on acer aspire laptop and clearing cmos with jump

    is there another jumper to clear hdd master password on acer aspire cmos j3 jumper does not clear it
  18. H

    Locate the jumpers on toshiba satellite 660-162

    hello I face the problem that My Laptop with the name Toshiba satellite 660-162 laptop have BIOS password that I didn't know It. and I have the problem in where jumper and CMOS battery is located.So If you can pls try to help me.. thank u!
  19. L

    Toshiba satellite a505-s6965 bios jumper

    Hello, I am trying to reset the bios password on a toshiba satellite A505-s6965 but can't seem to locate the bios jumper. Does anyone know which one is it?
  20. D

    Solved! Locate the jumpers on Toshiba A305-S8900

    where can i find the jumpers at on the mother board
  21. K

    New Hard install issues HELP

    Hello,Hey guys and gals trying to load a 500GB in to my HD24 but it keep telling me reset fail check jumpers I have a million times it seem and it is set to master. any idea's
  22. K

    Can someone Help Studiomaster Mod

    I have a Studiomaster 16-8-2 I need to the internal jumper mod i.e from -10 to +4 I have manual but it does not go into great detail on which of caps to jump so if any one could tell me the position of the cap to replace. I have posted this on several website but noone could may this is the one.
  23. S

    Jumper device for answering mobile calls using car speakers jumperjack phone dev

    whats the website for that Device called a jumper jack for answering mobile calls via car speakers
  24. G

    N64 'jumper pak' ?

    Archived from groups: rec.games.video.classic (More info?) What in the heck is a N64 jumper pak? Anyone? Thanks, Colin
  25. G

    reset CMOS jumpers on a thinkpad T22?

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) Hi there, Trying to resurrect a T22 and wondering where exactly the cmos reset jumpers on without having to take apart the entire shell. Are there reset jumpers on a Thinkpad?? Thanks
  26. G

    LTE hard driver jumper question

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) I just removed the hard drive from the caddy on my LTE 5400 out of curiosity to see how it mounts in the caddy. I noticed it has three possible positions for the jumper: off for Drive 0, on the right set of pins for Drive 1, and across the...
  27. K

    changing multiplier with jumpers

    I am going to unlock my 1800+ and set the multiplier a little higher. to do that I have to use jumpers on my mobo. my question is on the description in my manual for the different multipliers. they go from "Ratio By Cpu"(standard), to 5 to 12. and then there is a 12.5(higher). what does that...