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    Help Im stuck on the Passcode screen On my Kyocera E6790

    Kyocera DuraForce XD (E6790) How do i get to the booot screen from being locked out on safemode
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    How to unlock the locked network on my Kyocera Hydro Reach C6743 locked to Sprint network?

    Please Help me get the unlock code.... I was a student in USA and I was using sprint Time passes I graduated from The University and came back to my country Zambia..Now My phone network is locked... what am I suppose to do? Please help (Kyocera 6743
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    how to see my kyocera on my computer

    I used to see my kyocera on my computer, but after some windows updates I can no longer see it to move files from my computer to my memory card on my phone.
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    Hard reset with no Service?

    Will the hard reset work if you have no Service?? This is on the kyocera c6742
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    Solved! kyocera c5170 bootloop

    i have a kyocera c5170 in a bootloop. i tried factory reset and dada cache wipe and nothing. any help appreciated. thanks
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    Kyocera KC-01 Boot options screen not appear

    Hello all! I have a problem with my phone Kyocera KC-01 (Android 4.4.1), I've recently changed my pattern lock screen, I forgot it, then I have no idea to access on my phone, I tryed reset it for holding on power button & volume down but there is no boot options screen. If anyone can help...
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    how do I transfer pictures from my Kyocera camera to the internal micro SD Card

    I cannot find the book on my Kyocera phone and need to know how to transfer pictures from the phone to the internal micro SD card. can anyone help
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    Why I'm Still Using a $40 Smartphone From 2014

    How well does a budget handset from 2014 hold up in 2018? Why I'm Still Using a $40 Smartphone From 2014 : Read more
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    how to reset after ufo encounter

    my kyocera worked fine until something flew by seemed to effect it. what is fhat albout? any thing like that happen to anybody else?
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    Trouble hard resetting

    I tried all the steps to hard reset my Kyocera hydro reach and it doesn't work. And is there a factory reset on the back of the phone.
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    kyocera c6742a will not go into recovery mode nor will it hard reset and I have tried everything that I can find....any sugges

    I have tried the Volume Down and Power at the same time....nothing Volume Up and Power....nothing Volume Down and power then release power and volume down and press volume up....nothing held all three....nothing Held them for several cycles of the logo....nothing I have tried every method I can...
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    Recover lost pictures

    My kyocera wo t turn back on, how can I recover my pictures, from the internal storage, no sd card or Google back-up
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    Kyocera flip phone

    I have a Kyocera dura xtp flip phone through sprint and would like to be able to send/receive text messages from this phone on my Macbook. (to hard to text from flip phone) Is there a program out there that can do this? My phone number needs to show up on recipients phone also. Thanks
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    How to use my card sd as storage for my kyocerac6243

    How do I change storage to my sd card on Kyocera 6243 phone.
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    Kyocera Hydro View

    I have a KYOCERA HYDRO VIEW that when I try to do a Hard Reset on this device it doesn't go to the options for me to do a FACTORY RESET. I have tried to do a hard reset in two ways I hold down Volume up botton & Power buttom [OR] Volume down button & Power button until it pops up the starting...
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    Trying to hard reset my daughters old kyocera so that my other daughter can use

    When I try to hard reset my phone it will not vibrate so what do I do
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    Unlock a Kyocera c6743

    Network unlock a kyocera c 6743 assaurance wireless Obama phone
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    How do i factory reset kyocera hydro without the imei number

    I need help jailbreaking kyocera hydro please
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    how can i fix authentic problem on my kyocera

    i can't connect wifi on my phone
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    How to transfer apps to sd card from the phone storage

    I'm having trouble moving some of the downloaded apps from the phone memory to my SD card (64gb) it says app couldn't be moved... I'm using the kyocera model: C6743 Software ver: 1.200BT Hardware version: 0103 Build number: LMY47V Android version: 5.1.1
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    How do you set default download location to SD card on Kyocera

    I have no space left on my phone to do anything anymore but I have an SD card but some of my big apps can't go into my SD card even though I still have 29 GB left on my SD card so I can't download anything but I want to direct all of my downloads to my SD card but how?
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    Kyocera c6725 not turning on or charging just buzzing

    Recently I did a system update I do believe it was on my bf phone and when I restarted it, the phone then no longer will turn on, charge, and only buzzes every couple seconds.....I held down the volume and home button until icon came up did a reboot still I figure there is still a...
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    How do I get the Qualcomm Kyocera 3g 4g at&t out of safe mode???

    I just need to know how to do this none of the other things are working. Thank you.
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    phone works but screen is black

    So I have a Kyocera Hydro Reach and I've had it for over a year now. I've dropped it multiple times but nothing major has happened to it. But a few minutes ago, I was walking with my friend and i accidentally dropped it. I picked up the phone and saw that the phone itself was still working but...
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    How to set sd card as default download on Kyocera Hydro Shore??

    Same tissue issue of setting SD card as default download ...Hydro Shore was not listed.
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    Kyocera charged but won't turn on?

    kyocera charged but won't turn on?
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    How do I get pictures off my kyocera phone when it doesn't have a micro SD card and it doesn't turn on all the way?

    My phone doesn't turn on past the Virgin Mobil logo and if it does it shuts off again when I try to do anything at all with it. I need to get important pictures off this phone. And it has no Micro SD card either. Is there anything I can do to save my stuff?
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    How to hard reset a Kyocera c6742?

    None of the steps work for the Kyocera c6742?? I tried to hard reset the phone and it dont work?!
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    My kyocera c743 1604 it was working just fine until i plug it n to my 12 volts n the car now it wont turn on

    My kyocera c743 it wiil not come. On after i plug it in my car charger it wont charge or come on and it was working just fine
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    factory reset button

    Do you know if the kyocera hydro reach has a push button to factory hard reset it?
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    can't find pinhole

    Can't find the pinhole to reset my Kyocera
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    It won't let me send to SD it's lite uplite grey and idk how to send the idems for a Kyocera

    It's just not allowing it to SD and it's lite up grey idk
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    Verizon wireless sim card

    Will my Verizon sim card work in a Kyocera hydro android phone?
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    How do I factory reset my Kyocera hydro reach

    Where is the factory reset button? Is it on the bottom and how long do push it for? Do it while phone is on or off
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    Photos to SD card Kyocera Android phone

    Can't get photos from gallery go SD card on my Kyocera Android phone
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    kyocera torque e6710 won't play youtube

    HELP! Purchased a used kyocera torque it all set up with my sprint account, can text, place calls, etc. but it won't play youtube. Can anyone help?
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    how to root kyocera reach,c6743

    I have tried kingo root, king root, universal root, root genius, iroot and others without any luck. Please help? Thanks in advance!
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    my kyocera c6740n wont turn on

    it cut off an wont come bake on
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    I have a zte that has broken and would like to change the service over to a kyocera phone

    My phone broke and would like to change my phone plan to my old phone and keep same number
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    How can I set the default download location to my SD card on my Kyocera Hydro Air cell phone?

    Setting default and data to SD card
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    how to fix a kyocera phone

    My phone won't turn on or charge i cleaned the battery and the golden contacts , but still it won't charge i am 11 years old and i need help on this phone so plz help me
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    how to use my SD card on my Kyocera hydrolife to download apps from Google Play store

    how to use my SD card on my Kyocera hydrolife so I can download any game from online and Google Play store. I tried but it keeps saying insufficient memory on phone.
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    Can I get flash player for the Kyocera hydro?

    Can I get flash player on my Kyocera hydro? When I try to download bejeweled twist it says I can't bcuz I need flash player?
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    iPad to two bluetooth speakers

    Hi, I have two of the same Amazon Basics Bluetooth Speakers and I want to sent them in different spots of the house/room and play the same music. When I turn them both on I see two different Amazon_BT1 Bluetooth IDs. I can click on both and both say 'Connected' but when I open an app, like...
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    How do you use the update and repair utility when your phone won't come on?

    Have a Kyocera Hydro Edge, got grounded from it for a week, now it won't charge or come on. How can I fix it please? Mom had it in her purse the whole week, hers is fine, but mine no.
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    how do I get a android kyocera out of safety mode

    I have a Kyocera and all of a sudden it went into safe mode I tried going into my settings and nothing:kaola:
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    How much power (W) does phone charger draw?

    I've got over 200 Kyocera phones to keep charged for a transportation base. Lookign at generator backup, I need to know how much generator capacity charging the phones will require.
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    how do i turn my kyocera hydro vibe phone back on? ive tried holding the power button, taking out the battery, charging it whi

    my phone isnt turning on, i need to know why. ive tried holding the power button, taking out the batter, everything. and its not turning on. what should i do?
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    how do i reactivate my old boostmobile phone to my current phone number. my ol

    old phone is a hydro kyocera?
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    how do I change esn number for virgin mobile

    How do I change esn number for my virgin mobile phone kyocera hydro
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    mobile service providers

    can Kyocera event smartphone be activated through AT & T SERVICE?
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    My phone wont turn on or charge

    i have an kyocera event and it's not turing on. My phone was dying i pushed the power button and it turnt off and never came back on. It's been 3 days. I dont know what to do :(
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    I need to format my sd card in my kyocera android, will my stored apps be erased too?

    I have over 1000 pics on my sd card, and I want to get them off, but I am afraid that if I download them and then format my card, that all of my apps that are stored on it, will be lost as well.