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  1. A

    Question MSI Laptop GPU not being detected

    Hi, I have a MSI ge73 Raider RGB 8RF for a year now, and it worked fine, untill recently. My GPU (1070) is completely gone. This happend after an EC Firmware update for some reason. Before that update the 1070 worked just fine. I can't install any drivers for the 1070. If i want to install...
  2. Emma9197

    Solved! Spilled water on my laptop

    Hello i spilled water on my laptop and i took every possible actions. Removed all the water on the outer side. My laptops battery cant be removed. I was afraid to make damage to my laptop so i didnt open up the bottom. I left it dry for the night and now it wont even turn on. Please is it...
  3. saroj vs magnito

    Question external Devices like mouse , keybord ,cardreader etc.. not working

    please help me I Have a Toshiba satellite C55-A5105 laptop with windows 8.1 my laptop serial number is "3E042909Q " Automatically my external keyboard ,card reader and mouse stopped working but when i connect external hard disk it's working :(:(:(:(:(:(:( PLEASE HELP ME
  4. Ghaffar.dosti

    Solved! How do i make my dell xps 15 9550 use its dedicated gpu

    So recently my laptop wont run aaa games like before such as fortnite i would get about 90 frames but now im getting 12. So i checked what was going on and the problem was that my laptop was automatically switching from gpu to igpu back and forth. i have tried everything i cannot get the same...
  5. M

    Solved! No Letters Or Numbers On My Keyboard work

    I Have A Lenovo, about 1year old.. it worked fine yesterday but now it wont. I cant type in the password into my laptop because no letters nor numbers will work. the CapsLock key works just fine and so does the Enter key. Ive tried to restart my computer Ive tried to shut it down and wait for a...
  6. Kirstie_P

    Question Laptop keeps turning off (fan and temperature fine)

    Hey there guys, I've been trying to salvage my 8 year old Acer Aspire 4750G. Been having problems with it turning off randomly, even while not in use i.e. no prompted programs running - sometimes a couple of minutes after startup. Firstly, I thought this was a fan/cooling problem. Replaced...
  7. A

    Solved! Laptop turn off automatically when move

    Hello everyone, i have a problem with my laptop that if it is't plugged in it will switched off with a little voice "teee" when i move it but when it is plugged in than everything is normal , can you please tell me what is the problem and how to fix it thank you