Question No Letters Or Numbers On My Keyboard work

Feb 10, 2019
I Have A Lenovo, about 1year old..
it worked fine yesterday but now it wont.
I cant type in the password into my laptop because no letters nor numbers will work.
the CapsLock key works just fine and so does the Enter key.
Ive tried to restart my computer
Ive tried to shut it down and wait for a few minutes
Ive tried to connect another keyboard
but nothing works
I'm out of ideas and hoping for a solution from anyone. please, help
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It could be any number of things. I am still leaning towards the motherboard, but if it is working, then you should be good.

However, if it is under warranty, I would still contact the manufacturer. Better to have it looked at and fixed while under warranty than to wait and have it go bad after the warranty expires.
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