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  1. philly.a

    Question Is it possible to replace / repair my laptops GPU?

    I bought a custom gaming laptop in 2013 from Cyberpower UK. It lived a good life but around 6 months ago the GPU began failing, BSOD's, failing to boot etc which didnt resolve after driver resets... the laptop is functional only when the GPU device is disabled. I now use a desktop, but for the...
  2. KingECH

    Solved! I am having issues with my gtx 1060m working in my laptop, any ideas?

    I recently bought a 2017 razer blade with the intent to game on it in mind, to find out the gpu is not functioning properly. I have been thinking about it and brought it to repair shop after repair shop to tell me what to do. Im quite short on cash, and looking for a cheaper option than selling...
  3. W

    Spilled water on your laptop? Here’s how to fix it

    Laptop is compact personal computer and very important because it can store and save your data, information, images, videos, files, and more. It needs more care than a desktop computer. Sometimes laptops can encounter problems. Laptop problems are one such issue that we don’t struggle to work...
  4. J

    Asus transformer book t300 chi wifi problem

    I have a Asus transformer book t300 chi and every time I turn it on everything works as usual for a couple of minutes but suddenly the laptop 'stutters' (temporarily freezes) then the wifi stops work ( a yellow exclamation mark appears and no other wifi networks are discoverable) I have no idea...
  5. G

    Acer e14 / e5-471 - black screen

    Hi Guys, my laptop screen suddenly went blank when i press power. At first Acer Start up shows tried fn and i went to boot screen, load to default. After i exit to restart pc the acer start up is not showing. I tried pressing fn or other function keys. Power is on but it's just a black screen...
  6. D

    HP dv7-6b78us Case falling apart.

    Hi, As you can tell from the title: My HP after 3~4 years of hard work is finally starting to hit the dust(the case is falling apart & the screen has a short in it) So I planned to give it a nice refurbish, seeing as I just bought a desktop and cannot afford a new laptop I was wondering how i...