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  1. S

    fix microphone problem

    fix microphone problem in lava phone
  2. R

    Lava A67 CODE

    Lava A67 memory dilar code
  3. C

    lost my phone lava z70 imei no is please help me

    help me my cont no is Removed
  4. J

    Disable safe mode in A73 lava mobile

    Due to safe mode my lower volume button donot work
  5. R

    I am using lava a97 and I can't came out from the safe mode

    I am using lava a97 and I can't came out from the safe mode and I also restart it but it doesn't work please help me
  6. Z

    Solved! Were is my mobail imei

    Lava z60 my name is shahbaz sheikh.and my email id is [don't post your email address on the forum]
  7. M

    How to move apps from internal to sd in lava X28 ??

    How to move apps in sd card from internal in lava X28
  8. H

    HDTV Antenna/amplifier problem

    Last year I purchased a Lava HD-8008 antenna that I installed in our attic. Got 15 to 36 channels regularly until the amplifier stopped working. Since then I purchased two hdtv amplifiers ( 1byone model OUS00-0693, and Winegard Boost XT) neither amplifier gives me even one station. What am I...
  9. K

    I m using lava A97IPS but I can't get out of safe mode

    I m using lava A97IPS but I can't get out of safe mode
  10. S

    on mobile problem

    i have lava selfi X1 mobile it has non removable batari it is not switched on what should i do ?
  11. C

    help connecting hd lava antenna and cable with a A B switch

    I have a lava hd antenna that has a box with remote to rotate antenna, I have a a b switch to run antenna and cable , how can make it work. Antenna has a input , and 2 output to tv .antenna has to run through box because it gets it power and it's a amplifier.
  12. N

    RIG 505 Lava microphone issue

    Well, i recently bought a new headset for gaming purposes and everything seemed to be working fine. The speakers were working perfectly, but the microphone seems to be not working fine. My laptop is a Lenovo 20354, and i am running windows 10. There is a certain part. A Dual-jack PC adapter...
  13. T

    RIG 505 Lava mic stopped working on ps4 + pc

    Mic stopped working after nearly a year. Yesterday it was working until later that day when I was watching netflix and decided to hop onto a game with some friends. Then it wasn't working there. I tried just about every mic related fix on the ps4 but still doesn't work. Oh and it doesn't work on...
  14. D

    My RIG 515 Lava Isnt working

    My RIG 515 Lava Isnt working, I connected it to the usb Plug then put it in my ASUS laptop, ive been looking at tutorials but nothing is working
  15. A

    phone dead or alive?

    i am using lava iris phone suddenly turned off and now it is not responding and switched off.none of the keys are working.tried all type of soft reboot and hard reboot nothng works.the battery is fixed.if anyone knows how to fix pls help me. contact me: [don't post your email on a public...
  16. V

    its lava iris349i, android version 2.3.6.. shows reversed screen

    its lava iris349i, android version 2.3.6.. shows reversed screen... like everything shows reversed or mirrored...plz help me in solving this...
  17. jagsta21

    cooling pad for a side vent laptop

    i have a ROG GL752VW and it spits out lava! i have already burned my leg. im not sure where the intake is. i would like to look into a cooling pad to help lower the temperature possibly i have never had a cooling pad so i dont know if they are even worth having.
  18. U

    Looking to replace furnace with budget laptop for browsing

    I have a Dell XPS 17 which gets extremely hot (up to 90 degrees) and is noisy. This is because of the poor cooling design on Dell's part - I've cleaned it and changed thermal compound numerous times. I wish to replace it with something I can actually put on my lap while watching anime or...
  19. V

    i have lost my lava iris 500 so please help me imei no. <REMOVED>

    i am in a bus and i the pickpocket was pick my phone
  20. O

    Lost my mobile

    omkar yadav add- house no 64 crishchan para vill ameri bilaspur cg. model- lava iris x1 16gb (black) make-2014 current no-missed date- 10.01.2015 imei no-
  21. J

    i am lost my phone please help me my phone is lava iris x1 and imei no-/help me

    i am lost my phone please help me my phone is lava iris x1 and imei no-/help me
  22. A

    How To Get Water In Minecraft Pocket Edition

    Water in Minecraft Pocket Edition can put out fires and flow faster than lava. You won’t take direct damage from water, but you can drown in it. Water is useful to collect and is a renewable resource, which means it can be reproduced indefinitely. To start producing water, follow the simple...
  23. M

    my you tube is very slow how can i get it faster

    I am of 28 yes .my Mobil is lava iris 350.
  24. P