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    Solved! when I record music track on logic pro do I need speakers for the sound or should it come from the computer I use a mic throug

    I use a microphone thru audio interface thru to pro logic apple computer. Does my sound that I record have to have speakers for me to hear the play back or what source does the sound come from .thank you email [don't post the email address on the forum]
  2. H

    Solved! MacBook Pro mid 2015 logic board issue?!

    Hello professionals! My MacBook just got check in an authorized apple service center here in Italy, the conclusion is - logic board failure. Can't afford to pay for it 700€ right now, plus there were zero signs of that problem. It's just two days ago mag safe charger stopped showing green light...
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    My tv volume is very low are Speakers available

    I was going to buy wireless headphones for my Logic tv but do not know what to buy, cheaper
  4. O

    logic gate for laptop IC TESTING device

    i need a device device to test my laptop ID if i can get a good deal on that?
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    I have just purchased a Adat Xt20 Cosmetics . dose not seem to have been in a rack. But when i power up the tape logic switc

    When powering up it sometimes comes alive and sometimes not. When it does power up only the Tape Logik Switches illuminate ( But should not until selected) and the main display panel remains blank. I can hear internal motors active. I have only just purchased the Deck. Brian Hatt.
  6. K

    Swap SSD between Macbook Air 13 models

    Can I swap my Macbook Air 13 (2015) SSD into my Macbook Air 13 (2014)? The logic board went bad in the 2015 and this has all my data.
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    Solved! Dolby Pro Logic 2 Not Working

    I want to hear stereo sound converted to 5.1 using Dolby Pro Logic II but I don't know how to enable it on my PC. It works from my TV to my VSX-530-K receiver but I can only get PCM, stereo and Native 5.1 when I switch to my pc. I have a windows 8.1, GTX 1050 2Gb, B85M-G R2.0 motherboard. Is...
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    How much is my old laptop worth?

    Hello, The logic board has just died on my old mac. Would anyone be able to give me a ballpark figure for it to be sold for spares/repair? The charger is hanging on by a thread! Thanks Martin Mac Book Pro Late 2011 - 15 inch - Processor: 2.4GHz i7 - Memory: 4GB - Graphics: Intel HD Graphics...
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    Toshiba Satellite L55-B5276 failed, replace logic board?

    Hi all, so if anyone google image searches the Toshiba L55-B5276, it looks like a decent laptop. The one I am talking about is my dads girlfriends old laptop, with a Core i5, so it's not too old. It lasted her 2 years before it stopped working, so the HDD was recovered and removed, and hasnt...
  10. T

    Does Dolby Pro Logic decode any kind of 2.1 signal?

    I know that Pro Logic decodes matrixed stereo signals into emulated 5.1 surround. But let's say that I'm watching a movie recorded in 2.1 stereo. Will the algorithm of Dolby Pro Logic be able to reproduce an emulated 5.1 surround out of it?
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    Solved! Trying to get a older MacBook to run Logic Pro x, help?

    First time getting a MacBook and don't want to get anything expensive, so I'll be fine with an older MacBook, I only want to go on the internet and use Logic Pro X... Help on which older model to pick?
  12. sparker781

    MacBook Pro 15.4" - Early 2011 Repair Question

    So I was given a Macbook Pro from 2011 as the title states. It turns on fine, however after the Apple logo it goes to gray screen. I was reading that this particular model had a logic board problem and I've taken it to many places in my area who refuse to fix it without an "okay" from Apple as...
  13. D

    Hooking subwoofer up to an old receiver

    I have an older JBL receiver with Dolby surround pro-logic sound. I am already using the front A and B to run sound inside and out. To improve the sound inside, I want to hook up a subwoofer. The only outputs remaining are rear left and right or center. Will those work with a subwoofer?
  14. jsmithepa

    What is the logic behind left-shifted Touchpads?

    What is the logic behind left-shifted Touchpads? Anandtech has a thread on it but everybody is guessing.
  15. C

    What does dolby pro logic and dts neo pc do on windows?

    I noticed the realtek audio driver can be unlocked and then you get dolby pro logic ii and dts neo pc. Are those features used to upmix stereo signals to 5.1? Do I need a receiver to use those features or can I just use my realtek 5.1 sound card?
  16. C

    How to upmix stereo source to 5.1 on windows 10?

    Hello, I have a few questions. I recently bought a new desktop and logicteck analogue surround speakers. So I want to know how to upmix my stereo source to 5.1. I used speaker fill option from the realtek hd audio manager, but I am not satisfied with it. I'd prefer to use a Dolby pro logic II...
  17. G

    Remotes not working on TV Could it be the logic main board and IR board?

    I have had a programmed universal remote (4in1) from eBay that worked for about a year it then stopped working so I bought another uni remote at the store its a Logitech 650 but it does not work either. My 4in1 remote would need to be closer and closer to the TV to work I thought it was the...
  18. B

    Dolby Pro Logic II

    Can any receiver that uses Dolby Digital audio use the older Dolby Pro Logic II standard? I plan to get a receiver soon and I will use it with my older Wii and PS2 (and new things too) and for them I want to be able to use their Dolby Pro Logic II audio, but all the receivers I can find only use...
  19. E

    I attempted to make a CD from my I tune collection to play on my Volvo which has a Dolby Pro Logic sound system. It plays well

    Like what? I couldn't be more specific. I recorded music from my I Tunes playlist, on a CD and the damn thing won't play on my Volvo with a Pro Logic sound system. That's it.
  20. M

    Connect two speakers to one laptop

    Hey guys, I wanted to ask if using a splitter I can connect a Sonos play 5 and a logic z333 system together including the sub woofer to control the logic. Is there an app that i can configure the two speakers together? Thanks!
  21. P

    Broken moto g screen

    Hey guys i need help with this issue i got. Ok so i have a moto g 1st gen and the screen cracked. I went and got it fix and after a while the row in the top stopped receiving input. I told the guy about it and now he is saying is the logic board cause they changed it and the same happens. I...
  22. B

    Samsung plasma problem

    Horizontal lines and pink snow. Changed y-sus and logic board. Any ideas? Is a HP-R5052 model.
  23. E

    Mac for music production

    I need to make the most out this investment. This will only be used for music (Logic pro x). I want to make sure the system is adequate without wasting unnecessarily. 2.9GHz Dual-core Intel Core i7, 8GB of memory, and 1TB Hard Drive (upgradeable to 128GB SSD $100) :$1399 2.8GHz Dual-core Intel...
  24. I

    Pro logic II player vs Dolby Digital player

    1. When a 5.1 Dolby Pro logic II Home theater player plays a 5.1 Dolby Digital DVDs, is the result same as in Dolby Digital player? If not, why? because the 6 channels in Dolby Digital DVDs are discrete so the Pro logic II player will not have to do any approximation! 2. Can a 5.1 Dolby Digital...
  25. M

    Mcafee no sense scan of empty installer

    Its really hard to understand the logic behind Mcafee Labs sometimes. nsis installer is something every developer is familiar with. I use nsis for lot of my programs but all the time mcafee tends to give me all these stupid alerts. Even an empty installer is being detected as a threat. Here is a...
  26. babytech215

    Logic Board Swap with Those Experienced I Gotta Question!!

    Tmobile is being stubborn and won't release the answer. I need to know if a Tmobile S3 motherboard will fit perfect in an AT&Ts S3 housing. Thanx Guys
  27. Headbomb

    How much would this Macbook pro 13'' sell for?

    Hello, The laptop in question is a 2012 13'' macbook pro. full specs: i5 2.3ghz 250gb 5400rpm hdd 4gb 1333mhz ram HD 4000 graphics Dead logic board Yes, The logic board is dead due to a malfunction. Everything else is operational and in excellent shape. How much would this sell for?
  28. M

    Why do i get alot of interference through my mic, logic express 8 and fast track

    im using logic express 8 to record lyrics over an instrumental beat imported from i tunes and my mic is plugged in via fats track m-audio box and im gettin a lot of interference when recording and cant hear myself properly.. what is the issue..?? PLEASE PLEASE HELP im going gray.. thank you
  29. E

    AKAI repair forum

    Hello, my new akai 50 inch plasma tv screen stays white at all times' could it be the main logic ctrl board (loose pins)
  30. E

    Solved! How come my amplifier only says pro logic and not digital?

    Hello I have a Dolby Digital Amplifier.. However, how come it only says "dolby prologic" even though I have connected my DVD to the amplifier using an optical cable (via HDMI to TV)and I am playing downloaded Blueray copy...?
  31. Tomsguiderachel

    Plastic Logic Que E-Reader

    Que--the E-reader with the most eyes on it at CES--gets attention for its sharp design and steep pricing. It makes us want to read for a living. Plastic Logic Que E-Reader : Read more
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    Ddl/dts vs pro-logic II z-5500

    i just ordered the z-5500 and im trying to get the best sound out of them. i have a x-fi xtremegamer sound card and i want to use my digital cord. my main question is should i use the ddl/dts encoder on my sound card or should i let the speakers receiver do the encoding to pro-logic II. from...
  33. JMcEntegart

    Plastic Logic Shows Shatterproof, Slim Ereader

    Plastic Logic finally lifts the curtain on its ebook reader. Plastic Logic Shows Shatterproof, Slim Ereader : Read more
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    Logic tech

    Is logic tech Z4i speaker set perfect for a room?
  35. U

    Which Dolby technologies are multichannel?

    From my understading, this is what I've learned. Dolby Pro Logic II can take only 2 channels and turns it into 5.1 channels. Dolby Pro Logic IIx can take only a 5.1 channel connection and creates either 6.1 or 7.1 channels. Is there anything that takes 7.1 channels and ouputs 7.1 channels. Dolby...
  36. G

    Cirrus Logic DSP Uses Dolby Volume for Steady Sound Levels

    By incorporating Dolby Volume controls on its new CS48DV2 digital sound processor (DSP), Cirrus Logic adds technology to keep sound levels steady to its product offerings. Cirrus Logic DSP Uses Dolby Volume for Steady Sound Levels : Read more
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    Can A Logic Audio Song Be Imported Into Sonar 4?

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.pro (More info?) All: I'm on a Windows XP platform and wish to make a move to the Sonar platform but need to take my Logic Audio Platform songs with me. Can I? TIA, John
  38. G

    Logic Express 6.4: punch-in?

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.pro (More info?) So when I try to punch into record in Logic Express 6.4, the system mutes playback for a second or two before engaging record. I have turned software monitoring off and the buffer size makes no difference. What am I doing wrong? Thanks...
  39. G

    Using Dolby Pro Logic to Play 5.1 DTS DVDs

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.tech (More info?) I have an old home theater system with Dolby Pro Logic. I noticed that most of the DVDs now just have 5.1 as an audio option. Will the Dolby Pro Logic still work with 5.1?
  40. G


    Archived from groups: rec.audio.pro (More info?) I'm looking for this collection of Emagic Logic Plug-Ins for Pro-Tools TDM. Emagic is gone and the product seems to be discontinued. Thanks! best regards, Joerg
  41. G

    Where to get cl543xx Drivers?

    I have a cirrus logic card with an inscription: CL543XPCI SMT THe chip on it says: Cirrus Logic CL- GD5430 - QC - D Does anybody know how to get drivers for such a card? Don't tell me about the cirrus logic web site because there they ask you for the manufacturer and I have no...