Solved! MacBook Pro mid 2015 logic board issue?!

Jan 16, 2019
Hello professionals!
My MacBook just got check in an authorized apple service center here in Italy, the conclusion is - logic board failure. Can't afford to pay for it 700€ right now, plus there were zero signs of that problem. It's just two days ago mag safe charger stopped showing green light, charging laptop, so battery drained and that's it, no unexpected reboots, no other issues just that, everything was working smoothly. Charger is working fine with same age MacBook air laptop. The baterry was showing poor health in system stats, but not in a real life.
Could that be just faulty battery or Mag Safe DC port instead of a logic board?
Thanks for any help!
The battery you can test by just unplugging it. Be careful not to pull out any wires. Then try booting without the battery.

You'd have to replace the Magsafe DC-In board to find out if that is the issue.