How to upmix stereo source to 5.1 on windows 10?


Jul 21, 2016
Hello, I have a few questions. I recently bought a new desktop and logicteck analogue surround speakers. So I want to know how to upmix my stereo source to 5.1. I used speaker fill option from the realtek hd audio manager, but I am not satisfied with it. I'd prefer to use a Dolby pro logic II decoder, so then I tried installing Dolby home theater from my drivers folder that's in my C drive, but it says DHT cannot be installed. Why is it saying it cannot be installed? Does Dolby home theater have the dolby pro logic II feature? I download ffdshow. I know ffdshow has a dolby pro logic decoder in it, but how do I copnfigure the ffdshow audio decoder settings so I can upmix stereo to 5.1? Do I need a Dolby pro logic II receiver to use the Dolby pro logic II decoder in ffdshow? Do I need a different sound card?

Lenovo HD50-55 specs:

Processor: AMD A10-7800 Processor(AMD A10-7800):

Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64

Realtek HD audio sound card driver version

AMD HD audio card driver version

Surround sound speakers:

Logictech z506


why would you want to upmix? even if you upmix its not going to be the same. also speaker fill just pushes front channels to the rear.

get a cheap 5.1 usb soundcard or internal soundcard and output real 5.1. or, use optical with a soundcard capable of 5.1 over optical.

the problem is not with pc software.. if you are only outputting on a single 3.5mm no matter what you do it will be 2.0. you will need 3 connections for 5.1. the only thing pro logic would do is turn 2.0 files into sounding like they were 5.1.


Jul 21, 2016

Thanks for the reply. I want to create 5.1-channels from 2-channel stereo signals because I prefer upmixing and my realtek sound card already supports 5.1. For example, the front, center and surround speakers are connected to my on-board sound card through separate inputs. Isn't Speaker fill option similar to Dolby pro logic in the fact that it creates 5.1 channels from 2- channel signal? I assumed so, but it's not as good as Dolby pro logic II. Also, I don't want to use optical, because I don't have a receiver nor do I want one. I want my computer and sound card to do all the decoding and upmixing.

How should I configure the audio decoder in ffdshow so I can upmix stereo files to dolby pro logic II?

Is there a solution to fix the Dolby home theater error? Every time I go to install it, I get the error "DHT cannot be installed". Why can't I install it? Is there a solution to this problem? Do I need a different sound card? if so, which one?

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