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  1. C

    Solved! Projectors w/ no Dolby support- using Receiver for audio

    With the cheap projectors that don't support Dolby, it seems they play no audio and the manufacturers say to change the source to PCM to fix. But if my source (Firestick) is plugged to my Yamaha RX-V583 Receiver on HDMI IN, and the receiver passes signal through to the Cheap projector (e.g...
  2. billsam

    Solved! Can a Samsung HT_j5550l/ZN play netflix in dolby digital plus in the app on it?

    Hello I want to purchase a surround system that enables me to watch netflix in 5.1 and i saw a samsung HT_j5550l/ZN with the tall speakers for 300$ used . so I was wondering if it could be able to do the task. I have an old jvc 44 inch LED
  3. M

    Solved! Question about Dolby Atmos via HDMI ARC and SK8

    Hello everybody, I hope someone will know to answer my question. I am thinking of buying LG SK8 soundbar because of Dolby Atmos. I have LG OLED55B7 TV (supports Atmos) and LG UP970 4K BluRay player (also has Atmos support). As you can see, I already have those two LG devices, so it only makes...
  4. A

    Help getting Dolby Digital to work from my PC

    Hey, I have a DVD that supports Dolby Digital. When I use the DVD with my standalone DVD player and connect it to my Onkyo TX-NR509 receiver the Dolby Digital logo lights up in red. I also have a DVD player in my Windows 7 PC which is connected via HDMI to my receiver. When I put the DVD in...
  5. S

    How to connect USB headset to device with optical output?

    Is it possible, through some adapter/converter, to connect a usb headset to a device which only has an optical output port. The device outputs 5.1 dolby surround, which I'd like to enjoy using the headset. All such adapters I can find seem to do the opposite transcoding... Any help is much...
  6. D

    wiring receiver to Klisch dolby enabled

    I have a Yamaha TSR-7850 receiver. I want to use Klipsch R-625FA Dolby Atmos. On the receiver are your fronts, center, surround. Then there is Front Presence and surround Back. I am only getting sound from the top speaker in the Dolby Atmos speaker. I have searched the internet for over 3 hours...
  7. T

    Who processes the sound when SmartTV app is connected to a soundbar via HDMI-ARC?

    I use my TV's built-in apps to watch Amazon videos, Netflix, Spotify, etc. If I connect a soundbar to it over HDMI-ARC and the soundbar supports DTS Virtual X but the TV doesn't, will I still get the full benefit of DTS Virtual X? I'm curious to understand how the sound processing works in...
  8. T

    Need Dolby 7.1 On PS4 Slim

    So the PS4 slim has no optical out and I need a way to get Dolby 7.1 on it. I’ve been looking for an adapter and I need anything at this point. Please help!
  9. J

    Solved! DOLBY ATMOS sound

    HI ,I tried playing my new Blue-ray copy of the new Mission Impossible movie ,but there is no Centre channel sound. The voices are in Stereo mode. I have a Sony blue ray, plus Denon processor.I have since sent the copy back to Amazon.Any ideas ?
  10. E

    TCL Roku 6-series - Logitech z960 surround sound system not switching between DOLBY and Stereo

    I have the following equipment. 1. TCL Roku 6 Series 4K smart TV 2. Logitech z906 surround sound system I have connected my TCL TV to the logitech z906 via a digital audio cable (THERE IS NO HDMI on the z906) The Logitech z906 system has dolby DTS and a "3-D effect" for stereo sound. My TCL...
  11. gijoe50000

    Solved! Dolby Atmos from PC to home theater?

    So I'm looking to upgrade my PC audio. I currently have the Logitech z506 but some speakers are starting to randomly get "crackly", so I bought a Philips Blu-Ray 3D 5.1 Home Theater HTB3520G on eBay a few days ago for ~£25. I'll probably connect it via HDMI or optical (as 5.1) to the...
  12. B

    need sound card

    HI. Im having sony 5.1 home theater which supports dolby true hd and DTS hd.. For this im looking for a perfect sound card for my pc.. Kindly suggest.. something with dolby and dts support sound card's
  13. F

    Solved! How can I connect a Firestick 4K to a Sony KDL-40Z4500 and obtain Dolby digital from a Sony STR-DA2400ES

    How do I connect a Firestick 4K to my Sony Bravia KDL-40Z4500 and receive Dolby sound through my Sony STR-DA2400ES AV
  14. B

    "something went wrong while trying to turn on spatial sound" Dolby Atmos

    Hello, I have a dolby atmos setup at my pc. I got a yahama rx-v583 with 2 front speakers, 2 surround speakers and 2 height speakers. I have this connected to my pc with windows 10 1809 over hdmi. I have installed the Dolby Acces driver. When I try to enable the dolby atmos for home theater...
  15. A

    How can i get the Dolby surround sound on my TLC to work on my Sony surround sound

    Thank you for taking time to answer my question. I have a TCL 4k television and for the life of me I can not figure out how to get the full max Dolby experience from my new purchase. can you help?
  16. H

    Yamaha RXV-583 with amazon fire tv stick 4k

    Having Yamaha RXV-583 receiver in which amazon fire tv stick 4k is connected every thing is working fine but dolby atmos is not working. My AVR is atmos compatible. Content - Jack ryan
  17. B

    Solved! Any laptops that can output 4K, Dolby Vision HDR, Dolby Atmos to external soundbar and TV?

    I recently bought a P65-F1 Vizio TV (4K and Dolby Vision HDR capable) and the SB36512-F6 Vizio soundbar (with Dolby Atmos and 4K HDR pass-through). I would like to stream 4K HDR Dolby Atmos content, however, Netflix, for whatever reason, only supports Dolby Atmos on LG OLEDs, XBox and Windows...
  18. E

    Solved! Soundbar for tv

    If i bought a tv with dolby atmos but i don't have a soundbar with dolby atmos is a bad idea? Thanks for replies
  19. B

    Solved! TV Sound format support

    Hello all, My TV specs says that it supports : Dolby™ Digital, Dolby™ Digital Plus, Dolby™ Pulse . So my question is, if I buy a sound system (5.1 or soundbar with subwoofer) that supports Dolby Atmos (as an example), is there a way to watch movies that support this sound technology, using my...
  20. P

    Should I get Dolby Atmos if I don’t have many 4k movies?

    I am in the market for a sound bar right now and have seen the Dolby Atmos sound bars but I don’t have very much stuff that comes in Dolby the speaker quality still way better with Dolby Atmos and still play overhead sounds if it isn’t in Dolby Atmos or should I look at getting a well...
  21. L

    Solved! PS4 Sound setup

    Hi guys, Just wondering if this set up is correct, basicly i want 5.1 surround My PS4 Is connected to my TV via HDMI My TV is connected to my sound system via OPTICAL What settings should my ps4 be set to so i get 5.1 sound? if i look at my surround system its set up stereo X2, but my centre...
  22. M

    Solved! Logitech Z906 and Asus Prime Pro x470 do i need a soundcard for dolby digital?

    Hi i been trying to figure this out my self but i am planning to buy a logitech z906 5.1 dolby digital surround sound and i want to know what is the best way to connect my pc to the z906 and get dolby digital enabled. I read that best way is via toslink cable but i never found anything on...
  23. ievi

    Thinking of switching sound bar for a Dolby atmos sound bar

    I recently purchased the Samsung HW-MS550 sound bar and was thinking about returning it and changing it for the SAMSUNG HW-K950. Is this sound bar worth the price and will I be able to utilize the Dolby atoms feature with my setup? soundbar connects to computer via optical cable. soundbar...
  24. K

    Dolby digital live

    I have an asus strix soar card.This card supports 7.1 audio speakers but it doesn't mention something about Dolby digital or DTS. What's the difference between the simple 7.1 audio and Dolby or DTS? Is there any real difference between those systems?
  25. S

    Lg sk8000, Samsung k850, Dolby Atmos troubleshoot

    Hello all, I recently purchased a 65” lg sk80 and a Samsung sk850 Dolby Atmos soundbar. My problem is when connected via arc I cannot get Dolby Atmos out of my soundbar with known Dolby Atmos content, with Dolby Atmos enabled on the tv and running internal tv speakers I can get “Dolby Atmos”. My...
  26. V

    How do I get 5.1 surround from my BRripped 5.1/7.1 movies that I have in my laptop to home theater with and TV?

    My devices : LG 4K smart TV UJ6320 Old Samsung DVD 5.1 home theater HT-Z220, No Hdmi in/ARC Current setup: TV - >optical out->old Samsung home theater system - >HDMI out - > TV Being a smart TV, I enjoy 5.1 true multichannel surround sound when I watch Netflix or google play on my TV...
  27. F

    Solved! NVIDIA Shield Tv + Plex = Not Getting Dolby Atmos

    Hi, I just got my Nvidia Shield Tv 2017. I am using Plex and trying to play Dolby Atmos (TrueHD 7.1) videos, but its transcoding the Audio only, not sure why. My setup are as follows Nvidia Shield: Surround Sound = Auto (also tried disabled and Always but no use) Plex : Passthrough =...
  28. S

    handbrake DTS vs Dolby

    I am having some issues playing audio on my Nakamichi Shockwafe 9.2 system.  When playing blu-rays off the disc, I have noticed that everything plays fine throughout all the speakers (cyberlink with uncompressed audio) and the soundbar will read Dolby D or DTS depending on the movie. However, I...
  29. Y

    Good quality gaming headset

    Currently I'm an owner of the Plantronics Gamecom 788, and before that I owned a GameCom 780. You get the idea, I've stuck with Plantronics for a long while, unfortunately, this headset is no longer being made, they make headsets with Dolby Atmos now, unfortunately that isn't useful to me as I'm...
  30. B

    Solved! RCA or 3.5mm to get 5.1 dolby digital

    I recently bought Sony TZ145 home theatre and I want know which one to use RCA or Aux port for connecting home theatre to get the dolby digital and best audio quality...
  31. Z

    Solved! TV without Dolby Atmos and Soundbar with Dolby Atmos

    If my TV is not supported by Dolby Atmos. Can I get the Dolby Atmos experience by having Soundbars with Dolby Atmos?
  32. S

    How to connect h 96 pro plus to Yamaha htr 2064 home theatrefor Dolby audio

    Can I connect Android box through the av recever
  33. aforce66

    Acer Nitro 5 with Dolby Audio has constant scratchy/staticky audio

    For the past couple weeks, my Nitro 5 has been emitting scratchy audio, sometimes with static that gets louder as I turn the volume up. Even at lower volumes, the scratching is very noticeable and distracting so I can't listen to music or anything while I work or play. The only thing that solves...
  34. T

    Only stereo sound available in Win 10

    I upgraded my TV-connected PC to Win 10 from Win 7 late last year. UG went fine and I even had 7.1 sound and the Dolby Access demo even worked very well. I tried it (Dolby) a few months ago and now see that only stereo sound is available (all the other options are grayed out). Under sound...
  35. A

    Ideal 5.1 setup

    So I've been playing around with different setups for my bedroom AV gear but think I need some help finding the ideal 5.1 setup for both Netflix and games. The components are: TV: LG OLED C7 Soundbar: Samsung HW-MS650 Sub: Samsung SWA-W700S Rear speakers: Samsung SWA-9000S Console: PS4 Pro PS4...
  36. R

    Dolby Atmos + Xbox One X + Turtle Beach DSS processor

    **Mods Feel free to move if in wrong section** Hello Forum! Going crazy here, hopefully you guys can help! So before I knew about Dolby Atmos on Xbox One X, i was using my Turtle Beach DSS Surround Sound Processor via this config: Spdif out to DSS PROCESSOR into some Sennheiser...
  37. J

    PS3 Surround Sound, 5.1 Rear Speakers on Same Channel?

    hi, I have ran into a peculiar problem today. I have my PS3 hooked up via S/PDIF to a Vizio 5.1 Sound Bar Surround System, and I seem to be getting both Right Rear and Left Rear channel sounds from both of those speakers simultaneously. If that's unclear, from the WipEout HD sound test, both...
  38. T

    Solved! Anyone know any good TV's

    Hey. im looking for a 4k UHDR TV, around 50"'s, i want the TV to have Dolby Vision and Atmos, does anybody know of any?
  39. ArAnd0mPers0n

    Old dolby pro logic amp not outputting to rear speakers on pro logic mode, yet it will output to rears if using 5.1 in

    I'm using an old amp that I literally found on the side of the road (Fisher TAD-9925, and i'm not upgrading since I don't have the cash to do so) and for some time the pro logic surround functions worked. Out of nowhere they have stopped functioning, and sound only comes out of rear speakers if...
  40. P

    Solved! Non-Dolby Audio From My Computer Doesn't Use The Sub woofer.

    The HDMI output of my computer runs from my RX580 to my Sony STR-DH770, from there I have 4 Klipsch R-15M speakers and a R-10SW. When I use the speaker test in the sound settings everything is correct, and the speakers play the test sounds in 4.1 surround. When I play the clips from Dolby access...
  41. K

    Solved! Surround Sound over HDMI problem (Pyle PT588AB Receiver)

    I have a Pyle PT588AB receiver, and I've plugged in a DirecTV receiver, an Amazon Firestick, an LG BluRay player, and an Xbox 360, all of which support Dolby Digital 5.1 over HDMI. However, the receiver defaults to 2 channel stereo for all sources. The only device that lets me "force" Dolby...
  42. J

    Record a dolby digital audio feed for playback on DVD-Audio

    I'd like to take a Dolby Digital soundtrack that is playing off a Blu-ray player, Roku device, Apple TV, etc and record it to a multi-channel file, and then burn that audio file to a DVD-AUDIO disc using Cirlinca HD-Audio Solo (the latter part i have and know how to do). How do i get a 5.1...
  43. X

    Steelseries Siberia 650 bad sound no 7.1

    Steelseries siberia 650 bad sound. Hey, i just got Steelseries Siberia 650 today (had 350 before) and they really sound awful compared to my old 350-s. My 350 had amazing 7.1 sound, but to get 7.1 on my 650 i have to enable the ''dolby headphone'' on steelseries engine. If i do so, then the...
  44. D

    Cant hear threw tv only fm/am works

    Cant get smart tv settings to play dolby digital receiver
  45. R

    PS4 Pro to 4K TV via HDMI ARC , but no 5.1 Audio receiving by Surround System

    I have connected PS4 to a 4K TV via HDMI/STB port, then, TV is connected to a 5.1 Home Theatre system via HDMI/ARC port. If I plug in a USB drive to TV and I watch a movie with 6 channel (5.1) sounds, Home Theatre System receives 5.1 audio fine via HDMI/ARC. But it doesn't get 5.1 audio from PS4...
  46. Ruben_Samich

    Solved! Trouble setting up surround sound

    Hey guys, I just got a new surround sound system, and I'm having trouble setting it up. I have everything plugged in, and everything works, every speaker works, that's all good. I just can't get my TV to detect the 5.1, my TV still thinks its stereo. I have a TCL Roku TV, and I know for a fact...
  47. R

    How to create a Dolby Atmos 12.4.6 using multiple receivers

    Hi there, this is the my first post in this forum! I am planning to make a 12.4.6 Dolby Atmos home cinema room using multiple receivers, and I would start using 7.2 receiver adding the other speakers and the other receivers (adding a 11.2 to the my 7.2 I should make a 12.4.6 ) in future. I have...
  48. U

    is a 5.1 set up enough for Dolby Atmos on windows10?

    Hi there, I've got a Sony STRDN1080 (has all the bells n whistles, dolby atmos, dts:x etc) and I have my pc using my gtx1080ti hdmi to the receiver which then plugs to my TV arc port. I play Altered Carbon via Netflix app on Windows 10 so I can make use of the Dolby Atmos feature. While the...
  49. Y

    Looking for a good quality Dolby 7.1 Gaming Headset

    Hi there, I'm looking for a good quality Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound headset that is wired - I cannot stand wireless so I will plain and simply not use it. Can anyone recommend me a good pair that fit comfortably, I'm looking preferably not to spend more than £150 but will accept any recommendation...
  50. S

    Solved! Dolby Pro Logic 2 Not Working

    I want to hear stereo sound converted to 5.1 using Dolby Pro Logic II but I don't know how to enable it on my PC. It works from my TV to my VSX-530-K receiver but I can only get PCM, stereo and Native 5.1 when I switch to my pc. I have a windows 8.1, GTX 1050 2Gb, B85M-G R2.0 motherboard. Is...
  51. G

    What Is Dolby Vision? (And How to Get It)

    Curious about what Dolby Vision is and what it does? Wondering how Dolby Vision differs from other HDR formats, or just want to know where to get shows and movies that are Dolby Vision compatible? Get the scoop on the leading version of HDR. What Is Dolby Vision? (And How to Get It) : Read more
  52. T

    How to get audio from ps4 pro to tv and receiver easiest and get Dolby formats

    Hi! This is a list of my equipment: 1.PS4 Pro 2.Sony Bravia KDF-46E3000 TV 3.Sony STR-DH540 Home Theatre Receiver Now my question is how should I wire HDMI through ps4 to tv, then tv to receiver? Or should I use HDMI arc and go ps4 to receiver, then receiver to tv?? Or I was thinking ps4 HDMI...
  53. G

    2018 TCL 6-Series TVs: What You Need to Know

    TCL is rebranding its successful P6-Series this spring, which has been a favorite among price-conscious buyers with high-end features and 4K resolution. 2018 TCL 6-Series TVs: What You Need to Know : Read more
  54. M

    4k HDR and Yamaha CX-A5100

    I have a Yamaha CX-A5100 Preamp Receiver and it will not pass through HDR. If I go directly from my 4k Apple TV or my Oppo player to the TV I can HDR, but if I go through the Yamaha I cannot. I have the latest firmware version 2.11. Any suggestions? Thanks, Mobius
  55. M

    outputing dolby truehd audio through usb

    is it possible to output dolby trueHD through USB? if so, how?... i tried playing the trueHD files on my newly bought SONY HT-IV300 hometheatre has the dolby TRUEHD logo on it,but it says "audio format not supported"(i'm getting the video though).does this mean i need to buy a bluray...
  56. D

    Dolby Atmos home theatre

    So, I am putting together a home theatre in my house and I want to use Dolby Atmos because of the reviews I have heard about it. I am using this receiver YAMAHA AVENTAGE RX-A2070 9.2 ch AV Receiver with an LG C7 OLED tv and another 7 speakers (buying 2 Dolby compatible ones) but what I would...
  57. Maineman

    What is Dolby Atmos and DTS:X?

    Can someone explain exactly what Dolby Atmos and DTS:X are and what equipment is required to make good use of it? I need to replace our A/V receiver that has a typical 7.1 speaker arrangement. Will these features make a noticeable difference in sound quality without adding the ceiling speakers...
  58. C

    DTS or Dolby Digital with my Xbox/TCl/LG soundbar

    TCL TV, Xbox One X, LG SK5Y Dolby Digital/Std usage. Very complex here but I'm simply trying to make my Xbox have max audio capability. I have my Xbox connected directly to TV and my soundbar connected into ARC CEC control. Can the soundbar support a throughput to the Xbox to enable Dolby...
  59. R

    i ahve 5 wire in my earphones 2 copper 1 green 1 blue and 1 green what will be which point for pls tell me

    i have 5 wire in my earphones 2 copper 1 green 1 blue and 1 green what will be which point for pls tell me which is ground which is left and right and my earphone is a dolby atmos earphone
  60. becontroller

    Dolby Atmos Home Theater PC

    Hello,i have windows 10 installed and i wanted to experience Dolby Atmos home theater surround sound but it tells me that i dont have the system for it.I own an edifier 5.1 Speakers. What i have to do to watch movies,play games,listen music with dolby atmos? Are there any specific home theater...