Dolby Atmos + Xbox One X + Turtle Beach DSS processor


Jul 2, 2013
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Hello Forum!
Going crazy here, hopefully you guys can help!

So before I knew about Dolby Atmos on Xbox One X, i was using my Turtle Beach DSS Surround Sound Processor via this config:

Spdif out to DSS PROCESSOR
into some Sennheiser Headphones.....

Now here is what is driving me crazy..... on the DSS unit there is a Dolby "bypass"......

When i use it, it sounds almost identical to the processor (Dolby Digital/Pro Logic II)......

I guess my ultimate question is how can I confirm I'm getting "Dolby Atmos" on my headphones and what is the best use of headphones on Xbox one x in terms of surround sound

* sorry for lengthy post


Jul 2, 2013
Yeah i saw that....
I assumed that Dolby Atmos "Headphone" provided the simulated height.......

Im just wondering if its worth paying the 14.00 when it sounds the same as the DSS processor. Maybe it's a placebo effect at this point.....

Maybe I need another headphone set up, that bypasses the DSS unit......

One for XBOX that is wireless but can utilize atmos
Nov 29, 2018
Amazing I am trying to find out the exact same thing. I have my very old Earforce 7.1 DSS amp from my Xbox 360 days, hooked up to my xbox one x via optical. It produces 7.1, I just got a set of AKG 7XXXs and I connected it to the amp, sounds amazing. But my options are turn off the 7.1 on the amp, and it produces stereo and leave Atmos on or turn off Atmos and leave the Dolby Digital/Pro Logic II on or finally leaving both on Dolby Atmos and Dolby Pro on, the latter sounds the richest off all the options

Just wondering if I am causing directional sound conflict by doing so, the overall sound is magnificent, I do have a sense of sound direction in BF1 for example, but I am just wondering what would be the optimal route
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