Jan 4, 2014
Steelseries siberia 650 bad sound.
Hey, i just got Steelseries Siberia 650 today (had 350 before) and they really sound awful compared to my old 350-s. My 350 had amazing 7.1 sound, but to get 7.1 on my 650 i have to enable the ''dolby headphone'' on steelseries engine. If i do so, then the headphones sound like the sound is coming from a far away. (like you were in a corridor with a lot of echo or something). I belive that's just because I failed to set them up correctly. What's the best option? Should i endable windows Spatial sound and enable Windows Sonic or Dolby Atmos? 650 also sounds really off and i find it really hard to hear the enemyes. Right now im using them in stereo mode, becasue 7.1 just ruins the sound and is actually worse. What are the right settings?