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    Trying to get captions to work on video streamed from network media server to smart tv

    I bought a Samsung UN55MU6290FXZA smart tv a few months ago and love it. However, I stream a lot of movies and shows from my home network media server (just using Windows 10 Media Player) straight to the tv, and the only file format that displays captions or subtitles is .mkv. No .mp4 or .avi...
  2. S

    How to Setup a Plex Media Server?

    Plex is a media server which can be installed on your computer and will allow you to access your media from anywhere, on any kind of device. The media server allows the users to sync their devices and access their audio and visual data from anywhere. This article is going to teach you how to set...
  3. R

    5.1 from pc w/o hdmi

    How do I hook up my media server (old pc) to yahama receiver for 5.1? I am streaming through network and get sound on TV but no surround sound. I do not have an HDMI output on the pc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. A

    What is "Broadcom Media Server"?

    We have a Sony Blu-Ray and in the menu we've recently noticed about 8 listings for something called "BRCM-DMS 3". I've clicked on it many times and it pulls up a screen that says "Server Starting Up". After a few moments, another screen: "Try Again Later". I've also noticed 3 new empty...
  5. J

    samsung un60ks8000 wired streaming issue

    my wifi and wired connections work fine for netflix, etc. when i am on wireless connection i can see my ps3 media server and stream fine. when i connect on WIRED connection the ps3 media server goes away. also the smart view app works on wireless but not wired. ive tried setting as static and...
  6. D

    PLEX Media Server Recommendations

    Hi All, Not sure if this is the correct place for this post, but I'm planning to get a dedicated system for my Plex Server. Space being a constraint for me, I was thinking of getting a Mini PC, such as a Mac Mini, or an Intel NUC. I'm planning to have the movies stored initially in USB external...
  7. I

    Media Server Help

    Anyone successful with their media server or hard drive connected to their tv? All I'm looking for is a way to play all my media on my tv without hickups or errors. I want my huge media closet filled with cd's and dvds reduced to small drive that I can just keep in my console under my tv...
  8. FredJr

    Laptop Plex Media Server Battery

    Hello forum! Odd question but I recently purchased a laptop to be a dedicated Plex Media Server. However, id rather try not to kill the battery in the process. The laptop has to always be on and to do so it needs to be plugged in. Is their some sort of battery manager that will stop charging...
  9. J

    How to make my PC a media server and stream movies to a TV?

    Hey there, I've recently moved a bigger apartment and need a new solution for my home theatre. I used to have both PC and TV in the same room and just connect them with a HDMI. (PC -> HDMI -> Surround receiver -> HDMI -> TV) But they are now located in two different rooms with too much...
  10. S

    App for media server compatible with Apple TV?

    Hey guys, I just moved in with some friends that are pretty into Apple products and they have 2 apple TV's for there TV's. I have Plex media server and just use chromecast to watch it on my TV. I'm trying to figure out a way to be able to stream to the Apple TV and my Chromecast...or if I had to...
  11. I

    HTPC Options - Plex vs Kodi/XBMC vs Emby/Media Browser

    I'm planning on getting a HTPC - not decided now between Raspberry Pi 2 vs dedicated HTPC. Will be used in my home theatre room and would like it to be constantly on and downloading via Bittorrent. I am wondering about what app/server option I should go with I will be storing all my media on...
  12. T

    Should I bitstream when outputing audio over hdmi to receiver?

    I'm using JRiver as a media server, outputing audio to my Yamaha receiver over hdmi. I have an option within JRiver to bitstream, and I can select various formats including Dobly true HD and dts-hd. I've read the forum in JRiver but I'm still a little confused. Is there any advantage to...
  13. G

    Looking to add something to stream media to the computers around the house.

    I want to add media streaming capabilities to my home network. Unfortunately, I am unaware of how I should go about it, especially with so many options available. -This device will only be used to stream media (Movies - Blu-ray rips,Music, and Photos). -I want it to be able to stream to at...
  14. Nintendork99

    Need some clarification on HTPCs, Media Servers (UPnP) and NAS Arrays

    Hey guys, Let me start by explaining what I am trying to accomplish. I am starting to run out of room for my collection of DVDs and Blu-rays in my main media room. I used to have this problem with CDs, but then iTunes came around and I burned them all to my computer. Once they were on my...
  15. CaffeineTripp

    Using Shortcut Program for Default Media Location

    I've come upon a bit of a problem; I'd like to stream my movies I have on my server through my Samsung HT-F4500 blu-ray as it gives the option to change sources. It defaults to the normal Windows XP My Documents folder, but I've got all my media on an external hard drive. I've attempted to do a...
  16. L

    Lounge setup advice

    This is my first post here, so first of all, Hi everybody! We have decided to move in together with my girlfriend which for me will mean to setup our lounge! At the moment my home entertainment system is my iMac 27”, but what I plan to set up is the following: · HDTV – not 3D, maybe smart? ·...
  17. D

    Trying to use DLNA on Netgear WNDR3700v4.

    I'm trying to get the DLNA server to work on this wireless router. I'm not seeing anything on my TV when I turn on the media server nor on my Windows 7 PC. I have the router UPNP turned on for this, normally turned off. Since there is only the on button and give it a name I'm a bit lost as to...
  18. L

    Budget laptop for use as a media server

    With holiday bargains in full swing i'mlooking for the best laptop to use as essentially a media hub to store my digital libray, edit/transcode videos, and make my digital content easily accessible across all my devices. With that In mind I have no idea which processors to be looking for...
  19. Jordannn15

    Need some help on an HTPC or media server build

    Okay so I have heard of htpc's and media servers but I don't really know what they are except for some research I have done. I have 5 TV's in my house and I would like to be able to record and watch live (HD) tv without paying for cable and having the stupid set-top box is this possible? I think...
  20. D

    Recording audio from SACDs

    I have an Oppo BDP-95 that I really love. I am considering loading my CD audio collection to my media server using Sonata software (FLAC format). The CDs are no problem as I can use the PC's onboard Disc player for input but I need to use the Oppo as the reader for my SACD discs. Is there a...
  21. drumorgan

    Media server.... questions

    Alright, I'm pretty new when it comes to non-computer electronics. I'm looking for a media player that I can transfer music/movies to wirelessly from my computer from my own home network. But I want it to have a remote and be able to organize some how. I know I'm picky, but I appreciate all...
  22. J

    Best Free NAS OS that supports PLEX Media Server

    I'm building a media server and want to know a OS that supports plex and has a web UI so I can use it without a monitor over a wired network
  23. D

    Media Server

    Hello all, I'm currently researching home media server to build. Its mainly going to store movies and music that I want to stream. The media server will be located in my computer room that will connect to a switch so I would be able to stream the data to the other computers. My confusion begins...
  24. N

    Is there a single box that comes bundled with a media server and media player?

    Hi i am looking for a media server player kind of device which can be used as a home media server and a player in my home network. What that essentially means is i just want to keep a single box in my living room - connect it to my TV, play content like movie, photos, surf internet etc. I don't...
  25. exfileme

    $14K Media Sever Coughs Up HD Goodness

    Looking to dump huge loads of cash into a media server? Try Imerge's MS1. $14K Media Sever Coughs Up HD Goodness : Read more
  26. F

    Changing various video file genre tags

    I have a library of videos Ive made for streaming through a media server. I would like to set up the genre for the different files but I can't find a way to change the file tag. Ive found a program that works with .avi but I can't find one that works with the different high res file formats...
  27. G

    Replay Linux Media Server...................................

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Someone told me that you could setup a Linux server to stream video to the Replay unit. Can someone give a URL as to the particulars? TIA.