Recording audio from SACDs


Oct 7, 2013
I have an Oppo BDP-95 that I really love. I am considering loading my CD audio collection to my media server using Sonata software (FLAC format). The CDs are no problem as I can use the PC's onboard Disc player for input but I need to use the Oppo as the reader for my SACD discs. Is there a way to connect the Oppo to a PC using some kind of audio input card (SPID, Coax or HDMI)to get the 5.1 format? The card must be PCIe as those are the only slot in the PC. I was told by Oppo that I would have to use HDMI because of DRM. Is this correct? Thanks.
To rip audio off an SACD you would need to connect the 5.1 channel analog audio outputs to a sound card with 5.1 analog inputs. You would need to record the 6 channels in realtime as the disc is played. You would not get the full SACD quality since it would be have to be converted from analog back to pcm digital in your PC. The only way to rip SACD as SACD would be more complicated as per this link