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  1. S

    Windows Defender detected as malware by Malwarebytes

    Hello I currently have Malwarebytes free version and I just ran a scan and it detected one malware. The following is extracted straight from the log file "File: 1 Generic.Malware/Suspicious, C:\PROGRAMDATA\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS...
  2. Moustafa_ELwasif

    CMD window keeps poping up randomly and immediately disappears

    One of the posts had a solution, and the writer said to type these 2 codes: First type: Get-BitsTransfer -AllUsers | select -ExpandProperty FileList | Select -ExpandProperty RemoteName Second type: Get-BitsTransfer -AllUsers | Remove-BitsTransfer and that all what I got...
  3. J

    Can you use a regular 2.0 usb mouse in a usb 3.0 port?

    Hi I am about to purchase a Microsoft surface laptop but have a concern about it only having a usb 3.0 port. I need to be able to use my wireless usb 2.0 mouse but am worried that it won't work with 3.0. I know Microsoft have released the arc mouse witch connects through bluetooth but I...
  4. C

    Block malicious Edge browser redirects

    When using Win10 Microsoft Edge browser to visit certain webpages I am redirected to malicious and ransomware web pages without my consent. There does not seem to be any provision within the Microsoft Edge browser to block malicious redirects or to include a black list of web pages to be...
  5. S

    Windows 10 64bit graphics drivers for HP G6-2302ax

    Product Name: HP pavilion G6-2302AX Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) I have bought the HP G6-2302AX back in 2014. It came pre-installed with Windows 8 64-bit OS. Drivers for the laptop was available at HP support page of this model. in 2015, The laptop was upgraded to Windows 8.1...
  6. C

    Minecraft Super Duper Pack: Can i run it?

    hi everyone,i was wondering,can my intel g4560 and gtx 1050ti run minecraft super duper pack,i know there isnt any system requirements for now,but,microsoft said that super duper pack wants good hardware :/
  7. B

    Looking at good deal for Surface Pro 4, worth or not?

    I'm about to enroll in university this fall, and I was looking at buying a new laptop that's good for academic work. I checked on microsoft's website, and there's a bundle that includes the Surface Pro 4 (i5, 256 GB and 8 GB of RAM model) and the type cover for only $899 including my student...
  8. D

    ACER SWIFT 5 - Unable to Charge

    Hi there! I was using my Acer Swift 5 this evening while charging it when it suddenly turned itself off. After turning it back on I was unable to charge it anymore. I've tried using a different power socket and adjusting the wire but none of them seem to work? Under device manager, there are...
  9. henrytcasey

    What’s the Best Music Service for You?

    Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Pandora, Google and Amazon all offer tons of music, but picking the right service comes down to what makes each one unique. What’s the Best Music Service for You? : Read more
  10. H

    Microsoft OneDrive 'sync conflicts' greyed out, can't select.

    When trying to use one drive the 'Sync Conflicts' option is greyed out. I cannot select 'let me choose to merge changes or keep both copies' This is really annoying for multiple users on the network This issue is happening on both windows 7 and windows 10 with both office 2013 and 2016. Have...
  11. C

    I just bought a new HP Stream. I installed Office 375 but Publisher was not with it. Is there a reason or what do I do?

    I do not have Microsoft Publisher after activating Office 365 on my HP Stream. Is there a reason?
  12. A

    An alternative to Windows OS in a PC

    It's a simple question.Which operative system you choose to run in a personal computer, besides Microsoft Windows of course.The reason why i'm placing this question i'm simply fed up with constant updates,the fact Microsoft doesn't treat me like a client but as a servant of this...
  13. S

    Exchange surface pro 4 core m3 for i5 model?

    I bought surface pro 4 a less than 7 days ago, and am absolutely loving it. The problem is, if i play 1440p 60fps video or anything higher than that(including 4k), there is horrible lag and stutter. The problem only occurs in chrome. Edge runs it just fine, but most of the videos don't have any...
  14. K

    Microsoft acct. security confusion

    Today, I have had warning flags on three startup telling bme that my MS Acct. then my Outlook acct. then Skype acct are out of date and require immediate attention. Having gone to the MS 'attention' page it presents me with emails that I used and closed years ago. Supposedly if I use thjese...
  15. L

    I can't move app to sd card

    I can't move app to sd card it show error code of 0x80073d0b mine is Microsoft lumia 640 it can't open any app pls do need full I am missing so many information
  16. T

    Will the Surface pro 4 drop in price as of the release of the new surface

    Hi There, I have been looking at the Surface pro 4 for a while now, but I haven't bought one due to the price. Since the release of the new surface, I was wondering if the prices of the surface pro 4 will drop because if they don't, I will get the surface pro 3. Thanks :D
  17. A

    Microsoft Office 2016 Command Prompt Pop-up Randomly

    Hello, For the past few weeks I've been facing this strange issue where every few minutes, a command prompt shows up and disappear within less than a second. It often tabbed me out of any programs that was using full screen, and make windows inactive which interrupting my typing. This is quite...
  18. S

    DVD player will not read regular DVDs

    dvd player will not play regular dvd on Toshiba L75D-A7280. Microsoft Windows 10 Pro version 1703 installed & Microsoft techs remote accessed to try to solve to no end. Suggested I update the BIOS that is from 2013...Also hate that I have a video card with VR but the bios does not support it...
  19. E

    Best laptop for work emails and excel

    Hi I am looking for a laptop to do my emails and use excel and Microsoft and sort invoice files. Can anyone one reccomend one that's not slow and suitable for this I have a budget or up to £250/£300? Thanks in advance
  20. T

    Is the Surface Pro 3 i5 with 256gb come with 8gb of ram

    Hi There, I'm looking to buy a surface pro 3 with a i5 and 8gb of ram (Storage isn't really a problem). Anyway, I was on a website and they are selling a surface pro 3 with an i5 and 256gb of storage. I need to know how much ram it has, but I can't contact them. With a bit of research, I found...
  21. Paul Wagenseil

    WannaCry Ransomware Outbreak Isn't Over Yet

    The WannaCry ransomware attack hit China especially hard Monday, and experts warned that new strains were about to appear. WannaCry Ransomware Outbreak Isn't Over Yet : Read more
  22. M

    microsoft security patches

    I been a geek for many years but never understood the following. How can programs such as word have a security flaw that could let hackers take control of a pc. I ask this because yes my hub is on all the time but technically speaking my pc is not connected to the outside world unless I open...