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  1. H

    Solved! I Need Help

    Hey guys do you know how to fix this error in terraria Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Content.ContentLoadException: Error loading "PixelShader". ---> System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Failed to load XnaNative.dll. Please verify that you have the XNA Framework installed. at...
  2. henrytcasey

    Surface Phone Not Dead? Windows 10 Code Reveals Clues

    Code found in a new release of Windows 10 suggests Microsoft's Surface Phone may still happen. Surface Phone Not Dead? Windows 10 Code Reveals Clues : Read more
  3. G

    Office 2007 Suite 1 .exe downloaded from Microsoft won't install on my Windows 10 laptop

    Hello there! I have a functional key for Office 2007 and want to install it on my Windows 10 laptop. I downloaded the Office 2007 Suite 1 on Microsoft's official site and got a file named office2007sp1-kb936982-fullfile-fr-fr.exe . When I run it, it shows a contract terms agreement window...
  4. A

    Microsoft Visual C+++

    I have microsoft visual c++ redistributable from 2012, 2013 and 2017. Can I uninstall from earlier version? 2012 and 2013
  5. G

    Microsoft and Samsung Teaming Up on 'Powerful' AR Headset (Report)

    The companies are reportedly working on a wireless headset that uses both augmented reality and virtual reality. Microsoft and Samsung Teaming Up on 'Powerful' AR Headset (Report) : Read more
  6. Graybush

    The new Your Phone App for Windows 10: Yay or Nay?

    This week, speakers at Microsoft Build announced that a new app called Your Phone will coming out for Android and iOS. It's going to be a way to connect your phone to Windows 10 and allowing you to share data, answer text messages, and swap photos without ever looking down to your device...
  7. J

    How to update/upgrade my bios to the latest version. Currently have 2013 version

    I am unable to install important windows 10 Microsoft security update.
  8. K

    Is softlay dot net Legit for downloads?

    Hi, Anyone used softlay dot net to download legit windows ISOs? I have legit keys but have never used this site before. Microsoft don't publish old OS ISOs on their site any more. Thanks,
  9. Paul Wagenseil

    Microsoft Has a New Weapon to Fight Tech Support Scams

    Microsoft is using machine learning to spot and shut down tech-support scams. Microsoft Has a New Weapon to Fight Tech Support Scams : Read more
  10. D

    hacked again or still?

    I have been hacked once again. On friday the 13th. I could not get into my computer for 29 hours.i finally called a cousin and while i was telling him i was locked out of my computer a hacker or hackers were in my computer. i kept trying to start up in safe mode but could not, well finally...
  11. J

    reboot from factory settings

    How can I reboot from factory settings. I had a Microsoft problem and my only option was a factory reset. My laptop (Satellite) doesn't have a DVD drive.
  12. K

    Toshiba Satellite C55dt-C5245 Touchscreen

    Last Windows 10 update removed all traces of my touchscreen drivers. Microsoft claims they have no touchscreen drivers. Toshiba claims the touchscreen drivers are provided by Microsoft. MS tried a system restore and it malfunctioned so they reinstalled a new version of Windows 10, but still no...
  13. S

    Microsoft Support Ended - Office 2007

    Hi, Does anyone have a link to download Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 please? I have a valid licence key, but I lost my disc and my PC is in desperate need of a format. Microsoft gave me the following when I tried to re-download it from their site: Error Support for the product you...
  14. S

    when my mother was still alive! It happened last month they popped up all of them. I cried,

    Gallery and microsoft of my memories before my mother died! They all popped up one night, cried, turned off my phone for the night. Morning all gone. I know they are in there, but where?
  15. R

    playstore isn't working on myu Yu phone

    I'M using Microsoft iPhone
  16. R

    CMD popup Window 10 Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows

    Lately I've been experiencing CMD popup Window 10 Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\(random characters). I've tried removing it with SMADAV, Spybot Search and Destroy and AdwCleaner even using ESET one timer tool to remove it but it still exist. I'm not really good at computer so I...
  17. M

    microsft edge in aquadock

    how to put Microsoft edge in aquadock? any alternative is also appreciated!
  18. J

    Office 365 and Office 2016 Professional

    I am working in a non profit organisation Microsoft have offered us Office 365 Nonprofit Business Essentials, Which is free of cost upto 300 users Office 365 for non profit have only online office application. We have license for Office 2016 Professional. My question is can we integrate Office...
  19. I

    Laptop for college (Intel Core M vs Intel Core i5)

    Hello, I've been very hesitant in buying a laptop for college but I found myself liking the Surface Laptop. It gives me the option in choosing which type of processor I want. As I'm not sure which one is more suited for me...
  20. P

    Video.UI.exe and Microsoft.Photos.exe not signed and 1 virus found in VirusTotal

    Hi, I'm using Windows 10 Pro 64 bit and Process Explorer with "verify image signatures" and "check virustotal" options. I can see two processes with 1 alert of virus and not signed: C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.ZuneVideo_10.17122.15711.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\Video.UI.exe C:\Program...
  21. U

    How do you stop Microsoft One Drive for Business from running?

    I have a Windows 10 laptop with Microsoft Office 365 installed on it. I don't use the regular One Drive, nor do I use One Drive for Business, and One Drive for Business tends to run in the background on my laptop. I need to go into the system tray and right click and hit exit to get it to...
  22. J

    Surface Book 2 cheapest Base Model: Microsoft - Surface Book 2 - 13.5" PixelSense™ Display - i5 / 8GB / 256GB iGPU - Silver

    Microsoft - Surface Book 2 - 13.5" PixelSense™ Display - i5 / 8GB / 256GB iGPU - Silver Can anyone tell me about these specs ? i am on limited budget, and i need it for school work. i will be using it for notes and to read digital E textbooks and perhaps browsing and using Microsoft office...
  23. G

    Microsoft Project Alternative for Mac - Need Recommendations

    Good evening, I'm working with a user that has a Mac and apparently Microsoft does not make Project for OS X. Does anyone know of a free alternative software that can view .MPP or any other project files? Thanks, David
  24. L

    Actication ID Microsoft Office

    Need an activation code for my microsoft officer. According to Microsoft there are no support for this anymore. Onluly 2 days of offfice programs
  25. D

    Microsoft Surface book 2 or HP spectre 360?

    Im currently wresting with the decision of whether to buy a 15 inch surface book 2 with the I7-8650U, 256 GB storage, 16 of ram and the GTX 1060 dedicated GPU. VS the newest model 15 inch HP Spectre, with the I7-8550U, 500 gb storage, MX 150 dedicated GPU. This unit will be used mostly for heavy...
  26. E

    Windows 10 > Start Menu > Folders

    How. New to Windows 10. I figured out how to reduce the width of it by unpinning every single thing Microsoft thought users would be interested in. But now I'm at the stage where the Start Menu is ridiculous. It used to be you could create a folder in the Start Menu, then move programs into...
  27. F

    Can I delete this folder?

    I have this folder named "Security Cache" located in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Performance\TheftProtection\SecurityCache. I want to delete it because its size is 2gb and I need to free some space. I had bad history with this folder too about 2 weeks ago it had trojans in it and I deleted it...
  28. D

    Fake Microsoft pop-up

    I am the idiot who called the number when my computer froze. Allowed them brief access to computer as well. I have 2 competent computer people I can call anytime but I just was not thinking [ I have some hepatic encephalopathy] Took to computer engineer friend, used every malware out there, paid...
  29. D

    Being spied on by M$ through my niece's HP laptop...

    So last night my ten-year-old niece was showing me her new HP laptop. She logged into her Microsoft account and started showing me Roblox, an M$ kids' game she plays with her friends. She then showed my her vocabulary assignment in Word. I had never heard of Roblox, much less played it, but when...
  30. J

    Slower to wake up from sleep than full boot?

    So, I use a sata ssd to boot windows and all of the Microsoft preinstalled crap. Other programs use a 7200rpm HDD. Whenever I do a full boot, it takes all of 10 seconds to get to the lock screen. When going from sleep, it takes about 5-10 seconds more to get to the lock screen. Is this normal?
  31. D hijacker on my browser, but I had a clean install

    I got a new cpu and mobo so just to avoid future problems with windows, I did a clean install with the windows media creation tool. (Windows 10) Everything went fine. After windows was installed, it asked me to set up the basic things and login to my Microsoft account. So I logged in and I...
  32. M

    Microsoft Child Account

    I accidentally added my friend's mail to my Microsoft account as a "Child". I removed him from my Xbox and from the Microsoft Family but he still needs my permission for Google Chrome and other apps. How does he cancel it?
  33. M

    find malwarebytes in toshiba laptop it dissapeared is it microsoft

    Paid version of malwarebytes dissapeared. any clues as to how to find it. does is have any connection to Windows defender.
  34. A

    Is there any way to "delete" a playback or recording device forever? Microphone not working and don't know where else to turn

    So I picked up a Microsoft Surface book 2 a few weeks ago. The microphone was working fine up until a few days ago when I started using headphones to listen to stuff. Ever since then, my microphone doesn't work no matter which device I select in whatever program I'm using to capture audio. Just...
  35. R

    After using copy and paste a few times it quits working. Using Microsoft Works.

    After using copy and paste in Microsoft works a few times it quits working what is the recovery for this
  36. M

    How would I be able to get a windows 10 disk foe a Toshiba Satellite? His much would it be?

    Trying to get windows 10 for new hard drive
  37. O

    Best SMS App For Android

    Hello Every I want a SMS for my android Smart Phone Please Suggest Me. I have search and Found here" A SMS App For Android Made By Microsoft It is a nice But I want any other Best SMS App
  38. steven37

    Lenovo vs Microsoft 2in1's

    Okay so what do you guys think is the best 2in1 right now? The purpose they would have for it is mainly art purposes like Photoshop and other editing and drawing software. Ones that I have found are the Lenovo Yoga 920...
  39. S

    how do you replace keys microsoft sculpt keyboard

    Help! I can't seem to figure out how to replace 2 keys on a Microsoft ergonomic "scupt keyboard". It's maddening-NOTHING on the MS site!
  40. I

    Can someone help me find my audio driver?

    My IDT audio driver suddenly disappeared on my HP ProBook 470 G0 laptop, I need help getting it back and I can't seem to find it anywhere, Microsoft's auto driver installer can't seem to find the driver. My hardware ID is; HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_111D&DEV_76E0&SUBSYS_103C194D&REV_1003...
  41. G

    How to remove a hacker from my system

    How do I remove a hacker from my system that I allowed remote access thinking he was Microsoft partner and now money is missing from my bank account and Loans have been attempted to be applied for an hour name in a place that we do not live and they have been denied so far but money has...
  42. knanan

    How to Use Cortana Set Up For Windows 10

    With the new Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft is putting a new spin on an old task. Cortana can now be used to set up Windows on your PC by using your voice. Users with new PCs that have the Creators Update preinstalled will be greeted with Cortana at the start of the setting up process...
  43. knanan

    How to Find My Pen on Windows 10

    As Microsoft continues to roll out frequent updates for PC users, tablet and notebook users have not been left behind. Windows 10 was designed with a ton of pen-based inputs, features gestures for users to take advantage of. However, mistakes do happen and stuff gets misplaced. Luckily...
  44. knanan

    How to Pin Websites to the Taskbar in Windows 10

    One of the most popular features requested by Windows 10 users is the ability to pin websites to the taskbar. Microsoft has listened to customer feedback and has now introduced this feature to Microsoft Edge as of Build 16215 of the Windows Insider Program. Pinning websites to the taskbar allows...
  45. J

    Solved! my pc won't let me login to my email

    Say's that Microsoft cannot connect to the internet please search network problems in the search box on start menu
  46. J

    how do i transfer photos from a microsoft lumia phone to a galaxy j3

    still have phone but dont know how to transfer photos from microsoft phone to galaxy j3
  47. S

    Microsoft Surface Book + Games

    I am now looking at Surface Book the one that has i5 6300U, 8 GB ram and dGPU as they call it (it is the 940M). My main usage will be consuming media, Adobe lightroom or photoshop processing photos of about 20MB. Apart from this I will be playing Warframe, thats the only game I will play. I...
  48. G

    Gaming Tech Support Showdown: Sony vs. Microsoft vs. Nintendo

    We went undercover and tested the tech support packages offered for Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation. Here are our rankings. Gaming Tech Support Showdown: Sony vs. Microsoft vs. Nintendo : Read more
  49. F

    why wont my widows 7 accept v2 adapter

    I bought a v2 Microsoft adapter to connect my tv and laptop.I can't seem to get it to connect.I am using windows 7
  50. P

    Microsoft error X:/windows/system32

    /\X:/windows/system32 - can't get from here to c: to run chkdsk \f
  51. J

    surface pro 2017 8gb ram corei5 cpu and 256gb ssd vs building a gaming pc?

    both would be around 1400$ to 1500$ in cost once i get the keyboard with the surtface which is extra $ i dont play much native pc titles but emulators on pc so im thinking the surface might be a better option.?
  52. 1

    I recently downloaded steam onto my Acer laptop and whenever I go to download any game it says Microsoft Edge instead. How can

    I downloaded Steam onto my computer and got a Steam account. After going to download the game Bendy and The Ink Machine, it came up and asked if I wanted to change from Microsoft Edge to Steam. I clicked yes and nothing happened so I assumed it did it automatically. I tried to download the game...
  53. B

    Microsoft Fake Tech Support

    I went to a website to watch online dramas and then it told me to disable addblock and I did. After entering, random browsers just pop out and saying from my speakers that I have to call them. Luckily I didn't, I went to restart my laptop and update. IT boots normally and I enter Microsoft Edge...
  54. J

    buying a Surface pro 2017 and putting manjaro kde linux on it possible?

    i hope to run it natively thus replacing windows 10 install on the device. i dont mind if the touch screen doesnt work right with linux im just wondering if thw wifi and type cover will work fine?
  55. J

    acer aspire r 11 says error 0xc0000c14

    file:\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\BCD it goes to a blue screen after start up after acer logo the boot configuretion data
  56. mrmike16

    Is the Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) really worth the high costs?

    I think the newest model of the Surface Pro is the most expensive out of all of them (when new). So is it worth it anyway?
  57. jjamesdias

    Has the Surface pro 4 battery life improved in 2017? (personal experiences please)

    Hiya peeps, I am currently looking to get the Surface Pro 4. The model I'm looking at is the i5 with 8gb ram. Microsoft claims 9hrs video playback for the battery life description. I browsed youtube searching for battery life tests in order to get a good idea of the battery life on this device...
  58. Ill91_Gamer

    Basic Windows Troubleshooting

    Hello, Today I will show you how troubleshoot Windows. This is for basic issues that need to be fixed. This feature comes with Windows and is made by Microsoft. Steps: Step 1. Open Control Panel Note: This is how to open Control Panel, if you do not know. Windows 7: Click on the search tab...
  59. T

    umax astra 2100 scanner software

    i am looking for free software for my scanner to download without ads for windows 10 if anyone can help thanks :)