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    Solved! Lenovo Legion y720 - slow while multitasking

    Hello, I have a problem with my Legion Y720 notebook, it is very slow while multitasking. For example: if I have a game opened and then I start any browser and try to watch a video on youtube, it get's very laggy, I cannot watch the video. Before upgrading to this notebook, I had a much worse...
  2. V

    Solved! 'Dead slow', Asus fx553vd-7700hq core i7 7th gen, 8gb ram but no peace, no life.

    I am using asus fx553vd-7700hq core i7 7th gen, 8gb ram but it works (booting, opening any software, heats up in multitasking, drivers are not compatible, etc) very slow than a normal i3+4gb laptop. I formatted it and again reinstalled OS (win10pro), then updated all the drivers but still I am...
  3. J

    Help with buying laptop

    Hi, i was wondering which of the following 2 laptops anyone would recommenced for intense multitasking. Does the MHz in the RAM matter as they are both 8GB? 1st Laptop-...
  4. L

    Can't multitask on acer aspire e15

    I've always played games on my laptop yet recently it has started to have issues when I am playing a game and using voicechat simultaneously. If I am in a discord call or using steam party chat while playing a game I will get massive frame drops as well as constant stuttering. i never used to...
  5. M

    Triple monitor setup with youtube

    I have an triple monitor setup, and I want to know how to play youtube in full screen in one monitor and do other things in the other 2 monitors ( I am using the surround phsycX of nvidia )
  6. D

    Laptop from 2012, worth the upgrade? (for business)

    So, I have an old notebook from 2012; Compaq Presario CQ57. Here are the specs: RAM: 2GB 1333 MHz DDR3 SDRAM + 1 free slot CPU: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU B815 @ 1.60GHz HDD: ATA Disk, ST320LT020-9YG14, Seagate, 320GB GPU: Intel HD 3000 OS: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Basically, this notebook does its job...
  7. R

    Packed pixels for DELL Inspiron 15 7000

    So I got Dell Inspiron 15 7000 and I saw many laptops by today standards are able to have additional screen or "packed pixels"... Dell Inspiron 15 7000 has only HDMI port that does not work with PP so is there any other solutions for me or am I stuck with single screen?
  8. M

    Laptop for programming and multitasking needs under 600$

    budget = rs.40000 I am from India so recommend me a laptop that is available in India. Laptop will be used mostly for programming and some games(on low-med. settings will do)occasionally . Main programs will be Matlab & simulink , powerworld , eclipse. I am also looking to do some game...
  9. J

    Advise on budget laptop for college

    Hi, I've been looking around for a cheap laptop that I can take to school and be able to sit there all day without having it charging. I originally was looking for something around $200, maybe $300 max, but then ran into this ASUS...
  10. B

    Spec for spec, will 2 laptops have the same power for productivity and multitasking?

    I have a choice of 2 laptops: 1. Notebook HP 14-bp104TX 2,Notebook Lenovo IdeaPad320S-81BN002WTA (Gray)...
  11. F

    Suggestions on a budget work Laptop

    Hi all, a colleague of mine is looking for a new laptop. He would like a budget of £450 or around that. We work in a school so a computer that could handle multitasking and quick to boot applications is ideal. Hes not really interested into gaming that much as long as it could run minimal games...
  12. A

    Looking for a certain software?

    I currently have a 2 monitor setup for my PC atm and I am having a hard time multitasking on it. I am wondering if there is a program where I can have 1 set of Mouse and Keyboard only usable on 1 monitor and another set for my 2nd monitor.
  13. P

    Searching for a laptop that is lightweight and within a budget, and 'possibly' for gaming/multitasking?

    What I researched so far:
  14. S

    1366 x 768 vs 1920x1080 LAPTOP 15.6" HELP

    Hello, so i need a laptop for college. USES: Will mostly do programming stuff. I multitask a lot so there's that (will a 1366 x768 screen give me less space to work with? And possibly will watch tons of YT and movies on it when im relaxing (but this is a minor factor). So i have no idea how...
  15. I

    Good multitasking laptop under 500$ (Buying online with PayPal & shipping it outside us)

    Hello everybody! I am in need of some help. My Toshiba C655 literally broke down. My Gsd dog ran through the charger plug and it fell to the ground. That day nothing happened. But a few days later my screen went green... I knew I needed a new laptop by December so while I am fixing it I am...
  16. L

    i3 vs i5 and ram

    So I can't decide between an i3 or i5 processor. I want to be able to multitask between various applications and still have multiple tabs open. My question is: should I go for an i3 which includes 4 GB RAM- where I upgrade the RAM to get more multitasking work out of it. Or should I go for an i5...
  17. Z

    Advice needed for decent multitasking laptop

    Hi all, Could anybody help me to choose a good laptop for me. Most used programs: AutoCAD, 3dsmax, Sketchup, photoshop cc, Microsoft office and browsers. I usually open a lot of programs open that I can go back and forward between them. I would like a laptop that can handle them without...
  18. H

    Looking for a laptop to use for programming/pretty heavy multitasking

    Note : I have already found a possible laptop to buy, but since It's my first time buying a laptop I'm not entirely sure if it's good or not, it's listed in bottom of the post. 1. What is your budget? My budget is at max $600. 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering...
  19. M

    Budget everyday use laptop (CANADA)

    I need to buy a laptop capable of everyday tasks and homework (Office), little multitasking, multimedia purposes and very little to none gaming (for example Counter Strike). There is only one problem, my budget is only around 500 canadian dollars and from the research I've done so far, I haven't...
  20. EndlessMidnight

    Is 4gb of ram enough for a laptop these days?

    When purchasing a new laptop is it better to go for 8gb these days? I'd use it for web browsing (I need to keep a lot of tabs open sometimes) playing music, using light programs and playing a few games like the Sims. My current laptop has 4gb of ram and it works fine it doesn't go over 60% while...
  21. H

    budget laptop recommendations

    good day to you all, just a quick question, I am looking for a middle of the road laptop. nothing too serious, no serious gaming, just regular. will be used for daily surfing, multitasking and downloading and watching movies. Budget only around 250 pounds 300 tops as I spent 500 on previous...
  22. A

    Deciding between 2 laptops

    Hello everyone, this is my first post on the forum. My girlfriend wants a new laptop for work related purposes: reading pdfs, using office (excel and word mostly), occasionally SPSS, browsing the web, Netflix on the weekends and VERY LIGHT gaming (Age of Mythology and Titan Quest tops graphics...
  23. D

    i7-7500U vs i5-6300HQ laptop performance comparison

    Which configuration would be better for general use, heavy multitasking and gaming? i7-7500U with 16gb DDR4 RAM and Intel 620 shared graphics (13.3" touchscreen) i5-6300HQ with 8gb DDR4 RAM and GTX 960M with 2GB GDDR5 (15" non-touch) I am planning on buying a laptop with one of these specs...
  24. K

    Laptop for engineering applications and occational gaming

    I am currently looking to change my old laptop with AMD Radeon 5000 because it didn't seems to work well with CAD applications. I am looking for a laptop with graphic card that can handle both engineering and CAD software plus gaming. I am seriously into Skyrim mods and more likely to do so...
  25. P

    Seeking a laptop where where display, keyboard, and battery life take precedent under $700.

    I'm looking for a laptop with an adequate or good keyboard, a 15" 1080 display, and a 5 hour minimum battery. RAM and graphics don't matter much to me. I'm looking for a computer I can use to watch shows, play games (I'm into more retro games and MS-DOS emulation so I don't need anything...
  26. A

    Choice of laptop for Business use

    Hi all, I am looking to replace my old Dell Latitude E6430 (i5 3320M with 4 GB Ram) and i need your opinions. I usually have opened several programs like Outlook, Skype and Skype for Business, OneDrive, 4-5 Chrome tabs, one virutal machine, and several excel files that goes from simple ones...
  27. P

    Laptop for everyday using

    Hello guys. I am a student, living in Lithuania and looking for a laptop that would be sufficient for multitasking and be able to handle games. My budget is 500-600€. Here are my choices, please leave a comment about these laptops, if they worth buying or not. Or, kindly ask you to advise me...
  28. F

    14" too small for gaming?

    Basically title is it too small for gaming/ annoyance for regular use like youtube,fb,multitasking etc.
  29. P

    want o buy a laptop under 61k

    want a laptop for good multitasking and graphics rendering i have selected two laptops 1) ASUS ROG GL552JX-DM087D 2)Dell inspiron 3543 which one should i buy ? any other suggestion?
  30. S

    Adding a second screen to laptop (lid attachment)

    Hello I am interested in adding a 2-nd screen to my laptop (lid attached) for extended desktop and: -multitasking -streaming -gaming -videoing / youtubing ;) you all know the rest but.... I am worried that: a) My video card will die after a few days or worse b) Power brick will not handle it...
  31. A

    Which laptop is best?

    I am currently considering two laptops to purchase for general use and would apprieciate advice/opinions on which you would prefer.
  32. Steamrolled

    Is it worth it to upgrade my RAM?

    Right now I have a Acer Aspire 7551. This is the RAM it uses. I have 2x2gb sticks and having problems multitasking. I am planning on getting a new computer but am waiting on a bigger budget. Should I drop around $50 on a 1x4gb stick? $75 on an 1x8gb or 2x4gb? Most importantly would it help? If...
  33. N

    hello need help choosong tablet

    Hello im looking for a tablet to read ebooks and write documents in word If i could both things at same time like multitasking it will be great. My budget = 275$ more or less I think about samsung galaxy tab 4 sm t230 Toshiba encore What you think?
  34. K

    Is lenovo Y50 or HP Envy 15t better for gaming, 3D design, movies, multitasking?

    Hello! I wanted to get a laptop for gaming, 3D design, movies and multitasking. I found these two. Which one is the better and more reliable laptop in terms of performance, quality, relibility, features etc. Could anyone please tell me which one is better? Please suggest any other laptop you...
  35. K

    Which laptop should I get for(new) gaming, 3D design, movies, multitasking?

    Hello! I wanted to get a laptop for gaming, 3D design, movies and multitasking. I found these two. Which one is the better and more reliable laptop in terms of performance, quality, relibility, features etc. Could anyone please tell me which one is better? Please suggest any other laptop you...
  36. K

    Which laptop should I get for(new) gaming, 3D design, movies, multitasking?

    Hello! I wanted to get a laptop for gaming, 3D design, movies and multitasking. I found these two. Which one is the better and more reliable laptop in terms of performance, quality, relibility, features etc. Could anyone please tell me which one is better? Please suggest any other laptop you...
  37. K

    Which laptop should I get for(new) gaming, 3D design, movies, multitasking?

    Hello! I wanted to get a laptop for gaming, 3D design, movies and multitasking. I found these two. Could anyone please tell me which one is better? Please suggest any other laptop you would recommend with similar specs and price range Lenovo Y50(newest)...
  38. M

    Opinion on HP PAVILION 15 N209TX

    Is this Laptop good for multitasking and casual gaming? Any cons? Plz suggest
  39. T

    Buying a Budget School Laptop

    Hi guys! I'm looking for some help selecting a laptop for school. I would like to spend less than $500; honestly less than or around $400 ideally. I like to have things like soundcloud and youtube open whilst reading and writing so the only real requirement is the laptop to handle a little bit...
  40. Y

    HTC One vs LG G2

    Which is better phone?i'm going to stream my pc games(light), watching videos,multitasking.(who's better overall)?i can get both at same price
  41. A

    Best budget laptop for intense multitasking

    Im looking for the best laptop i can get for my needs under £460 British pounds and it has to be available in the UK for that price. I really liked the look of the Lenovo U series and the Dell 7000 series both of which i could afford in the US but not in the UK so you see the prices don't always...
  42. S

    Cheap laptop for a student

    Introduction: Hello! I'm looking to buy a cheap, lightweight laptop, around INR 30,000 to INR 40,000.(USD 500-650) I'm going to need to carry it around a lot, so I prefer a higher battery life, and low weight. Usage: I will be using it for Photoshop, research, browsing, Microsoft office...
  43. morgan payne

    help please need a gaming laptop is this one goo (URGENT)!!!

    Hi everyone Is this laptop good for the price this is urgent so please respond quickly I will use it for recording minecraft videos at about 120 frames and...
  44. R

    Best Laptop for Multitasking/Gaming for under $999

    Looking for some input on the best Laptop for Multitasking/Gaming for under $999 and can hopefully either be ordered or bought in a store. Making a decision today so all responses are greatly appreciated.
  45. R

    Laptop- multitasking, MS CIS student, photos light gaming

    I want to make sure I get the most for my money without over spending on upgrades that won't make much of a difference. I like the HP ENVY TouchSmart 17t-j100 Quad Edition but my mind isn't made up. I like a 17in screen prefer at least 1Tb HHD do I need an SSD? Is this too much system for me...
  46. C

    Multitasking laptop under $700

    Budget? >> $700. Preferred size? >> 15.9 inches and below. Screen resolution? >> Doesn't matter. Battery life? >> One that lasts 4 hours or more. Do you want to play games? >> I play Dota 2 but when I have free time only, which is rare. What tasks do you want to do with your laptop? >>...
  47. N

    Light-gaming / Light-weight multitasking ultrabook

    Hi all, I'm on the market for an Ultrabook for work/school/home use. Battery life, CPU power and weight are important factors in my decision. 1. What is your budget? $800-$1,400 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 13.3" or less 3. What screen resolution do you...
  48. S

    Looking for a good laptop for me

    I'm a student looking for a laptop and will be using it for school applications, so something good for multitasking, and will also want to use it for light gaming and I also don't want to go over $1000. Any suggestions or ideas for a good laptop for me will be appreciated.
  49. L

    I'm Looking for a laptop that is under 750 dollars in Canada.

    What is your budget? 500-750 maybe 800 What country will you be buying this in? Canada What size notebook do you prefer? Mainstream (15 - 16-inch screen) What brands do you like or dislike? Like: no preference, little iffy on HP Dislike:dell Would you consider a refurbished laptop...
  50. S

    Which is a better gaming and multitasking laptop. Gaming comes first and then multitasking but both are important

    i have a question for you. Is the i3 3rd gen 3217m chief river core 1.8ghz better or i3 3rd gen 3120m hm75 2.5ghz. The 1st one is from a touch laptop and the other is normal and the touch laptop has gt 740m or 730m and the other has amd radeon hd 8750m. I'd like to know which is a better...
  51. M

    Best laptop for student (linux, word processing, web browsing, online movies, no gaming)

    Hi there, Last three days I've been struggling with wikis, forum threads, vendor's technical sheets, performance charts and hierarchies, online shops... My head is about to blow up. I think need your help. 1. Budget: under 500$, as low as possible. 2. Size: around 15.6'' 3. Screen...
  52. A

    Which Laptop is Best?

    For speed, multitasking (videos, music, lots of tabs, Wordpress, FTP, HTML some video editing all open and used at the same time!), and just in general. I don't care about gaming, but I want to be able to watch videos. Laptop 1...
  53. SteelFangs

    Gaming, Drawing, Multitasking Laptop? Help

    I need help deciding on a new laptop, my current one is just not doing it for me anymore - so many issues internally and externally. I'm not too tech savvy so bear with me. I'm looking for a high performance laptop that can handle multitasking, drawing programs like PS and Sai, and even some...
  54. G

    Best gaming /enertainment laptop under $900? All arguments welcome!

    Any ideas? I need a computer that can play all the latest games, but still has good multitasking capabilities, and is under $900.
  55. thomasf94

    M17xR4 with extra monitor

    Ok, so I am about to buy a m17xR4, currently I have a desktop in Nvidia surround with 3 monitors, with a 680. I will sell 2 of them, and just use 1 extra for multitasking, my question is, can I use the monitor as the main display, and the m17x screen for the secondary multitasking screen next to it?
  56. B

    Best 1920x1080 laptop 17 inch

    Hi I am looking for a laptop with res: 1920x1080 particularly for multitasking and screen space, so viewing would be the highest priority. I am not looking for a particularly powerfull gaming laptop although it would be nice for it to be powerfull enough to run Diablo3 or Starcraft2 etc I dont...
  57. Z

    RIM: Active Multitasking Will Differentiate BlackBerry 10

    Component provides solution to minimizing apps on smartphones and then scrolling through a series of screens to open new ones. RIM: Active Multitasking Will Differentiate BlackBerry 10 : Read more
  58. J

    Help to deciding on new laptop

    please help! new lappy for performing multitasking of CAD softwares,movies etc extensive gaming gaming. budget is 750$ HP or DELL. screen 17.3 " which one is best bet ?
  59. S

    Multitasking HDMI

    Hi, Am I able to write a paper on my laptop while streaming a movie from the same laptop to a Tv Via HDMI cable? I have a Sony Vaio computer.
  60. N

    Any suggestions for a good multitasking laptop

    i have £550 to spend on a laptop that will be good for multitasking anyone with any suggestions please reply thankyou.