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  1. J

    Solved! NFS Rivals on Nvidia 940m?

    I have a HP Pavillion with 1tb hd, 12gb ram, i7 processor and 940m graphics. Can I run NFS Rivals somewhat smoothly? What performance can I expect?
  2. A

    i have a 4 gb nvidia 940 mx gui but when i play any game the screen gets lag and it get solved as soon as i connect the charge

    I'm playing need for speed most wanted and sometimes when I run the game the laptop screen experience some lag, but the lag gets solved and the game works perfectly fine as soon as I connect the charger.
  3. A

    i have 2gb amd graphics and 1gb intel in my laptop but my nfs most wanted 2012 lags more any solutions?

    i have 2gb amd graphics and 1gb intel and a fulll hd display in my laptop but my nfs most wanted 2012 lags more any solutions?
  4. K

    looking for a solution to my laptops probelm

    my laptop started freezing recently while am playing games like NEED FOR SPEED MOST WANTED and even GRAND THEFT AUTO VICE CITY and before they used to play normally with no issues but now it seems a cant play a single game without it freezing, please help?????
  5. R

    nfs rivals is lagging

    hi guys i just purchased a new hp 14 j007tx laptop. my specs are i5 5200u 2.2 ghz gtx 950m 4gb 12 gb ram when i tried to play nfs rivals at medium- high setting it starts lagging some times. i.e at those times fps drops to 10 - 12 . i am playing at 1600 x 900 resolution. please tell me...
  6. D

    Planning to buy Acer v5-573g

    I am looking for a budget gaming laptop that can run nfs rivals and gta 5 on medium-high settings. My current choice is Acer v5-573g (NX.MCES1.003) with following specs- Intel i7 4500U Nvidia gt750m 4GB 8 GB DDR3 RAM 1tb HDD, 5400 rpm Should I buy it or go with lenovo z50 or any other laptop?
  7. thelivingflesh

    can my laptop play games at 4k?

    Hello,i just got a 4k screen 60hz so was wondering if i could get 30-40fps at 4K in some of the games like without changing the settings to medium: gta5 farcry 4 new nfs series also which cards would you recommend for desktop for maxing out everything in 4k from the amd side... i did that...
  8. S

    Can i run nfs no limits without any lag on Sony xperia M2 aqua?

    please reply soon
  9. S

    Is it possible to run nfs most wanted in sony xperia m2 aqua without any lag?

    can i run most wanted 2 in this phone without any lag.please answer.
  10. G

    Would a Dell M6500 run NFS Rivals

    Specs i7 920X 2.0GHz ATi FirePro X7820 or Quadro FX 3800M 8GB Ram
  11. Nonta72

    Laptop AC Charger keeps disconnecting when playing games ?!!!

    [1st, forgive me if I posted in the wrong section of the forum] My AC Charger keeps disconnecting whenever I play games. Games I tried and faced that issue: - NFS Rivals - Crysis 3 - Battlefield 4 - PES 2015 - NFS Hot Pursuit (2010) All settings on Low with 1280x720 (over 35 Fps). System...
  12. I

    looking for graphics card

    can i play NFS Rivals on core i3 intel hd graphics 3000
  13. S

    Online gaming possible?

    How is it that i can play nfs rivals online? plzz help me tell me step wise what to do and what to download PS the NFS Rivals is the downloaded one ...
  14. H

    nfs most wanted of 2005 strucks every second

    hi please guide me. i have hp mini of 1gb ram, i installed the nfs mostwanted game in my laptop i opens normally, the problem that i am facing is that i cant play freely because of the following problem. 1)even though it opens normally it strucks every second while i playing 2)then while racing...
  15. V

    I am looking for buying a new laptop for education and I want to play only some games like gta 4 and nfs. My budget is below4k

    Please reply at least 1 gb graphics should be there.
  16. J

    can i play nfs rivals on i3?

    Hey i have core i3 4010u @ 1.7ghz, RAM- 4gb ddr 3 @ 1600mhz, GPU- AMD hd 8670M 2gb ddr3 Can i play nfs: Rival and most wanted 12 on high settings?
  17. MachX

    Can I play Battlefield 4 or NFS rivals at low or medium settings in Lenovo G510? BUDGET $750 - $800

    Hi Guys, Need your help choosing a budget laptop for gaming, I would like to play the latest games like Battlefield 4, NFS Rivals. I don't mind playing in low/ medium settings @ 800x600 or 1024x600 resolution. I don't mind as long its smooth. So my question is can I play those games smoothly...
  18. P

    hi guys.i want to buy a gaming laptop that can play games such as NFS, GTA 4 , battelfield 3 , tomb raider etc on high or ul

    I want a gaming laptop that can play games on high or medium settings with no framerate drops . for me looks dont matter so any laptop with good specs would work . PRICE RANGE = 1200 USD
  19. A

    nfs rivals isnt running smoothly but battlefield 4 does

    Here goes the specs Amd quadcore a8 .. 2.10ghz processor .. 8gb ram...dual graphics 512mb 8550(integrated) and 2gb 8570(dedicated) ... 1tb hdd ... The problem is battlefield 4 is running smoothly in mid specs but NFS rivals is not at all smooth even after reducing specs to min level ... The CPU...
  20. F

    Games Lag when not on power

    My computer lags when I run NFS:Most Wanted, Protoype 2 and Dishonored. I used to get much better frame rates but now it lags every 5-10 seconds or so. I own an ASUS S46CM. Here are the specs - Intel Core i5 3317u Nvidia GeForce GT635M 2 GB DDR3 RAM 6 GB 1600 Mhz DDR3 RAM I would like to...
  21. C

    NFS, the run, undercver and th new MW

    I'm really new here, the thin is I play games now and then, but a can't fund he high-end boys so here are 4 laptops i'm eyeing
  22. A

    Download nfs most wanted full setup for free

    i need this games cost i love it ,i love to driving.
  23. S

    Will nfs most wanted work on laptop hp probook 4520s with intel hd graphics, 2gb

    Wanted to know whether nfs most wanted would work on the laptop. The specs are given in the title above. If more information is needed let me. If it cannot work on the laptop tell WHY?
  24. A

    How to unlock nfs ug2 final race

    how to unlock FINAL RACE in NFS UG2
  25. R

    How to install NFS most wanted

    Hello, I am able to open NFS most wanted but when I select to play the game, the application closes saying "speed.exe has stopped working" please help me!!!!
  26. G

    Solved! Nfsis not working

    Hello, nfs shift is asking for CD even after installation.. pls help
  27. G

    Solved! Can nfs most wanted black edition work in hp pavilion dv2000 laptop?

    Hello, Can nfs most wanted black edition work in hp pavilion dv2000 laptop?
  28. exfileme

    EA Offering BMW M3 in NFS SHIFT Contest

    The latest promotion for Need for Speed SHIFT offers a new 2010 BMW M3! EA Offering BMW M3 in NFS SHIFT Contest : Read more
  29. G

    Need for speed most wanted

    steps to install nfs mostwanted
  30. G

    Q: Pro Tools and NFS volumes

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hi there, just a short question. Will Pro Tools 6 on Mac OSX (10.3) accept a Volume mounted via NFS? AFAICS Digidesign doesn't write anything about it, except that network shares aren't supported for realtime operation, such as recording and...