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  1. BreakerLol

    Question I made a horrible mistake. | Acer 5740 / Model NO. MS2286

    So, I wanted to fix the Laptop from my little Brother. He plays games on it and it randomly turned off. He stayed it was doing that like every few hours. I thought it overheated. And it was full of dust. After I cleaned it up, plugged only the board in, pressed the button and it turned on! So...
  2. X

    Question LG TV - no power

    Hi, My LG 22TK410V-PZAEK isn’t powering on anymore. The standby light is not showing, it flashes for a second occasionally if you hold the power button otherwise it’s completely dead. I have tried unplugging and holding the power button but that didn’t work. It was fine before this and now it’s...
  3. ekiryl

    Question my Dell laptop has no power

    Hi guys. let's get to the point. So, first my laptop screen is blank and there's a "bib" sound, so i thought it was RAM. I opened up my laptop back case and put the RAM and clean it. when i put it back, suddenly my laptop won't turn on. I tried to put the battery and plug the adapter and...
  4. S

    No power Canon t4i (650d)

    Yes, no power at all. I was one day on a shoot indoors and all was going great. There was no substantial humidity to worry about, and we were no shooting anywhere near any liquids, including coffee. The next day I went to plug in the battery into the camera and waited a bit, but there was no...
  5. L

    my hp envy x360 15m-bq121dx won't turn on and has no led lights on

    I have a fairly new, perfect condition, hp envy x360 convertible. Bought 4 months ago. Opened it up 2 days ago and it wouldn't turn on. I have tried to hard restart it. It has an enclosed battery so I can't pull that out to reset.
  6. T

    my new laptop won't turn on

    So i've just have brought a new laptop Dell Insprion 15 7000 serires in Singapore and after i unbox it, hit the power button and nothing happen, the laptop won't turn on. I've tried to charge it for 2 hours but STILL nothing happens. Somebody help me please becuz now, i stay in Vietnam. Should i...
  7. E

    Dell XPS M1210 won't boot after processor upgrade

    Hi folks! I've got a Dell XPS M120 with the Intel T2300E processor (1.6 GHz). Because it got slower over the years I decided to upgrade a few things. I upgraded the RAM which now consists of two 2GB units. Next I bought an SSD. Finally I wanted more processing power so I bought the Intel T7400...
  8. I

    Multiple Batteries Won't Power Laptop For More Than a Few Minutes

    I have a Dell XPS 12 9q33 laptop that arrived in a state where it will shut off after a minute or two when there is no AC adapter plugged in. The battery was supposedly fine according to diagnostics, but after some research I came to the conclusion that one of the cells was dead and that's what...
  9. K

    ASUS X55A Dead - Wont power up

    I have a ASUS X55A that is dead, no lights, no sign of life. I have used a circuit tester and it is getting power through the power cord. I have also done the static restart by taking out the battery and holding down the power button for 30 plus seconds. But, nothing, no lights, no sound, nada...
  10. S

    Toshiba Satellite e55 not keeping power on (mobo swapped twice!)

    Very odd issue with this machine. Came into a shop i work at and has had me stumped. The machine will turn on but will not keep on. It stays on for about 5 seconds before losing power all together. Tried taking out RAM and powering it on with the same problem. Tried taking out the internal...
  11. LindonBoy

    Need to know the pins to jump power supply board to test the power? (Picture provided)

    I just need to know which pins I need to use in order for me to jump the power supply board to test the power. If it helps, the board is out of a Samsung le40c530f1w. Below is an image of the pins. Thank you!
  12. K

    compaq cq40 no display no power

    Compaq CQ40 has no displays, when the battery is plugged, it switches on for a second, fans spins for a second, sometimes 2 seconds. . .still no display. . battery charging icon is blinking. . no other blinking leds when the battery is unplugged, direct ac adaptor, nothing at all. . . thanks...
  13. B

    Laptop completely unresponsive - Sony Vaio VPCSB190X

    Hello all, and thanks for taking a look at this issue. My roommates laptop suddenly stopped working the other night. The story is that it had been sitting, powered up, with the charging plug inserted into the jack. He moved the laptop and realized that the charging plug was not fully inserted...