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    Question Hp pendrive releated issue.

    Why does my 16gb HP v215b pendrive show 15.1gb usable storage? I format it with Fat32 but nothing changes. How is it possible? Thanks for advance. These are screenshots.
  2. M

    Couldn't play movies on Android phone from SD card!

    I have a 64GB SD Card (Class 10). In order to get movies onto it, I have to format it as NTFS. However, once I put the SD card in my phone, it doesn't seem to recognize the NTFS format and reformats it back to FAT32 and removes anything that was loaded on the SD card. Anyone find a way around this?
  3. M

    My Vu Android TV does not read USB Hard drive with NTFS file system

    Dear All, My "Vu Android Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart TV (55SU134)" is NOT reading USB Hard drive with NTFS file system I have huge number of 4K / 1080p movies with file size more than 5-15GB always. Whether the TV supports only FAT which is very old & more than 4GB files can not be played? If...
  4. T

    Dc into my computer it has always been the same ( NTFS ). I plugged it into the USB on my multi card reader on my computer and

    When I plug my Galaxy Tab 2 into my computer it has always been the same ( NTFS ). I plugged it into the USB on my multi card reader on my computer and now it comes up as ( CDFS ) no matter what USB I plug it into, and the letter that identifies your drives changed. I can't figure out how to...
  5. H

    How to Boot USB Drive in Secure Boot Mode (UEFI)

    HP Notebook 15-f009wm OS: Windows 8.1 with Bing 32 bit Hello all, This is my problem: I can't get my USB drive to load while in Secure Boot mode and continue running into 'Boot Device Not Found. Please install an operating system on your hard disk' screen. The only method that works thus far...
  6. K

    NTFS issues help

    Hi everybody , I need your help, I have been trying to boot my computer and it says launch start up repair and if I press that a blue screen pops up saying ..ntfs.sys PAGE_FUALT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA Under technical information it says: ***STOP:0x00000050 ......... *** ntfs.sys- address...
  7. Z

    My new seagate 2 TB external hard drive (NTFS) is not recognised by my Toshiba LCD TV

    My new seagate 2 TB external hard drive (NTFS) is not recognised by my Toshiba LCD TV. I had a 500GB (NTFS) one which worked fine. I don't know why the new one which has the same format doesn't work. Does anyone know a way to solve this issue. Thanks in advance. Regards, Zisis
  8. S

    data recovery software

    Please read my other thread first Well....I tried get data back ntfs and it says files can't be recovered as they are corrupted. Is there any other software that can do a full indepth search and recovery? I have lost all my data and it's frustrating. Please help.
  9. S

    PROBLEM = file C NTFS check file for consistency

    finally got laptop working. ac power bad. worked for a while. Then Message " File C NTFS Label TI102782WOE CHECK FILE FOR CONSISTENCY. Now screen black & condition unknown
  10. R

    Most data got damage after convert FAT32 to NTFS with Paragon Partition Manager 12

    I don't have issue in previous versions, after apply to convert the partition stop at 10% with error not enough memory "win XP 32bits" .then my partition converted NTFS but most data damage. I ask paragon but they never help for anything because they want serial no "I don't have it because I use...
  11. N

    Usb stick formatted to ntfs

    Hello, I am not tech minded at all....have windows vista...needing new laptop, probs windows 7 ...going to use sandisk 32gb to store music from old laptop but reviews show problems between different formats FAT32 to NTFS ????....what's that mean ?
  12. C

    Windows was unable to complete the format

    Hello, I tried to change it from NTFS by clicking on exFAT, and the window message said "Windows was unable to complete the format." I need to format my SD card or I won't be able to use my karaoke
  13. Sword Dancer

    Free boot/rescue disc that formats hard drive as NTFS?

    Does anyone know of a free boot (rescue) disc that will format a hard drive as NTFS? Thanks!
  14. C

    Help with restoring files

    Hello, I have backuped my friend's data and reinstalled windows, but there was a hidden file I missed. When I formatted windows I just did a quick format to ntfs for Win XP. I tried to use GetDataBack for NTFS and it found the file names (mainly text files), but when they were restored they...
  15. D

    Second Copy and vista folder NTFS junction points

    Hi! I use Second Copy and are pleased with it except I have to exclude every single Vista NTFS folder Junciton point or else I get an endless path like "\Application Data\Application Data\Application Data\Application Data\Application Data\Application Data\Application Data\Application Data” etc...
  16. S

    Good Price for Kernel for FAT-NTFS Data Recovery Product

    Anyone out there know of a site that may have a GOOD price (< $50)where I can buy a copy of Kernel for FAT-NTFS Data Recovery software or some other easy to learn HDD recovery software? Need it like yesterday :sweat: - Lost my MB and need to get data out of the old drive. It is sceen by...
  17. V

    Can you unlock a partition in external HDD? (NTFS)

    I had at first made my external 1 big 250gb partition, but I want to shrink that partition. but when I use the Ubuntu partitioner (my only option I think) it shows a padlock and won't let me resize. How can I get this to change?
  18. M

    Winrar and NTFS

    Hi, I was trying to unzip a file more than 4GB and winrar said something like, "cannot because NTFS systems cannot unzip files over 4GB" . But I formatted my disk using NTFS. ------------------------------------------------- Athlon64 Newcastle, 2800+, 640KB Cache, 1800 MHz MSI K8M Neo-V, VIA...
  19. A

    Fat32 faster than NTFS on partitions smaller than 60Gb?

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.pro (More info?) I've read on a couple of articles that FAT32 is faster than NTFS on partitions smaller than 60 or so Gigabytes. Apparently FAT32 isn't hindered by security issues and indexes which are part of NTFS. I am about to create a small FAT32 partition...
  20. _WW_

    Need a boot manager

    I've got two versions of XP on seperate disks and would like to choose between them during boot up. Can anyone recommmend a good boot manager that will work with ntfs partitions and disks, preferably free. ....WW (4.0)
  21. A

    Create Norton Ghost 2001 Image on NTFS?

    Has anyone created a tool for creating 2001 Ghost images on NTFS? Is there a special boot disk I can download? Thanks. Always remember, you are unique...just like everyone else. :wink:
  22. L

    scan virus in NTFS

    i want to scan virus under NTFS using MCAFEE at DOS Mode. please help me!