My Vu Android TV does not read USB Hard drive with NTFS file system

Mar 19, 2018
Dear All,

My "Vu Android Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart TV (55SU134)" is NOT reading USB Hard drive with NTFS file system

I have huge number of 4K / 1080p movies with file size more than 5-15GB always.

Whether the TV supports only FAT which is very old & more than 4GB files can not be played?

If yes, I am stuck here. The defeat the purpose of watching 4K HD movies via USB HDD.

Please let me know how to use the 2TB hard drives that i have with NTFS on Vu Google TV.

Your help on this is much appreciated.

If the TV does not support using the drive directly on it, you can hook up that drive to a computer or a router with USB data sharing and use that to share the movies on your network through the TV.