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  1. O

    Question Hp pendrive releated issue.

    Why does my 16gb HP v215b pendrive show 15.1gb usable storage? I format it with Fat32 but nothing changes. How is it possible? Thanks for advance. These are screenshots.
  2. codietheangrybird

    I need help to fix my ps3.

    My ps3 is acting up. I shows the file system corrupted screen. And then the bar fully fills and then takes me back to that screen. I don't wanna lose any of my data. How do I fix?
  3. Z

    Solved! So Confused, Please Help!

    Hi there. something weird happened to a laptop i just purchased. I set up the laptop and set the full computer name to my name. I moved into a new place, connected to my new flatmates network. As I was applying for jobs online I hit the browse button to locate my resume and it said that it was...
  4. K

    Dell XPS- No hard drive or file system recognized

    Hi, I have a dell XPS 15 9560 (only 1 month old). It was working just fine yesterday and when I turned it on today I was taken to the dell assistant screen where I was told "no hard drive is installed". I did some searching and found a thread explaining this can be fixed by going into BIOS...
  5. N

    16gb sandisk micro sdhcblank or unsupported file system

    hi when i put my 16gb sandisk micro sdhc in my phone it says blank or unsupported filesystem.when i click it,it says formating but the same notification remains i connected it to my laptop using microsdhc adapter but the sd is not recognized however in disk managment i see it without a letter...
  6. M

    My Vu Android TV does not read USB Hard drive with NTFS file system

    Dear All, My "Vu Android Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart TV (55SU134)" is NOT reading USB Hard drive with NTFS file system I have huge number of 4K / 1080p movies with file size more than 5-15GB always. Whether the TV supports only FAT which is very old & more than 4GB files can not be played? If...
  7. M

    Galaxy S5 Mini doesn't like SD cards

    I've got 6 micro SDs ranging from 128mb to 8gb (meaning I can go at this a lot if need be). I've already tried the 8gb formatted as FAT32 and a 4gb formatted as exFAT. Neither of them are recognized by the file system. They are both recognized by my computer. When I insert the 8gb, mount sd card...
  8. C

    SD Card Is Blank or Has Unsupported File system LG G Sylo (LGMS631)

    Hey guys, how's it going? I recently noticed something with my 4 day old phone. When I restart the phone it gives me the message "SD Card Is Blank or Has Unsupported File system." It then gives me the option to format it, I press format and it gives me the message "SD card currently being...
  9. C

    I need help with my laptop!

    My DELL laptop will not work right and it all started when I was in the chrome browser and a little pop-up happened in the Corner of the screen saying there was a update that needed to be installed so i clicked it. It shut the laptop down and a screen came up that was moving up down left and...
  10. C

    File Systems - FAT32

    Hi I was just doing some research about the FAT32 file system. I was told from a computer scientist that FAT32 has a max partition size of 2TB, but from what I am reading online it says the max partition size is 32GB? Which one is right, are there different types of FAT32? Thanks for your time!
  11. E

    SDHC saying no known file system

    Hi, I have an SDHC card with some photos on which are not backed up. When I try to explore the files on the card windows says that it needs to format the card ( I click no), it goes on to say that the card does not contain a recognised filesystem. I've been trying different recovery software...
  12. T

    External Hard-disc on Sony Bravia TV

    Hey I was thinking of buying Sony KDL-W600B. But I need to know whether it supports External Hard-disc (1 TB) with NTFS file system.Specially I'll play large size (more than 15GB) .mkv files. I've heard that it doesn't support NTFS file system. If that's true,then I'll have to go with my second...
  13. 7

    Installing Ubuntu Problems

    I am trying to install Ubuntu but when i get to determining what root drive i am putting it on it tells me. "No root file system is defined. Please correct this from the partitioning menu." When i click "Change" to switch it Ubuntu locks up on me and i can't do anything. Is there a way to fix...
  14. D

    Saving Data from an Android

    Hey, so my phone's screen broke awhile ago (Droid razr maxx), and I copied the entire file system plus everything on the SD card to my computer, but I didn't root it or run any backup programs or anything before I sent it in to be repaired. The repair took way too long so they're just sending me...
  15. R

    SD Card File System

    I have an unrooted Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3100 Tablet and 32 GB SD Card with fat32 file system which has 4 GB file size limit but I want more to download big torrents and store movies. I know NTFS is good but without root it will not work. so I thought of exfat and I heard of it supporting big...
  16. X

    Impossible to format SD Card

    Hello, I have a problem and no answers from earlier helped me. I have a SD Card (MicroSD 2GB) that has worked earlier normally. But ~4 days ago it suddenly got corrupted. My LG-P760 shows as active card, I can see file list, but I cannot create, delete, modify, move, etc. Only copy is...
  17. A

    How do i format a memory card with a RAW file system?

    how do i format a memory card with a Raw fils system?
  18. S

    Data Recovery

    I have a HD that has lost it's File System. My wife was doing work and the pc froze, so she rebooted. After that, the file system was gone. Normally I wouldn't care but all our family photos are on that hard drive. Does anyone know the best software I can use to try and retrieve those photos?
  19. G

    Info on File System, Web Interface

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I'm interested in writing some utilities which would run under MS' .NET Framework that would download stored video from a 55xx and format it as "standard" MPEG files suitable for editing and burning to DVD. I know there are existing...
  20. G

    Software Translator

    I have a neighbor who has an old file system (DOS) called PFS: Professional File System, that she has been using for years to produce a book. Now she has a new PC (WINXP) and wants to convert those files to something useful under windows. I have been unable to find a way of translating them...