Aug 31, 2013

I have a problem and no answers from earlier helped me.

I have a SD Card (MicroSD 2GB) that has worked earlier normally. But ~4 days ago it suddenly got corrupted. My LG-P760 shows as active card, I can see file list, but I cannot create, delete, modify, move, etc. Only copy is working. I copied everything I need and I decided to format my card. But this seems to be impossible. Mobile Phone shows that card was successfully formatted, but it still stays as it was before with full of files and used space. When I got inserted into PC, I saw no files inside (http://i.imgur.com/tkoSJ0u.png) and there is no Format function available. It is probably because it does not have any drive letter to it (http://i.imgur.com/CY37NFH.png).

How do I attach a letter? Neither system, nor antivirus, nor other programs can find this location.
Or a better question is: how do I format my SD card?

EDIT: Sorry if wrong section.
EDIT2: When I connect my SD card (in phone or in computer with USB), it causes lag which is not supposed to be (because it didn't cause earlier).

Shermy Lam

Oct 11, 2013
try connecting the sd card by itself and install a program called easeus partition manager home edition http:// then open the program and look for the card. then rightclick on you card, then click on format partition