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  1. B

    Laptop wont boot from usb

    Hello! Today I tried to help my friend with formatting her laptop but I cant find the way to boot the pendrive. I think i set everything as it should be in BIOS, fast bios mode is disabled, UEFI boot support is disabled and the usb is 1st on priority list. Her OS rn is windows 10 and we want to...
  2. A

    Solved! Is it possible that my ssd is about to die, or virus?

    Hey, recently my PC started acting really weird. So i decided to investigate this and scan my PC. I started getting blue screenvof death with error code memory_management. Later i noticed that i cant open/run any antivirus programs, they started crashing instantly. So i decided to format my...
  3. W

    iPad stuck at activation

    I have 16g iPad air 2 WIFI+ Cell with broken screen, I was trying to sell it, so I logged out from iCloud and started resting and formatting it, after that finished, I found out the iPad couldn’t be activated saying " your iPad couldn't be activated because the activation server cannot be...
  4. S

    I have a samsung galaxy grand prime plus. My mobile phone is not using the SD card even after formatting it. And it is still s

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus. My mobile phone is not using SD card even after formatting it. And it is still showing that the storage space is running out. So what should I do now? I hardly download 2 apps and the notification of "storage space running out" is displayed.
  5. C

    Solved! Some websites won't load properly in Chrome

    Certain websites like netflix just show text without formatting or images. The weird things are I haven't changed settings or anything, it's only specific sites, Microsoft Edge loads the same pages just fine.
  6. W

    PC says my so card needs formatting?

    Why does my memory card need formatting? I can't view my pictures.
  7. K

    Use of unsupported sd card without formatting

    My device is galaxy j5. It shows only the option of formatting with a notification of unsupported sd card when my old memory card is put imside. I need the datas in that memory card. Can I repair it without formatting.
  8. E

    Formatting SD card

    I have a Nokia D5 phone and it keeps telling me I have no space left even though I have a huge SD card in it. I've read about formatting the storage of the SD card to internal but when I try to do this is says 'format to portable', please help!
  9. S

    My vfd300 says there is no internal space after I have formatted sd card as internal and I've deleted everything

    Storage problem with vodafone vfd300 after formatting sd card as internal
  10. P

    Formatting frequently smartphones

    Hi to all. I wonder is it harmful for phone formatting frequently? If yes what are they? Actually i am a obsessif guy and regularly i m formatting phone and i dont know is it harmful and want to learn. Thanks for replies
  11. J

    Formatting Drive Correctly

    Hello, I installed an M2 ssd card in conjunction with the hard drive already installed on the laptop. I successfully cloned the drive and now booting from the ssd. I re-formatted the hdd drive but the partitions are still showing on "My PC" as the drive space allocated for the recovery & the...
  12. M

    SD card for more memory

    I have a J7 perx, and I can't seem to find one bit of info on formatting the SD card for internal memory. Please tell me what's going on with my slow phone.
  13. A

    Bootable USB/DVD, not formatting Windows 10

    Hello, I made USB and DVD bootable for formatting my laptop. I tried different booting application. In BIOS in the BOOT section I made USB/DVD first to start from them. Then I saved and exit. And PC just opens normally. Like I didn't do something?
  14. F

    How to recover app data from forgotten SD Card?

    So I recently got a new SD card. Stupidly I removed the old one and chose to forget it on my android device without thinking. I now have some missing app data that is really important I retrieve. Is it possible to still get the data out of the SD card? Is there a way to get my phone to recognise...
  15. P

    i am not able to reset my toshiba satellit c55-5281

    i have tried all the way suggest on google for reset os on my laptop its not at all formatting
  16. sparky6112

    Solved! What is the best and safest software for formatting drives such as usb and hard drives?

    Hello community. I'm trying to format my usb pendrive with one of those softwares which do offer low level options like Gutmann, DoD or filling with zeros to wipe all data. I used Active DVD tools on Windows XP SP3 for years, but I always had the problem that happened after formating my...
  17. L

    unstable flash drive ?

    Bought 2TB flash drive on eBay. Thing is not stable. Formatting doesn't help. Is there some initialization I need to do?
  18. L

    Solved! when formatting SD card to "internal storage" you won't be able to remove it and put in another phone or computer where it wil

    for those new to Android, could you indicated the number too when calling operating system by name, ie Marshmellow? What number is this? n the phone it doesn't typically give the name, just the version number. So can be confusing if the version is not specified along with the name. ;)
  19. M

    Gaming Laptop Formatting

    Someone have changed my laptop setting! And i kept getting error 0x000007b :fou: So, Supposedly when i format my gaming laptop, does it restore my laptop to it's default state? Where it can run games like it always do? Best Regard from me
  20. T

    Issues With Laptop

    Hey i have some problems with my asus laptop after i formatting it then i couldent access to the steam key or the to function keys for turning my keyboard light on an off and i couldent lock my keypad on and off what to do???
  21. A

    My LG G4 Poor Signal st

    My new LG G4 have the same issue and none of the above answers help to solve it. I bought a new 32GB card it got detected for the first time. Next morning it started o throw errors and removed the card and tried on my PC. The card worked as desired. Then i formatted it again (as it was empty)...
  22. P

    Using macrium restore on a newly installed hdd

    I just purchased a new hdd to replace one that failed on my desktop pc and before I install it have some questions. I plan to restore my macrium back up to it. Will the new hdd have to be formatted or will the macrium restore process eliminate the need for a formatting? My old OS was W7...
  23. D

    Looking for a doubt

    I had an sd card inserted in my Samsung Galaxy tab A. Suddenly it is not working and i can't delete r move my folders. What to do ? And if u suggest formatting it will i able to use the card after formatting. Please tell me a solution
  24. B

    Solved! Changed boot order in bios now my computer won't boot up from my SSD

    Was formatting my friends Hard drive on my computer. So I switched the boot order. To the hard drive to see if I could boot up from it with just the windows file on it. That was unsuccesful so I changed the boot order back to boot from my SSD. I got the error that there were no bootable devices...
  25. F

    Need help with .srt subtitle file format?

    I have downloaded a srt file and edited it so only the foreign parts will show. I played the movie with the original srt file, it played everything fine. After editing I tried watching movie to see if subtitles would work. It showed 73 00:05:32,000 --> 00:05:33,100 Honey, I'm home. 86 then...
  26. J

    formatting using flash

    cant find format option with win 7 kindly assist since i just reach at patition page please
  27. S

    SD card formatting

    I have an SD card that I use for my Wii U. When I insert this SD card into my computer, I can only access it by formatting my SD card. Will it delete my game/saved data on it? P.S. I have a Lexar SD card.
  28. A

    My SD card is damaged and it says try formatting it .When i go for formatting it it says unable to erase . Please help me o gu

    My SD card is damaged and it says try formatting it .When i go for formatting it it says unable to erase .Please help me out guys
  29. M

    How to open encrypted files after formatting my hard drive ?

    I have a an encrypted file I can't open I'm getting access dined ( win 8.1 ) it was encrypted before I format my pc and now I can't access it . It's mostly .txt files I tried some methods but nothing seems working . HELP!!
  30. J

    Keyboard and mousepad unresponsive after malware and formatting

    Good day everyone, hope you guys can help. Laptop Specs: HP Pavilion DV7 6101ei Notebook Windows 10 Core i7 2630QM Processor I recently downloaded a program which turned out to be malware. It downloaded extra programs, deactivated my anti virus and in general ruined my laptop. After windows...
  31. J

    Solved! What do i get from unlocking my xperia phone?

    What can i achieve from formatting my android phone/
  32. S

    how to reformat the SD card as external again

    I m having issues of data corruption in my moto g turbo after formatting sd as internal storage.... So I want to reformat is as portable storage
  33. V

    Header and the paragraphs grouped together in MS Word 2007

    I want a formatting such that it kind of like groups the header with the paragraphs together. Thanks~
  34. A

    Windows 10 freezing at register screen after formatting the pc.

    I just finished restarting my pc, I erased everything, after that happend, my pc just froze at the register screen. I could not move my mouse or keyboard, Is there a solution or it's just the hard drive?
  35. T

    Will formatting an external hard drive destroy the data?

    I have a broken Sony laptop, I took out both hard drives and want to access the data on them using a USB connected enclosure/caddy. However, once connected, the hard drive is recognized, but I am being prompted to format the drive before use, won't this action destroy the contained data? Any...
  36. L

    Wi-fi not switcjing to on.

    I have an old Dell Inspiron 14R N4110. The Wi-fi in this device is somehow not working. However before formatting this laptop it actually worked. I tried upgrading network drivers and all and checked if the device is not working. But nothing helped.Can anyone help me please.
  37. A

    Driver_power_state_failure while formatting

    Hi guys, Sp, initially I had an issue described here: After many hours I couldn't resolve the issue and thus, decided to do a full format. During...
  38. G

    I've been using my SD card for the 3 years I've had my canon eos 1000D and now when I insert it, it cannot be formatted. Stuck

    What to do if the formatting option does not work?
  39. T

    MacBook formatting gone wrong

    I tried to format my MacBook Pro but ended up deleting everything (I think). Anyway when I start it up now all in get is a flashing folder with a question mark on it, can someone please help me out? MacBook Pro Model: A1502 Age: about 2 years old
  40. N

    does formatting delete hidden photos

    i just want to delete all the data from my phone.even hidden fotos too. will formatting help me to delete hidden photos
  41. T

    I think I have a virus :(

    This virus or trojan, i'm not really sure has infected my PC. It keeps displaying an update message for all my applications i'm using. I don't know how to proceed, I have virus scanned my PC three times and nothing has being done about it... I'm considering formatting my whole system and...
  42. S

    my laptop switches off of while booting

    When I turn on the laptop it starts to boot, but within 6-7 sec again it switches off. What can I do? Someone said I should try to format the OS, but how will that happen when it doesn't switch on?
  43. O

    Looking for Drivers for HP pavilion dv6546tx laptop

    Hello all, I will be formatting my HP pavilion dv6546tx special edition laptop from 32 bit windows 7 to 64 bit windows 7 I am looking for the following driver Motherboard Quanta 30D2 79.13 Can someone help me find this driver please? Pls send me the link to both 32 bit and 64 bit Drivers...
  44. F

    Toshiba Satellite Pro C650-18D

    Runs abnormally slow even after doing the following:- Updated Bios, Formatting drive, Re-installed Win7, no programs installed. But takes ages to complete start-up. Could it possibly be the hard drive.
  45. V

    How can I convert every email hyperlink icon in a '.docx' file to simple text?

    Currently, each email address in the document is behind a hyperlink that's represented by a small white envelope icon (I've attached a picture). I need a contact information sheet that I can print; I need to keep the same text and formatting, and replace the icon with the email address in plain...
  46. E

    WIN 7 freeze after Disk formatting

    Hello guys i have a problem with my laptop. My windows start to freeze after 4-5 minutes so i decidet to reinstall windows. After that it was fine for 2 days, i download AVG MBAM and staff like that and its start freezing again. It work fine in safe mode. I have all drivers update, same as...
  47. T

    Text editor with advanced formatting for viewing

    Hi, I need a special way for formatting display of text files. Let's pretend I have the following semantics of text files: {Headline 1 Text 1 text 1 text 1 {Headline 2 Text 2 text 2 text 2} Text 3 text 3 text 3 } {Headline 3 Text 4 text 4 text 4} Now, I would like: 1. The text...
  48. T

    is there a way to format my computer without formatting the os on my premade toshiba laptop

    is there a way to format everything except the os because my laptop is premade so i dont have a windows 7 cd or activation key. is there a way to find out my activation key?
  49. S

    wireless and bluetooth not working in dell inspiron 15 after formatting.

    i tried updating the drivers from dell, but during installation it says "error retry". there are no bluetooth or wireless in device manager either.
  50. F

    my memory card was infected with virus on my pc,before formatting thhe card i copied all files to the pc after formatting the

    Need a solution to access some music and pics after formatting my mmcard
  51. D

    Laptop still stuttering after formatting

    Hello all. A friend asked me for help with her laptop. It's a little low spec Benq netbook. The problem is that it was too slow. When i checked it i realized it had Win 7 Pro, when it had Win 7 Starter while new. It has been formatted only one time, and the guy put Win 7 Pro, according to the...
  52. N

    Formatting laptop while still containing programs

    Hello, I have an Alienware that i want to sell. So I want to format the laptop so it looks like fresh install of windows, but i would like to keep the drivers and programs that the laptop came with. Is there a way of doing that, thank you for your reply
  53. G

    Microsoft Word formatting help

    Hello, I would be more specific with my title but I don't know how to describe in short so I included a video so I could show my problem....well two problems actually On the first part you could see that when I write something, text on the other side moves too, which...
  54. J

    Memory card is affected even if i try formatting it tells error how can i go about it

    My memory card id affected even if i try scanning or to format it tells error how can i go about it ?? Kindly help
  55. T

    how can i set the default download location to my sd card.i have a htc desire 300

    im running out of internal memory and i need to set the default download location to my sd card.without computer if possible
  56. D

    Formatting a SanDisk 64 GB MicroSD XC card to FAT32

    Hi guys and gals, Today I just purchased a New Nintendo 3DS XL handheld gaming system. I'm a bit confused. I've read Nintendo's website where they've said that they've only tested 32GB microSD cards for use in their latest handheld system. However, I've also read online that there have been...
  57. A

    Flash drive formatting warning message

    Need to do factory backup of new Del laptop onto 16 gb sub flash drive, get warning message saying "all the partitions & data present will be lost" did not proceed as worried the message is referring to data & files on laptop or is it referring to Usb ( brand new )