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  1. M

    Solved! Is Office 365 compatible with Office 2013?

    I do not have any Office software on laptop #1. My desktop has the expired trial of Office 2013, so I'd like to purchase the multi-device Office 365 for both of these. Do I uninstall Office 2013 on desktop before installing 365? My other laptop #2 has a purchased Office 2013 installed. This...
  2. K

    Solved! need to buy [legal] office 2013 licesnes

    need to buy office 2013 licenses. 2016 might work. these are for a client, they need older version for compatibility reasons. any ideas where i can get [legal] licenses from? also what happens if i use home & student licenses on 13 business pc's? will this violate MS licensing and/or put my...
  3. E

    Where to buy Access 2013

    Hi, I'm looking for a trustworthy place to buy Access 2013 - it's for use in my workplace. If I can't get Access itself, I would be ok with buying office 2013 professional plus, since it includes access 2013. Many of the sites listing the software seem a little bit suspect. As it is for my...
  4. kep55

    Office365 borked Office 2013 access

    After getting licenses for Office365 thru our IT vendor over a year ago, we finally decided to use one feature not in Office 2013. We created temp passwords for everyone with the requirement they reset their passwords on first use. Well, some genius at Microsoft decided to include the...
  5. C

    microsoft program installations

    Hello, I have heard it through the grapevine that I am not allowed to install microsoft access 2010 while having office 2013 on my PC. I have googled this and could not find an answer. I would like to get 2010 for it is cheaper and hope to get some insight on this. thanks in advance!!
  6. H

    Access control inexcel 2013

    Hi, Is it possible to restrict users editing the excel sheets? Like say, Manager need the permission to view/edit/copy all excel sheet from a workbook (Full control) , the owner of one particular sheet also needs full control, all others need only read / view ability... Please let me know if...
  7. Anna Marchetti

    Question about Connectors in Visio

    I'm creating some network maps in Visio, and with the connectors I was wondering if there's anyway to do a many to one? I have some computers going to one printer and it looks a mess so I was hoping to be able to merge all the multiple connectors from the computers into one when the meet up at...
  8. O

    I upgraded to office 2013 and issue "compatibility mode" appeared !?

    hi, I was using office 2007, and after upgrading to 2013, all the documents are opened with compatibility mode. should I worry about this ?
  9. S

    office 2013 activation failed

    a friend's computer got "activation failed" message all of the sudden. why does this happen, and what is the solution? I told him to try the office "repair" tool, but it didn't help. running on windows 10. I think the product was activated with a MAK key, which is supposed to be permanent...
  10. secretumpiratica

    OFFICE 2016 Installer Freezes at 90%!?

    I am running a x64 Windows 7 Home laptop, and I am trying to install Office 2016 Pro on it. The installer freezes around 85% every time I try to install it. I have tried literally everything I can think of with nothing changing it... stopped printer spooler service, sfc scannow, AV scans...
  11. P

    Excel Random Number Generator Code.

    Hie all, Basically i am creating a excel sheet where i would be required to have random numbers in a particular range and in multiples for 5 and all the numbers generated should have the total which is entered. Let me elaborate Input Number- 136400 Random Numbers Range- 12000 to 15000 (Range...
  12. Rayne604

    HELP Microsoft Word Corrupted

    I created a word document on my Samsung tab s 10.1 The document works fine. I closed it, and re-opened it, everything worked. Then I transferred the document to my computer to print, it becomes corrupted. I tried to open the document on my tablet again, it also corrupted. Any solutions to...
  13. C

    Selecting a record in MS Access to view in form

    Basically, what I would like to do is have the user be able to, in table view, select a record, and then have that be the selected record for the data entry form. So, if the user is in the table and selects the fifth record, then returns to the data entry form, the fifth record will be selected...
  14. H

    Link to download Office 2013?

    I have a subscription that's still active for 2013. I've lost my installation media(CD) & key, but I still have my log in info. Where can I download it, to activate it with my email and PW?
  15. O

    How to activate office 2013?

    I have a laptop with Windows 8.1 and also have already installed office 2013 but I can't use it because it not activated. When I try to activate I see this problem. (( )) This product could not be activated because the product key can only be activated...
  16. G

    Microtoss Outlook 2013

    Seriously.. I have had enough.. why do people have to keep re-arranging the deckchairs, tomatos, ..... It used to be so easy to make sent items appear in the sent folder but even that apparently now needs a PhD....... I need a stiff drink..... Please help. How do I make emails sent in...
  17. M

    MS Word 2013 Crashing

    Uninstalled Office 2003, rebooted and installed Office 2013. Now unable to open older Word docs with 97-2003 in the description. Can open all new docs created within 2013. All other pc's in office can open all documents in Word 2013. Uninstalled and reinstalled MS Office and no change. Disabled...
  18. A

    Office 2007 excel problems

    Having trouble with glitches in excel. How best to deal with it, or should opt for Office 2013? Is it more stable?
  19. Z

    School Budget Laptop

    What's a good low price laptop for school. I plan to use it for school stuff like, office 2013 and browsing. Also I am going to run atleast 2 virtual machines on it. A windows 2012 server and a windows 8 machine. I am located in the netherlands.
  20. S

    Office online vs Office 2013

    I was just wondering should I buy office 2013 or just use the online version and also keep in mind that I will just be mainly using word and power point
  21. E

    AMD HD6630M driver crash on Sony Vaio VPCSA3C5E with Office 2013 on Windows 7 64bit

    Hi everyone, while working with any program of the Office 2013, the system crashes. In more details, sometimes the system recovers with "the video driver stopped responding and has recovered", but more often the system freezes and the only solution is to force it off. My configuration: - pc...
  22. S

    Office 2013 Install

    Just wondering I found office 2013 for $148 at jbhifi while on Microsoft site it is $169. If i buy it at the store does it allow me the option to download it form somewhere and just use the product key? Cause I don't have a CD/DVD drive on my ultra book and haven't yet got an external one. Also...
  23. T

    Office 2013 and Citrix

    Hi, at work we've purchased couple of used PC's with Windows 7 Pro installed on them. We then purchased Office 2013 Home and Student OEM versions. Problem is that they've got only 1 year warranty and if something happens I won't be able to transfer them to another PC. I don't know if I buy from...
  24. D

    can't see outlook 2013 in second user account

    I had a single user account in Windows 7 and set-up Outlook 2013 from Office 2013. I dragged Outlook 2013 from the start programs to create a shortcut on the screen. I then created a second account in Windows 7. In the second account, Office 2103 is in start programs except for Outlook 2013...
  25. N

    BESTwindows office package

    which office package do I buy for word,excel,presentaion,access,onenote,publisher and expression web because I want to buy one as I am a student and will need this for school work and a bit of webpage design .
  26. Y

    Office 2013 extreme lag

    Hello people! I have recently purchased Office 2013 Home and Student, and it runs very badly on my laptop. When scrolling, there is a very annoying lag, and sometimes text takes a long time to render. I believe my laptop is powerful enough to run this program. Specs as below: i7 3635QM 8GB RAM...
  27. C

    Office 2013 Student - Install

    Office is installing in backround' and says you can use office now ? Problem - no icons etc or apps appear - Once install complete again no icons appear so unable to access or use Office allthough install apparently complete Anyone come across this ?
  28. G

    Office 2003 support

    I read today that Microsoft is stopping support for Office 2003 as of today. Can anyone tell me what are the security implications of this? I use it on 2 desktops and 1 laptop (3 PC licence). If I have to upgrade for security purposes, will all my old files and spreadsheets work with 2010 or 2013 ?
  29. mjmcdonagh1

    Upgrade from Office 365 Home Premium Trial to Office Home & Business 2013 Paid

    Hello, When I initially setup my PC, I had ordered Office 2013 Home & Business but it hadn't arrived yet so I just setup the Office Trial which was pre-installed on the machine. I hadn't realised that the trial was for Office 365 not Office 2013. I know that the trial expires in a few days so...
  30. N

    Installing Office 2013 Bootstrapper error..

    Hi, when I install office 2013 I get a error bootstrapper has stopped working.. How can I fix this issue? I have tried everything based on my research.. Any suggestions??
  31. AndyC53

    Microsoft Office 365 help

    Hi, I am thinking of getting Microsoft Office 2013 or 365 very soon (maybe next month) and i am very confused by it. Here is the link to the one I want to get and is in my budget: Questions: 1...
  32. Excustic

    Office 2013 onenote

    Please any one help me!, I started write book before 2 weeks or more and now the onenote not working because my free version ended, and now the single way now is to activate the application, so can you please give me link to site that showing me product key, but not office plus.
  33. GOM3RPLY3R

    Making a new Excel Formula?

    Hello all, I am working on a school project in which I have created a formula to calculate a score for the performance of a graphics card. It is as follows: p= peformance t=temperature c=clock I want to input this into excel and just use it as a shortcut instead of having to do...
  34. S

    Office 2013 has to run in compatibility mode

    I have just built a PC and have installed windows 7 pro 64 bit on it. I have installed office 2013 home & business. When I try and run any office program, it gives an error on start-up. I have found if i run the office programs in compatibility mode for windows xp, or I run them as an...
  35. gigoe

    Office 2013 Errror

    when i try to install office 2013 error occurs "Set up cannot continue because required file is either corrupted or not available .Run set up again from cd or download location "
  36. legokill101

    office 2013 install location

    I am trying to make office install to my ssd which is not the c drive but i cannot chose at any point in the instal process where it installs to and it will not let me move it does anybody know how to choce what folder and drive it instals into?
  37. C

    Microsoft office home and student 2013 download size?

    I've only been able to find product keys at stores for office 2013 and as I am on a limited data plan, I'd like to know the download size
  38. C

    I need help transferring Office 2013.

    Hi, My laptop has been giving me problems lately, and I'm gonna try a wipe to solve the issues. But I need help restoring Microsoft Office. What I need is the .iso - I can't seem to find it anywhere. Any help is greatly appreciated. Sorry if I'm not posting in the right place! Thanks.