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  1. G

    Solved! Phone keeps opening tab/displaying ads on its own

    Been dealing with this for a few weeks now, but my phone will randomly open Chrome (and, if I'm already in Chrome, a new tab) to some website about downloading a crypto browser app. Then two days ago, I also started getting some drop down ad on my screen itself of some not-Facebook ad (It's...
  2. canadianvice

    Crafted MMS Payloads - Can anyone explain how they work?

    I'm a computing science student, so I'm rather interested in the intimates of this. No, I don't need it so intimate that I could replicate it, just some sort of explanation like, say, how Heartbleed was shown in the press. I base it on a recurring issue with both Android and IOS phones, (and...
  3. Fancdew15

    Best Operating System and why?

    Hey, just curious. What OS do you think is best, and why?
  4. W

    CentOs Install Help

    Hey guys! I am using this article to help me install CentOs: https://www.howtoforge.com/centos-7-server but I am having problems. I downloaded CentOs Minimal from here: https://www.centos.org/download/ . I get to where the install screen is and press enter. It brings me to a command line does...
  5. T

    windows 10 update failed Reverting changes????

    I have been searching around the internet on how to fix this but i couldn't find a working answer. it reverts back in 20 min. When every I turn on the PC it fails all the time and keeps me waiting for a while before I can use the laptop. Every time this failure shows
  6. A

    Asus keeps hanging at certain times but continues to work....then hangs again

    Let me tell you a story: Once upon a time, my os was corrupted. I safe booted it and got to backup my files and reset the whole thing. After that, everything was fine and dandy for the next 6 days i think....then my laptop started to "configure" itself without my permission ( i hate it when this...
  7. A

    Suggest an OS

    I have an old netbook which has the following specifications:- Intel Pentium B950 @ 2.10GHz processor ,2GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz,Generic PnP Monitor (1366x768 @ 60Hz),14-inch LED display,Hitachi 320GB Drive. I feel that Windows 7 is the best OS for this device and I'd like to install a...
  8. Prate_k

    Free Dos OS laptop

    Hey So I was looking at purchasing a laptop and i found this nice gigabyte laptop with the following specs: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ihyhekftcf4wnba/freedos.png?dl=0 Are there any issues with stability for installing the OS yourself (OS most probably will be Windows 8 or 7). And does anyone...
  9. J

    Alienwae m550 Geforce go 6600

    I just got a notebook from eBay that currently has no OS installed ad I'm wondering if I can install windows 8 on it,I'd like to order my new OS asap so it can arrive the same time as the computer
  10. N

    Laptop not working after uninstalling bluestacks

    Hi Iam using Windows7 ultimate in my laptop. I have uninstalled bluestacks in laptop after that my system not starting at all. when i tried to start it sticks only on black screen. Can any one help me on this. Thank in Advance
  11. Y

    Restore Problem Asus

    Hello Tom's Hardware community! I finally got my hands on a ASUS N551JK laptop.I'll be using it for mostly gaming and schoolwork. I purchased it at 25 Sep and instantly went home to install all the updates and such, the laptop came pre-loaded with windows 8 and I went ahead downloading Windows...
  12. D

    Moving second Hard drive to another computer.

    Hi. Im building a budget gaming computer, and dont have money for a new hard drive. Can i move my second hardrive thats on my laptop, that only has games on it, keep the games and download a new os on that hardrive?
  13. B

    Dell Inspiron 2600 issues

    Don't know if this is the right catagory but anyway, My Inspiron 2600 is lhaving issues. It has a 20gb ibm hardrive and a 1.13ghz intel celeron. It has a whopping 128mb ram. With win xp. The keyboards weird. Only certain keys work and they don't always. Iv taken the keyboard out and made sure...
  14. S

    Acer Aspire 4520 Ubuntu Installation Help

    Can one of you helpful users please walk me through installing Ubuntu on my Acer Aspire 4520 laptop?
  15. I

    Question when creating an OS

    I am starting to dabble in Operating System creating, and I am wondering whether or not I would need to start with a clean "Blank Slate" PC or if I can keep my computer as is and code and test on the side. Any help would be nice. Thank you in advance.
  16. M

    I deleted my phone os Huawei Ascend P1

    Guys I accidentally deleted my OS.My phone was full of trash and I had to get rid of them.I am using Huawei Ascend P1 and its back cannot be opened just like apple phones.I need your help :( My phone is totally hard bricked.If you need more information.Just let me know.
  17. A

    HELP: MS DOS Algorithm

    Hello OS experts. I got a stupid school project because i was ''bad'' or something. Profesor told me to make a project about algorithm who is used in MS DOS. There are two algorithms in MS DOS. The first one is Linear, but i have to describe a second one. I have no idea what a name of second...
  18. ZenShredder

    Bricked My Laptop!(sort of)

    Hello there, so before I begin here are some specs on the notebook/laptop, whatever you wish to call it. Lenovo B560: Windows 7 Home Premium Intel Pentium P6200 Intel HD graphics(no idea what the on-board GPU is) 4GB DDR3 RAM(2GB stock, upgraded it to 4GB) WD 320GB HDD So what I decided to...
  19. M

    Copying ISO of a live DVD contents to a Hard drive and use the hard disk as a Live media

    Hi, I have downloaded a LinuxLiveGamers ISO image. it is 4.7G. there is no install option in that ISO, so one can not make a bootable USB for installation to a Hard disk. How can i copy the contents of this ISO image to a partition on my hard disk and just use as just like other installed OS...
  20. SaltyWetTheorist

    Help with resolution! Win8-Win7

    I got an Asus laptop with Windows 8 pre-installed and I've upgraded it to Windows 8.1. I've been encountering lots of problems since. I decided to change it to Windows 7 but I got some things I wanted to know first. My screen resolution is 1366x768. Will the Windows 7 resolution be the same or...
  21. G

    17 Windows Explorer Extensions & Replacements

    Tweak Windows Explorer with these extensions & replacements 17 Windows Explorer Extensions & Replacements : Read more