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  1. aymen9309

    Question i need help in a simple pascal program

    Program Bulletin ; Uses Wincrt ; Var moy : integer ; Begin Write ('marks : ') ; Readln (moy) ; if 18 <moy then writeln ('Excellent') else if 16 < moy < 18 then writeln ('very good'); else if 14 < moy < 16 then writeln ('good'); else if 12 < moy < 14 then writeln ('above average') else if 0 <...
  2. S

    Successful MXM GPU Upgraded Laptops

    Upgraded Laptops by forum users (work in progress) this is a list of successful upgraded laptops All these laptops have a MXM Gpu but Not all MXM cards are the same. Type A card ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Type B card MXM...
  3. D

    nvidia pascal for cad work

    Hello I'm an architecture student and I'm looking for a laptop for my cad work and general everyday use and I have a budget of up to 1200$ I'm currently thinking on getting the dell ispirion 7567 with the i7 cpu
  4. Chaingunchris

    College laptop for battlefield 1

    I've come to notice that I've made almost a dozen of these threads over the years but new tech comes out and everything changes... again and again :??: I need a laptop that won't break my spine and someone I can run 3DS max and battlefield 1 on. I was thinking pascal. Like a gtx 1060 or...
  5. M

    pascal programming using ordinal datatypes

    how can i write a pascal program that uses a sub range to classify months of the year according to seasons
  6. J

    Laptop for Engineering School

    Hello everybody, I am currently a Junior studying engineering and I have been switching between a mid 2010 15" Macbook Pro and a 2010 13" Sony Vaio for the past few years. Both have identical internals (Intel i5-540m and Nvidia GTX 330m w/ 256MB of VRAM) and struggle when it comes to even the...
  7. E

    Gaming laptops users review

    Hi guys i'm looking into buying a Pascal laptop i've short listed 3 laptops that i would like to get some advice on which one is better in the cooling departement and future proofing i'm looking at a 4 years life spam minimum These are the laptops : ASUS ROG G752VM Asus ROG Strix GL502VS MSI...
  8. N

    Pascal based gaming laptop for 2000 USD

    I am looking for a laptop basically for 3d works & animation around the budget 2000 USD. There are few laptops in my mind, MSI GT62 Dominator Pro - ( I am not sure about the heat problem ) ASUS ROG GL502VS-DB71 Please guide me.
  9. B

    laptop nvidia gtx 1070 vs 1060?

    Hi, I am going to buy a new laptop really soon and asus just released two that picked my atention. The asus gl502vs and the gl502vm. The only difference bettween them being the GPU. The vs model has a gtx 1070 while the vm has a gtx 1060. I'll use this laptop mainly for video editing in 4k...
  10. S

    Pascal is way out of budget...

    I'm looking to get a laptop for gaming and stuff but at the moment Pascal laptops, even 980M are way out of my budget. Also it's quite hard to find a 970M for less than £1000. So I was thinking, how good is a 965M for gaming? BTW, these are proper games like Witcher 3, Fallout 4 etc, at...
  11. S

    laptop graphic designer Pascal touch screen big battery HELP

    Hi I am looking for laptop for graphic designer work. I would like Pascal gpu and touch screen with big battery. Can any one help me find one? Budget 500 to 1000 max.
  12. D

    Pascal Laptops and Thunderbolt 3

    So I am in the market for my first gaming laptop, as the new pascal tech has swung me to the laptop side of things. I am however a bit disappointed to find that very few of the 1070 equipped laptops so far are supporting Thunderbolt 3 connections. I believe only the ROG V752vs is sporting TB3...
  13. F

    Need Advice: Choosing Between 2 Laptops (MSI)

    Hello All! I'll keep this short and sweet. I'm purchasing an away from home (I'll be gone for three months for work) gaming laptop. I need it to be able to play games like: Fallout, BF, CoD, ESO, Skyrim, etc...And preferably on High keeping at least 60fps minimum (1080p). Here are my two...
  14. G

    Nvidia Pascal Gaming Laptop

    I'd like to buy a gaming laptop with Nvidia's pascal Graphics Card for gaming. I'm willing to pay a little more than 2.000$ max and I don't want any heavy laptops, because of college. I'm looking for a 15 - 17" screen, and I want to play new games, at 60 fps min.Any recommendations? Thanks!
  15. A

    New Dell/Hp/Non Rog Asus pascal laptops

    I was wondering whether all the high end non gaming laptops from dell/asus/hp with discrete graphics will have pascal quickly as I know a lot of the gaming series are already upgraded.
  16. C

    gtx 1080 vs 1070 vs 1060 in vr

    So I am still lost in terms of what GPU I desire. I know for regular gaming, the gtx 1060 wins in terms of price to performance. That is solely what I am looking for in VR as well, the best price to performance. Price honestly doesn't bother me as I can afford all three of them. However, I...
  17. K

    No 1070m or 1080m?? What does that mean?!

    Hey guys, As you know Pascal and Polaris were released this year. I was about to buy a new laptop but have been waiting for them to release the 1080m or 1070m so the laptop would be able to run the latest games for quite a few years. However, I am now disappointed at the rumors that Nvidia do...
  18. P

    Got some questions with the release of the upcomming GTX 10xx cards

    Dear Tom's Guide, I am looking to get a new laptop this summer since I will be moving to Taiwan this fall, and bringing my desktop would be quite a hassle. I am looking for something in the $1000 dollar range, which means that I am currently looking at a computer with an GTX 960M card. Now to...
  19. K

    Are these upgrades possible on my ASUS Geforce GTX97? Aiming to use VR

    Okay so i own both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, also do some 4K gaming. I recently upgraded my GPU to a ASUS Geforce GTX970 about 2-3 months ago. I purchased my custom gaming rig from Overclockers about 3 years ago. My hardware specs include: Intel Core i5-3570K 3.40GHz (Ivybridge) Socket...
  20. P

    Should I wait for the new GTX1080m or 1070m Pascal Series? Really need some advice.

    I was thinking if I could seek all of your advice on a predicament. I am thinking of getting a gaming laptop. Been thinking that for quite a while because I have to be going overseas soon for around 5 or 6 months for my exchange. So, moving my current rig is not possible. So I went ahead to...
  21. T

    Gtx 1080 and htc vive

    Yay!!! Watched the convention and pascal is out!! Definetely going to buy a 1080. Although I'm still confised about the founders edition and the normal one. Any difference in performance or overclocking (guess we'll see tomorrow when testers reveal videos about it on youtube). So I am planning...
  22. Chaos Sorcerer

    Should I wait for Pascal mobile?

    Hi, I'm a laptop gamer looking to purchase a new laptop in the next while. I live in Canada, and I was looking at the Lenovo Y700, which is currently on a huge sale. But the GTX 1080 and 1070 were recently announced. I was wondering whether I should buy the Y700 right now, or wait for the...
  23. D

    Mobile Nvidia Pascal

    Today Nvidia announced their new GPU. Pascal 1000 series. It looks beasty and it's going to be in shops very soon. 1080 in the end of may and 1070 on 10th of June. But nothing was said about mobile version. What do you guys expect? Will it be released this summer and if yes, how long till...
  24. R

    960m vs pascal

    I am wondering if it is a good idea to get a 960m laptop for $699 or to wait for pascal.
  25. N

    Will the launch of Pascal/Polaris cause a price drop for 970M/980M in laptops by summer?

    Hey guys, I was hoping I could gather some of your opinions based on previous experiences since im planning to buy a gaming laptop in 2-3 months. My budget is around $1,500 so I was hoping for gtx 980M laptop as a best case scenario, otherwise I'll have to stick to a 970M, but I feel I'll be...
  26. Chaos Sorcerer

    Do you need a laptop for high school?

    So I am an eighth-grade student who is about to enter high school this September. I have around $1300 CAD (approximately $1000 USD) or so saved up (maybe a little more), and I was wondering if it would be worth it to splurge it on a laptop for school. Currently, I use a pretty decent HP Envy 14...
  27. C

    should i wait for pascal for my next gaming laptop

    I am looking to purchase a Sager NP8658-S (4k display, i7-6700hq, gtx 980m), I will not be able to get it until the summer, but i need to try my hardest to get it before September before school starts again, and the funds also rely mostly on selling my laptop and desktop, if pascal gpus arent...
  28. A

    Need advice for a new Laptop, and is Pascal worth the wait?

    So, I have a desktop pc ( Asus, i7 2400, gtx 560 8gb ram 6 years old). I use it for almost everything (from editing videos and music making to math and finance softwares) but yeah, i like to play games too, and i like them to be good. The thing is I'm not 14 anymore and now i need something...
  29. T

    Laptop Gamer, should I wait for Pascal?

    Hey Guys, I am in the market for a gaming laptop. My budget is a $1000 or less. I know this more or less restricts me to GTX960m. I understand that the 960m is just a Nvidia overclock of the 860m with extremely minute differences. I would certainly like more bang for my buck but I have already...
  30. P

    Pascal Question Regarding Laptop Heat/Noise

    I need a 14" laptop but I want to be able to do moderate gaming on it. I play games like Heroes of the Storm, not the newest FPS's, and I don't necessarily need Ultra settings. I'm looking at something along the line of an MSI GS40 Phantom. My question is that most reviews say that thin &...
  31. H

    GTX 980M upgradeable to Pascal (mid 2016)

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a Sager NP9753 (Clevo P750ZM-G) from Xotic PC, which features a 4K 60Hz Sammy IPS panel that supports G-SYNC technology. This model comes with a single 8GB GTX 980M, which won't drive graphics at 4K high settings. Since a major marketing point of this model is that it...
  32. T

    Should i wait?

    I want to buy a laptop that can run all the games at 80fps. I had my eyes on Alienware 17 and Msi gt80 ans Asus 751. But i heard that next gen GPU pascal will be out in 2016. Should I wait for that cause I can wait for 1.5 years maxx.
  33. B

    how good is 980m sli

    Hey guys. Considering that I can't wait for Pascal microarchitecture, I'm gonna go for GT80 titan with 980m sli. How long do you guys think it would last me maxing out most games to high/ultra? (I can downscale from 1080p to 720p for that)
  34. A

    Pascal homework help

    Write an algorithm to prompt the user to enter the temperature values for a week.Ensure that the value entered does not exceed 35.If it does,display an error message that does not include the value.Display the average temperature of the week. Write the pascal program.
  35. T

    Pascal Help ? 6 errors that I do not know how to fix

    Program TypeofCreditCard; Var AppliName: array[1..99] of String; SSnum: array[1..99] of Integer; GSal: array[1..99] of Integer; TSalD: array[1..99] of Integer; Name, CC : String; Rep,Exp, GS,NS,Sum,TSD , YS,SSN,i,C_Amt,PofIncome : integer ; Begin Writeln ( 'Enter applicants...
  36. shiftyape

    need help with pascal programming

    how do i force a pascal program to end?
  37. shiftyape

    why wont this pascal program work? idk

    writeln('Question 1: Who is the 3rd president of the United States? '); readln(president); case president of 'thomas jefferson','Thomas Jefferson','Thomas jefferson','thomas Jefferson','Jefferson','jefferson','Thomas','thomas':begin score:=score + 10...
  38. shiftyape

    need help with this pascal programming.

    so, say i wanted to have the user choose the color they wanted to have text displayed in. why i tried this: write('now choose color'); readln(color); textcolor(color); why does this not work? (sorry if i am being really stupid with this quesiton but please help) if that wont work, how can i do it?
  39. shiftyape

    why doesnt this pascal program work?

    program Project1; {$mode objfpc}{$H+} uses {$IFDEF UNIX}{$IFDEF UseCThreads} cthreads, {$ENDIF}{$ENDIF} Classes { you can add units after this }; var num1:integer; begin writeln('stuff'); readln(num1); if num1 > 5 then begin Exit; end; else begin...
  40. shiftyape

    need help with pascal programming?

    how do you give a command to pascal that will force the program to close itself? also, is there a way to make the text change colors? thanks
  41. shiftyape

    i need help fixing this pascal program

    program whileloop; var x:integer; answer:string; num:integer; begin num:=12345; writeln('type "12345" if you would like to see nubers squaring up to 4096'); readln(answer); if answer = num then begin writeln('press enter to see the numbers'); readln; end...
  42. L

    Which programming languages will I need to learn as an actuary?

    I'm in grade 11 and i only know some pascal right now. what else should I consider learning? (I'm already aware of the business and math aspects of the career)
  43. M

    ** A CHALLENGE ** UCSD P-sytem Pascal **

    A CHALLENGE - This post doesn’t really belong here but some people are very creative in finding ways to accomplish things on a PC. I have a file “(name).$AC” which was created back in the 80’s under UCSD p-system (Dollars & Sense). I no longer have the all original software files . I am working...
  44. P

    pascal quation..

    hi i want to make a program... to find the smallest and the largest of 'N' Numbers ( give by user ) and the avarage of all... i make a code but i have problems, how i cant test 'N' Numbers with 1 variable ?????? This is the code.... please help me..