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  1. joshpgeorge

    Question ASUS ROG G731GU-BI7N9 Bios Password Bypass Help

    So far, I removed the Admin Password for the BIOS, but there was a USER Password beneath it. I have removed the CMOS battery, the main battery, but can’t clear this password. What doesn’t work- Hitting ANY keys (F2-F12, nada) Holding ALT+R (nope) Typing wrong password 3 times (just locks up)...
  2. M

    Question Windows 10 Advanced Options Password

    Hello, I have a HP Spectre and I’m trying to get into advanced options but they all require a password that are not any password I’ve ever used. How can I get in to command prompt? I’m locked In safe mode and I cannot login to it as that’s not working either
  3. Revnus

    Question Broken LCD + Lost password.

    My cousin died two weeks ago. My uncle wants to access his notebook and the files like pictures and so on. Im trying to help him. The problem is that we don't have my cousin's login password (admin windows 10 linked to email password), we dont have the email account password, and the lcd...
  4. O

    Are you able to disable the password if I am connected a WiFi that I set as trusted?

    I'm wanting to keep my password on at all times unless im connected to my desired WiFi, is this possible? Thanks :) (Windows 10) Dell XPS 13 9360
  5. B

    simple password protect files.

    I'm in the middle of trying to reformat a Laptop, and am using The family external HD to swap files. I don't exactly have horrid things I want to keep hidden, but I would like the ability to just throw my folders under a simple password to keep out the curious. Ive seen some options that encrypt...
  6. M

    Forgot my password for 7zip archive

    Title basically says it all really I have an archive made using 7zip which is password protected and I used to open it and edit it almost everyday and so I didn't think i'd need to write the password down since I used the password thats different to all my other passwords but the thing is a few...
  7. C

    Acer laptop won't let me in because of system password.

    When I turn Acer 5250 laptop on it says my drivers are missing or corrupt. When I hit f2 button, it asks me for current password. I don't know of any such password. Can't get past that screen. What do I do?
  8. N

    Get pass word to open acer aspire

    Forgot password ,how to get my password to open laptop?
  9. M

    Can't decide on a password manager (KeePass vs 1Password)

    I heard about password managers awhile back and have been thinking about getting one. I did some research on the programs out there and narrowed my options down to these four: 1Password, KeePass, Dashlane, and LastPass. I do NOT want my database file (even if it is encrypted) being stored in...
  10. P

    Samsung Devices Can´t Connect To home Wifi

    Hi, i have a little problem We have pretty old wifi router, but every other device from other brands (father´s nokia, friends lgs and acer) can connect but me, my brother and mum have samsung (galaxy tab 2 7.0, galaxy tab 3 and samsung galaxy grand neo) and can´t connect to wifi. I tried router...
  11. L

    Protecting my Drive with a password. Help!

    I just wanted to protect my D drive with a password so that no else except me can open it. So i found a setting called BitLocker. It took me more than 24hrs. to encrypt my drive with 500gb data. But after that i found that the drive could be easily opened and the files in it too. After reading...
  12. voltoid27

    Clearing BIOS Password = New Password?

    Before I start, I want to make one thing very clear: I am not asking for a backdoor password or anything of that nature. I just want to know if anyone knows why this happened: A month or two ago, I decided my Gateway LT40 netbook didn't need a BIOS password anymore. I hit F2 on bootup, entered...
  13. S

    No Access To BIOS after INSPIRON N5010 A15 update??

    I upgraded my BIOS to A15 as recommended by Dell. I found out that it has password protected setup but I don't remember having set a password. When does it ask for that? Was it before flashing? Or, did the BIOS come prelocked. I need to access my BIOS but I cannot flash it coz it won't permit...
  14. N

    HELP: I Have Forgotten My Acer BIOS Password

    Ok, so awhile back, I managed to get my old Acer Aspire 5532 laptop working again. I noticed that when it started, before booting into Windows, it asked me for a password in a blue dialogue box. Now, I guessed the password correctly, and gained access to the computer. Then, a couple months...
  15. J

    Thinkpad Power On Password

    I have an old Compaq Thinkpad Z60 that I wanted to use as a server, it worked for some time but, after a long time without using it, suddenly appeared a Power On Password when I boot. I tried all kind of passwords and other methods that I found over the internet, like removing the CMOS battery...