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  1. D

    Drives setup for Adobe Premiere and Photoshop

    Hello all I'd be grateful for comments/suggestions on my proposed assignments of 4 drives for Premiere/PS CS5: (1) ssd 250 - OS, win page file, programs (2) ssd 250 - scratch (media cache, render preview etc) (3) sata3 2tb - media / project files (4) sata3 2tb - export / render outputs No raid...
  2. A

    Laptop for rendering and 3d modeling?

    will be using softwares such as Autocad, 3ds Max, Revit and Photoshop. Specs: i7, 2.6GHz or more, hybrid drive with at least 128 SSD, RAM of 16GB and a screen not less than 15" My budget is 1700-1800$, I will be using this laptop for at least 2 years. I want a fast, durable laptop that can...
  3. J

    Laptop for architect

    Hello everyone I greatly appreciate if you guys can help me chose which is a better laptop for me. I'm an architect I work with programs like revit which creates medium to heavy files and does some rendering - 3d modelling. I'm looking into the following laptops, HP Envy Slim Quad Intel...
  4. S

    Chrome is behaving very weirdly

    Okay so recently, I've tried downloading Adobe Photoshop CS6 and a software started the task. However, while it was downloading, Chrome behaved weirdly by closing on its own. Sometimes I could open it for 1 second, sometimes I could open it for minutes, but it would still crash. Ads and start-up...
  5. S

    Budget Laptop for 3DS MAX

    I am looking to buy a budget laptop ($1200) to help teach 3DS Max to High School Students, I am looking at the following: or Would these laptops be capable of...
  6. I

    Need a new laptop for travel , size no more than 14.5" diagonal, weight no more than 3 lbs (present laptop)need :good gra

    Need a new laptop for travel , size no more than 14.5" diagonal, weight no more than 3 lbs Need to buy a Windows (10?) computer because I have to run software on it which cannot be run on Apple. Looking for a superb graphics card Do not like the graphics display on my present laptop: Dell...
  7. H

    Laptop for Video Editing

    Hey there, been having issues looking for a laptop, I see some nice ones but some have a graphics card in them that I don't think I need, as I will not be gaming on it. Specifically I need it for Photoshop and video editing. Would be doing lots of web browsing, and normal tasks. Would have to...
  8. S

    Low budget laptop for photo editing

    I want to buy a new laptop that will be used for photoshop most of the times and for other office works, but since I never liked them at all I am not really aware of what would be a good choice. It would be nice if it could also run a few games (MOBAs or low requirements ones, not planning to...
  9. W

    Light/thin and performance

    My current laptop (hp envy dv6 15.6") is kind of dying, so I'm looking for replacement. My hp is quite heavy to walk around with a whole day, so I would like a lighter device: max +-2kg max +-20mm thick size: 13-15.6" I'm going to use it for microsoft office, and some lighter autoCAD/archiCAD...
  10. SethS

    Adobe photoshop & driver problems

    Hey guys! So recently Photoshop cs6 has been giving me a lot of trouble. I know the problem of it, but I don't want to get rid of the reason as explained below. I have a r9 270x with the specific AMD 15.7 drivers. My gpu (though advertised to support 4) refuses to go more than 2 displays at...
  11. P

    best laptop fpr autocad, photoshop and indesign!

    I need a real good computer that will last at leats 5/6 years. I use a lot of photoshop, cad, indesgin, etc. Can you help me ou pretty please!!!! Need good mem RAM Good grafics, Some hours of battery
  12. D

    Best Laptop for CAD - 3D Modelling & Animation (Unity3D, 3DMAX, Blender, Photoshop)

    Hi guys, I'm looking to buy a new laptop soon. I am doing 3d modelling and animation, so the laptop will need to more or less effortlessly push through render sessions. Many thanks for your help in advance! 1. What is your budget? £1200 (including tax) 2. What is the size of the notebook that...
  13. J

    Looking for an all around laptop

    This will be my first laptop and I I'm looking for something that I can experiment with. I need to be able to photoshop, program, research, and play the most tech demanding games. I want a 15 inch laptop with windows with at least 12gb of ram and 2gb of graphics anything higher than that as...